A lot of us love basketball, and basketball requires the right kind of equipment to be enjoyed for longer periods of time. One of the most important pieces of equipment when it comes to any sport are shoes. It can be so frustrating to think you have got the perfect pair of shoes only to be disappointed later either as a result of discomfort or even injury. One of the most common forms of injury during physical activity is ankle injury. Twisting or spraining an ankle can be a very painful experience and tends to happen when your shoes do not have the proper ankle support. This is especially true of sports which put a lot of strain on your ankles, such as basketball. Luckily, there are shoes specifically designed to prevent ankle injuries. These are shoes with built-in ankle support. To help you in picking out the perfect pair of basketball shoes for ankle support, we have devised a list featuring the best in this category. This will help aid in your purchasing decisions by providing you with all the options the different shoes offer, along with giving you insight into customer reviews and fields in which the shoes are mostly used. These are in no particular order, so do not think that those at the top are supposed to be better than those at the bottom. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses. So, without further ado, let’s checkout our list of best basketball shoes for ankle support.

1 – Under Armour Men’s Ua Curry 2.5

If there is anything these shoes are for sure, it is eye-catching. Looking as if they are from the space age, they will no doubt attract eyes to you, whether you are playing basketball or just running around. They do have more to show than just appearance, though. They are made of a combination of synthetic and imported materials and feature a fabric sole. Sporting one of the best forms of ankle support on our list, they have been praised for being quite suitable for people on the taller side. Again, this goes hand-in-hand with the traditional consumers of these types of shoes: basketball players. A thing to keep in mind is that they are usually a size smaller than what you would expect, so keep that in mind while ordering. Also, speaking about size, the laces are on the longer side but that should not be a problem if you tie them properly. These shoes come in a wide variety of colors and there should be an option for everyone, no matter how creative they want to get with their shoe purchase. The large color and size variety also means that you can easily find this pair of great shoes for teenagers. They would certainly make a great gift especially if you have a child that is deeply in love with basketball. All in all, this is a great pair of shoes that you will most likely not regret buying. With their eye-catching appearance and great ankle protection, they certainly make a great beginning to our list.

2 – Nike Roshe LD-1000 QS Fashion Sneakers

Up next we have another pair of eye-catching shoes, and these can be much more easily classified as sneakers. When you take one look at them, it is easy to conclude that they were meant for basketball. Their appearance is also matched by their build and functionality. They are mesh shoes with rubber soles whose shaft measures around 2.8″ from the arch. They have the trademark “Fat Belly” swoosh and the tongue is made of vintage foam. The soles are fitted with special natural motion technology which greatly increases ease of movement in these sneakers. Customers with sensitive or injured feet have reported this to be an especially helpful feature of this pair of shoes. Depending on your foot shape, though, these shoes might be a bit challenging to put on. The toe box is generally on the roomier side, but the problem comes with the laces which go all the way up the ankle. Of course, this ensures amazing ankle support, but it can make putting the sneakers on a pain. The bright side of this is that the ankle support combined with the natural motion soles make this one comfortable pair of shoes once you are wearing them. Another great thing about these shoes is that they come in a wide variety of colors so that you can customize your purchase to your personality. Being Nike shoes, they are rather expensive for basketball shoes, but the consensus among customers is that the investment is generally worth it. Definitely give these shoes a try if you are looking for an innovative, unusual, and comfortable pair of sneakers with ankle support (and do not mind spending a healthy amount of money).

3 – Nike Zoom Clear Out TB Basketball Shoes

Coming up next we have not only another pair of Nike shoes, but also another pair of basketball sneakers which come in a wide variety of loud and eye-catching colors. These shoes feature no material tag and have a rubber sole with the shaft measuring around 3.5″ from the arch. Having ankle support, they are obviously a high top shoe, speckled, and made of mesh. Some of the materials are imported from Vietnam. These shoes do have a more juvenile appearance and so are very suited for being a gift for a child or younger sibling. Younger people are generally in love with their loud colors especially if they are of the more extroverted kind who like attention. Customers have also reported getting a lot of compliments on these shoes. Not to mention that these shoes are splendidly comfortable and perfectly suited for playing basketball. One nifty thing with the sizing of these shoes is that you can order a medium or a wider version for each size. This means that if you have wider feet, you do not need to size up but merely buy the wider variant. This greatly increases snugness and comfort. They are less expensive than the last Nike pair we had on this list, but not by much. Here as well, you are getting a premium pair of sneakers with your purchase. In a few ways, this pair of sneakers differs from the last, but they are essentially similar in that they are Nike shoes, colorful, and very comfortable. A bit cheaper, these might be the more appropriate option for someone looking to save a few bucks.

4 – Tesh Trigger Men White Basketball Shoe

In keeping with the tradition of shoes with great ankle support, these Tesh Trigger Men White Basketball Shoes would not seem out of place as part of a space suit, but therein lies their charm. They feature the No Material tag and have synthetic soles along with perforated faux leather uppers. The midsoles are stabilized for support and they are of course a high-top shoe. The collar and tongue are padded for comfort and they feature rubber outsoles for adding traction. All in all, this makes them one comfortable and a relatively resilient pair of basketball sneakers. They are not as colorful as the three pairs of shoes we have mentioned before them but they more than makeup for that in practicality. These sneakers are reported by customers as being extremely comfortable and able to be used for several games without feeling any sort of discomfort. They are a bit on the wider side so take that into account when choosing your size, and it is recommended that you order half a size below your usual. Although bulky, the added comfort should counteract any aesthetic gripes you might have with that. One great thing about this pair of sneakers which we have to mention is the price. For this quality, it is absolutely unreal how affordable they are. If you are someone who has been reading our reviews of the Nike shoes but felt bad for not being able to afford them, then consider these. The quality is comparable and although you may not get your flashy colors, you will get reliable shoes which will last you quite a while.

5 – Nike Air Max Audacity Basketball Shoe

Nike will not allow itself to be off the list for long, it seems, as we have yet another entry from the sports brand giant. This time, we have shoes which are probably the closest thing to a regular sneaker so far on this list. They are made of synthetic materials, imported, and have rubber soles. The shaft measures about 4.6″ from the arch and they are a high top shoe. The Max Air unit cushions on the heel make landings and rough runs no issue at all. The midfoot will allow for dynamic lockdown thanks to the Flywire cables and the mid-top collar gives you a supportive feel. These shoes may not look as out there as Nike’s previous entries on this list, but they are by no means shabby shoes. The sizes, in particular, have been reported to be just right by most people, and they give a feeling of great comfort even on hardwood floors. They are not as expensive as the Men’s Roshe LD-1000 QS Fashion Sneakers but they also have some quality issues. Certain customers say that they lose structural integrity over time, and some have complained about them squeaking after being worn for some time due to the air cushions. Nevertheless, these examples are few and far between, and this pair of shoes is another great choice for those looking for comfortable and functional shoes with great ankle support.

6 – Adidas Originals Pro Bounce Basketball Shoe

You may have been surprised not to find Adidas on this list up until now. Not to worry, the famed sports brand does have its own pair of shoes to offer in the good ankle support category. They are made of textile, imported, and have rubber soles. The shaft measure approximately 4.75″ from the arch and they are high-top shoes. They are listed as being a regular fit but have been reported to run a bit large. The upper is made of mesh and the forefiber there is heat-pressed. The shoes feature TPU-coated fibers that are stitched in and offer higher support and lightness. They feature a cable lacing system with webbing eyelets and great fit and comfort are achieved with the Geofit construction. The shoes are also reported to be very durable. Appearance-wise, they also look relatively standard, but as it is with most of these shoes with good ankle-support, they will catch some eyes (in a good way, of course). Speaking of catching eyes, they come in a wide variety of vivid colors that pop wherever you may be. Generally speaking, these shoes have been received quite well. They are not as expensive as some of the Nike ones yet offer similar quality for the money. What else to expect from Adidas? Whether you want to play basketball or do any other kind of physical activity which puts your ankles in danger, the Adidas Originals Pro Bounce Basketball Shoes for ankle support are definitely worth a try.

7 – AND 1 Reaper-M Basketball Shoe

Next up, we have a relatively standard pair of basketball sneakers from AND 1. They are one of the most normal-looking shoes on this list and provide great ankle support even though they are a mid-top pair of shoes. They are made of a combination of textile and synthetic materials, imported, and have rubber soles. A key factor when it comes to these shoes is the comfort. A customer reported that they feel as comfortable as bedroom slippers when you put them on. This might be a bit of an over-exaggeration, but you get the idea. One difference between these and most, if not all, of the other shoes on this list is that they are mid-top shoes. This might cause concern for some people over whether or not they are good at protecting your ankles. Customers have reported that these shoes are great when it comes to that, and so this particular anxiety is unwarranted. They have been known to run a bit smaller but they also get wider after a few uses, so adjust your order accordingly. Sadly, they only come in two colors which do not really pop that much, so will not get the level of attention you would get with a pair of some other basketball sneakers. Nevertheless, where these shoes more than excel at is the function. For the price, you absolutely cannot beat the comfort and durability that they offer, and that is why you should give them a shot.

8 – Reebok Royal Bb4500 Hi Fashion Sneaker

Bearing the name “Fashion Sneaker” implies that these shoes are not just for physical activity but can also be worn out on the town. This implication is correct to a certain extent. This is the first shoe on our list so far which seems as meant for casual wear as it is for performance. The shoes are made of a combination of leather and synthetic materials, imported. They have rubber soles and the shaft measures about 4.5″ from the arch with the platform being 1 inch tall. The upper is made of mesh and letter and they feature a mid-cut design. They have a removable ortholite sock liner and, of course, sport the iconic Reebok logo. The outsole is high-abrasion rubber. Most report these shoes to be very comfortable (though, of course, not as comfortable as bedroom slippers). They have been known to run a bit small, but this is actually mostly due to the fact that the shoes are on the narrower side. The narrow build makes the shoes feel smaller even though they may not be, so keep that in mind if you have wide feet (in which case you might consider a wider model). Customers report loving the long-term experience that these shoes offer as they tend to stand up to wear and tear fairly well. These are a great pair of durable shoes with ankle support for those of you who are not into basketball and just want a cool but comfortable casual sneaker to walk around in.

9 – Nike Zoom Devosion

Nike returns to our list with another pair of basketball shoes which are noticeably less space-age-looking than their previous entries on the list. They are made of a synthetic material and have rubber soles, with the shaft measuring about 4.5″ from the arch and rubber soles. They have a design which steps out of the norm of conventional high-top basketball sneakers. The upper is lightweight and makes the shoes more flexible and breathable which keeps your feet cool and automatically improves your performance. The heel and the forefoot feature grooves which helps each shoe move with your feet more smoothly. Finally, your ankles are supported by their dynamic collar which adapts to multi-directional movement during any activity (especially basketball). Generally, people are very satisfied with this pair of shoes. We found no comments on size and the quality is mostly reported to be as advertised. This is definitely a more classic pair of Nike shoes, and you will not find the crazy designs which some of their other shoes on this list feature. These shoes get the job done and do so very well. They are not as much for garnering attention as they are for giving you the best performance for your money. This shows in their price, as well, as they are one of the cheapest Nike shoes you can buy (depending on price variation, they might be the cheapest Nikes on this list, as well). However, this is not to say that they are lacking in quality. Anyone who buys these shoes will no doubt be satisfied with them.

10 – Adidas D Rose 773 III

Finally, to finish off the list we have an amazing pair of Adidas shoes which are perfect for basketball and other physical activities but also look great. They keep in tradition with most of the shoes on this list and come in a wide variety of flashy colors. These low-top shoes are made of leather and have rubber soles. They feature SPRINTWEB and SPRINTFRAME technologies which allow for support, breathability, and lightweight stability. Their signature detail is the chrome lace jewel. The rubber that is used in these shoes is non-marking rubber which varies in thickness thus reducing weight and adds to their durability. The Men’s D Rose 773 III shoes are reported to be sized as expected and generally do not require any adjustment when considering which size to get. The only size-related comment of note is that the toe area tends to be on the narrower side for people with wider feet. As reported, these shoes come in a generous variety of colors which can attract attention to the wearer despite their almost orthodox appearance. This creates a unique blend of classic and avant-garde. The price is also quite reasonable for such a quality pair of shoes and their ankle support is good. This is hardly surprising considering that these shoes come from Adidas. Like the other shoes of theirs that have made it on this list, the Men’s D Rose 773 III shoes are a great purchase. [su_box title=”Related:” box_color=”#07b3ad” title_color=”#ffffff”]
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And so we come to the end of our list. It is important to note that all of these shoes have good ankle support and then they branch off into their various strengths and weaknesses. None of them are perfect but each has a certain feature which makes them stand out, whether it is comfort or an eye-catching design. When choosing which basketball shoes for ankle support are right for you, make sure to think about what you are going to be using them for and what sort of fit is right for your foot. If you keep that in mind and find a color/design that you like, you should be all set!

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