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If you have flat feet, chances are you have experienced discomfort and pain even after most common daily actions such as standing or prolonged walking and since you are here, we can assume you understand how easy it is to develop painful symptoms from running or playing basketball. Well, we have some good news – you can still be a great basketball player despite flat feet. What’s more, most of the painful symptoms can be prevented simply by wearing the right basketball shoes for flat feet.


In order to pick the right pair of shoes, you might first need to understand the underlying causes of the condition. Flat feet affect an estimated ¼ of the population and symptoms usually range from slight discomfort to a huge amount of pain and agony. Often referred to as fallen arch, flat feet are a quite common condition that is observed from early childhood to adulthood. It can be both inherited or developed through life due to several factors, one of the most common being- wearing poorly-fitted shoes. The thing with ordinary shoes is that they lack a supportive arch and put great pressure on other parts of the foot, affecting healthy posture and limiting your movement, which is, well, essential for any player or sportsman. Needless to say, prolonged activities in poorly-built shoes can result in swelling of the inner bottom of the foot, or damaged tendons and ligaments. Also, it’s not rare for people with lowered arch to turn their ankles inward while walking or running, which is putting additional pressure on the knees and joints. Many companies have decided to craft shoes with reinforcing arch support in order to provide the best possible experience for both professional and amateur basketball players. There are no perfect shoes for everybody and we know choosing the best shoes for the shape of your foot can be a little bit tricky. That’s why we have carefully reviewed and selected those that will provide you a solid stability control, integrated shock-absorbing cushions, and an increased arch support, making sure your next basketball match is comfortable and painless.  Also be aware there are several types of shoes you will come across, each of them providing different type of support. So here are our picks for best basketball shoes for flat feet:


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GEL-Spotlyte basketball shoes, ASICS appealed to those who still value classic 1980’s vibe. With its chunky construction and retro exterior, this pair of bad boys has a clear resemblance to the original model released in 1992 with a number of improvements. They look sturdy, and to be honest, they are. However, at the same time, they are very comfortable and provide a great amount of support for ankles which is much appreciated by those with flat feet. And in case you need a bigger arch support for mid-foot, make sure not to get thick insoles since the tongue padding is already thick so there is not much room left. You might be pleased to find out a collar and padded tongue have been redesigned to ensure maximum ankle protection on the ground and solid support whenever you need it. What we especially liked was soft microfiber lining and high-quality cushioned insole that will give you a feeling that you’re wearing really comfortable socks while having a solid arch support. On the other hand, there were few complaints about the lack of room for toes, so if you’re used to the comfy toe box, you might want to make sure they’re really a good fit. But again, that’s what you do with all the pairs before you buy them, so you should be all set.


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Air Jordan XXXII Low is one of those shoes that simply stand out on the playground and don’t let you blend in. At the first look, it’s obvious that Nike really pushed their designers to the limits in order to create a perfect balance of innovation and elegance. At the same time keeping the essence of the Air Jordan II alive and taking a step forward in footwear engineering, Nike created one of the most distinctive playing shoes in a long time. While exploring new materials and technology, Nike craftsmen indeed mastered knitting structure by making laces simply disappear from the outside, but still, provide an excellent support for your foot. Speaking of balance and stability, XXXII’s decoupled Zoom Air cushioning turned out to be more comfortable than previous XXXI’s full-length Zoom Air. Thanks to the new Flyknit material, these shoes simply mold to your feet more effectively, not leaving space for any internal slippage. However, due to multiple layers, Air Jordan 32 isn’t the most breathable pair of shoes out there, but this type Flyknit material is still one of the best so far and is a big step in the right direction. Many players with flat feet will appreciate superb support and lockdown along with amazing cushioning and excellent traction. While the first few runs with Air Jordan 32 might be a little bit tight for some, you’ll just have to readjust laces until it feels like they were made for you.


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All those who fancy looks as much as performance, the Air Overplay IX might easily be the most stylish pair on our list.  They come in dark black or wolf grey in a blend with red, white, navy, pink or citrus, providing a modern, but not too expensive look. They easily achieve a pleasant look with any given combination – shorts, tracksuit or even jeans. Air Overplay IX are definitely one of those pairs that feel great straight out of the box.  Beside superb ankle and arch support, we were pleased to find out Nike Air technology was used on an encapsulated heel. For all people with flat feet, it means easy cushioning on impact and less, if any, discomfort during a game. Nike Air Unit simply delivers many hours of play without hurting your joints or heels. Although they’re made of light-weight and breathable materials, a little rain or wet grass will not soak your socks. It is also possible to remove the thin layer of soul padding and insert custom orthotics for maximum comfort. They’re true to their size and fit perfectly. Air Overplay IX is fully capable of giving you the support you need during many hours of upcoming game time without any discomfort or blisters. The only negative thing about these shoes was the fact they are getting harder to find and cost a little bit more than when they first came out. We’re just hoping they’re not being phased out yet.


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A price almost impossible to beat, Champion Men’s Overtime Basketball Shoes are a proof that sometimes price has nothing to do with quality. Let’s face it, for $30 you wouldn’t expect anything more than basic workout shoes, but instead, you get extremely comfortable and durable piece of footwear that performs a way better than anticipated. With this pair, Champion might not offer sophisticated technologies that are to be found in Nike or Under Armor, but it has maximum comfort and solid stability at a low price. Whether you’re looking for a pair of shoes for an occasional match or for everyday training, this is more than a solid choice. This incredibly affordable pair features a padded insole and mesh lining that increases ventilation and helps with getting rid of moist more quickly. It also gives fair stretch and freedom of movement that will appeal to most of the people with flat feet. In addition, there’s enough space for any custom-molded foot pad. Yet, there are some drawbacks. We have noticed that they might not be as durable as the others on the list, which expectable. Also, the top ankle area of the shoe can easily irritate the skin so you might want to consider wearing long socks. If you can turn a blind eye on these little snags, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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AND1 Downtown are among the most light-weight basketball shoes out there. They’re one of those easy-on and easy-off shoes that all the cool kids had when you were a child. Also, if you’re not a fan of eclectic colors of shoes nowadays, you will appreciate the simplicity of the black-white color pattern. Although they do not have exceptional support for the ankles, there’s a power-strap that kind of compensates by increasing lock down and overall fit.  Soft and breathable upper construction just feels great and you will find them pleasant to wear even after a long game. Being cozy, warm, quite tight and close-fitting, they are snug in every way possible. There is a turbulent past behind AND1, which we will not talk about on this occasion. We’re just glad they’ve come up with another well-built pair that certainly lived up to our expectations. The Downtown is one beautiful piece of sports footwear designed for full responsiveness to the foot when it flexes and a form that fits nicely and accurately. There’s enough space for your custom foot-padding that won’t affect your freedom of movement in any way. Also, not to forget seamless toe-guard carefully designed to ensure maximum comfort and support even for most sensitive feet. Inner padding is surprisingly nice. AND1 placed the silicon around the heel area to eliminate any possibility of heel slippage. At first, the Downtown felt a little bit loose, but after couple of days, it feels locked and and solid secure.

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While crafting these shoes, Nike’s designers wanted to make sure nothing is left to chance. In order to ensure absolute performance, they stripped off bulk and weight from Zoom Evidence and added one of the most responsive cushioning so far. With lightweight composite upper, there’s pretty much nothing to interfere with your superior performance next time you hit the courts. The clean and simple design makes Zoom Evidence suitable for both competitive play and everyday wear. It comes in several colorways, including Black/Metallic Silver/Polarized Blue, Team Red/Black/White/Bright Crimson and minimalistic White/Black/White. When it comes to performance, Zoom Evidence features a Phylon midsole that offers stable and responsive feel, while Zoom Air unit is in charge of quick and sudden movements with most of the impact from landing being absorbed. Another thing we just loved is a high-top collar that secures fit around the ankle and provides the structured support. Plus, taking into consideration foam heel pad that will reduce slippage, there’s no doubt many with flat feet will simply adore these shoes. Did we mention Flywire cables perfectly integrated with classical laces system that provides extreme anatomical support and a great court sensation? Nike Zoom Evidence has absolutely everything you can expect from a great basketball sneaker- from minimalist style to superb performance on the court. With this shoes, you can forget about any discomfort you’ve been experiencing from flat feet in the past. We would say Zoom Evidence is an excellent choice for those with mild of moderate flat feet.

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Under Armour Torch Fade is another light-weighted pair of shoes on this list that will provide complete comfort to your feet mostly due to molded foam heel and high-quality toe cap. These shoes wrap around the ankles and Achilles tendon ensuring maximum support and stability in the heat of the game. The material might look cheap to some, but they look much nicer in person and feel surprisingly good. The synthetic leather turned out to be extremely durable, and yet pleasant to wear even for an extended amount of time. If you have a wide foot, you might want to consider getting half a size up since we got an impression it lacks some room in there. The cushion of the Torch Fade is just about right. It absorbs impact and delivers just enough response during a heck of a run against your opponent. What’s more, they were designed in a way that keeps your ankles from rolling, giving you stable lockdown, which is something much appreciated by those with flat feet. Any feature that keeps knees and joints healthy and protected is warmly welcomed. Even though these are designed for basketball, Torch Fade shoes are great for many other sports. However, it all comes at little bit higher cost than most of the others on this list, but you definitely get what you’ve paid for.

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Adidas Crazy Bounce are the only Adidas shoes that found a place on this list, but they shouldn’t be underestimated in any way. This team model shoe features outstanding full-length Bounce cushion that provides one of a kind impact protection on the heel and ankles. Due to innovative elastic cells technology that returns the energy upon take-off, you will have a feeling that you’re bouncing all over the court. In order not to be too bouncy, Adidas integrated an extended outrigger into the base of the shoe to provide maximum stability and energy return. Speaking of the court, friction between the shoe and a ground is excellent and can be worn both outdoors as well as indoors. There’s a TPU plate on the midfoot making sure there are no slips when you’re in the Mad Bounce. Once you have tightened the laces, shoe’s booty construction clasps the foot from the ankle to the heel to provide a stable foundation for the foot. Definitely a plus for anyone experiencing issues with flat feet. They come in more than 10 color patterns, with ‘USA’ colorway being the most popular one. It has the same traction pattern as Adidas D Rose 773 V, but it has three vertical stripes on the ankle collar, instead of its usual place on the forefoot.

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Those who remember Clutchfit Drive back in 2014 will be glad to hear there might be a worthy successor. Featuring full-length Micro G foam layers, ClutchFit technology and charged cushioning, CFD was one of the most advanced pieces of sports footwear at the time. Anyone with flat feet surely remembers Achilles pillow that provided superb comfort around the heel and extra padding. Men’s Team Drive 4 features Micro G once again, which was probably the best foam when it first appeared on the market. It’s dense, durable and responsive. It simply wouldn’t be fair to expect more. For maximum court control and grip, there’s full rubber herringbone traction pattern, while external heel counter provides extended support on the battlefield. There’s also 3D shank wraps up around sidewall that was supposed to give some extra stability, but we didn’t get the feeling it was fully functional. Also, if you’re looking for more forefoot cushioning, a friendly advice would be to think twice. Anyway, to get long story short, lace loops are durable, the upper textile is light-weight and breathable, toe-wrap is a comfortable fit. Drive 4 is indeed an outstanding pair of shoes that will appeal even to most demanding players and most likely live up to expectations.

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Kobe Mamba Instinct are one heck of shoes. Anyone looking for the advantage on the court will simply adore them for their durability, ankle support, and comfort. Not to mention they’re extremely stylish and will go with pretty much anything from jeans to shorts. They’re also available in a number of color combinations, although the most popular ones are red and black and Anthracite/University Red/Bright Crimson/Black Kobe Mamba Instinct features next-generation Flyweave technology, making them supportive and breathable, while TPU yarn improves stability and overall durability. There’s also quite enough room for any custom orthotics you might want to insert, which is definitely a plus. However, be aware that Mamba Instinct shoes are narrower and smaller than usual Kobe models, so make sure to give them a try before purchase. Mamba Instinct shoes are made for quick directional changes, allowing more natural movement on the court. Combination of Lunarlon midsole responsiveness and Flyweave upper almost give you Black Mamba instincts. Additionally, inner slipping was minimized due to internal bootie constriction that ensures one-to-one fit at the same time keeping your feet comfortable. Kobe seems to be very dedicated to keeping his legacy alive in the best possible way- with responsive, and stable piece of footwear that allows for superb multi directional grip and more natural movement. Kobe Mamba Instinct are the latest one in the line, designed to be top of the class.


Each pair on this list has some advantages and disadvantages. Though most of these shoes have many unique features, in the end it’s all up to your personal preferences. They also go from $30 to couple of hundreds, depending on your budget. What they all have in common is excellent stability and to some extend correction for mild over pro nation. If you prefer your own orthotic or arch support, you would be pleased to find the insole in most of them easily removable. Also, they all come in an extended range of sizes and widths so you might want to take some time and try several models until you find the perfect-fitting one. These shoes are designed to provide enough cushioning, stability and shock absorption, so we believe most of the people with fallen arches will be able to find the support they need. If you’re getting motion-control shoes, you will be getting more support and control than from stability shoes, but they come with a fair amount of restrictiveness. And one piece of the advice – make sure to start slow and not wear any of these for extended periods of time in the beginning, until you gradually develop a feeling they’re supportive enough for your feet.

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