Buying footwear when you have wide feet can be a problematic task, but finding basketball shoes for wide feet that will fit you, be comfortable and provide you with firm support can turn a shopping spree into a nightmare! It seems that the whole footwear market is forgetting about issues like these and focuses on people with narrow feet instead. Thankfully, in the past few years lots of footwear manufacturers started to turn this situation around and are now offering a variety of basketball shoes to fit wide foot. We’re talking about arch support, ankle support, stability control, anti-slip soles, wider space for toes and much more! And not only are basketball shoes manufacturers starting to focus a lot more on the technical advantages for people with wide feet, they are not forgetting about aesthetics either. You can now get basketball shoes that will feel comfortable on your feet, and you’ll look great wearing them too! Most of the models you’ll come across have a variety of colorways to choose from, which is actually a novelty in this market. First presenting my top 3 picks for best basketball shoes for wide feet.

Top 3 Picks:

  • Adidas NEO Cloudfoam Ilation

  • Wide Size Available
  • Synthetic & Textile
  • Price Range:
  • Adidas Crazy Explosive

  • Wider Size & Design
  • Manmade Mesh
  • Price Range:
  • Under Armour Jet

  • M Size Available
  • Multiple Elements in Build
  • Price Range:

Buying Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet


When buying basketball shoes, first of all, you should pay attention to the material of the shoes. More stretchable materials tend to adjust to the width of the foot more easily, as opposed to their non-flexible counterparts; but also keep in mind that knitted or woven materials can sometimes have a tendency of over-stretching, which can result in failing to provide you with full support and stability control.


Another tip to keep in mind when buying basketball shoes for wide feet in stores is the appearance of their outer soles. If the traction pattern looks larger than it does on regular basketball shoes, you can be almost certain you’re buying the right product. In the past few years, there has been a special focus on designing newer and better traction patterns in order to improve overall performance on the court. But now that you’ve come across this article, you don’t have to worry about any of this because we’ve saved you some time and picked out a variety of top-class basketball shoes for wide feet that will surely surprise you in regards of their quality and cost.

10 Best Basketball Footwear For Wide Feet

1. Adidas Crazy Explosive

Adidas never seizes to provide their customers with quality products, and their Crazy Explosive 2017 Edition basketball shoes will definitely not be an exception. An innovation from Adidas is the new Boost technology, a new approach to cushioning systems. It was designed to make athletes feel as comfortable as they can get on the court. The technology uses thermoplastic polyurethane, a material that basically compresses under pressure in order to allow better shock absorption, and instantly ‘bounces back’. This is one of their best-selling technologies of all time, and is included in the Crazy Explosive edition as well. Thousands of reviewers have found it to be a game-changer in basketball shoes industry.
The Adidas Crazy Explosive basketball shoes are made from a breathable material in order to avoid over-sweating and to ensure the material will adjust to the width of your feet and support your wide feet.
Their rubber soles are designed especially to provide you with durable traction and to avoid any possible slipping on the court. Many buyers say that they are perfect for indoor courts because there is no need to wipe off dust from them, meaning they will provide you with perfect traction control. The high-top construction contributes to optimal ankle support, while not losing on the ability of free movement whatsoever. Overall, these basketball shoes are a great choice for both outdoor and indoor courts because they provide the athletes with great support, traction control, and stability.

2. Adidas Neo Ilation Wide Feet Shoes

Another release from Adidas worth including in this list are the Neo Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation Mid basketball shoes, made from a combination of textile and synthetic with a full grain leather upper design. Its ventilation system on the front and the sides is also a great asset, especially if you plan on wearing them for long periods at a time. Most of the buyers cannot help but compliment the traction and the construction, which allows free movement of feet. The lace-up construction is also a great feature because it allows your feet to remain locked in and fully supported. They are quite lightweight, which provides you with optimal comfort and the light material on the inside ensures breathability for your feet.
One of their best features is that they are available in different widths, which is definitely step-up from the usual focus on people with narrow feet.
But, what sets the Neo Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation Mid basketball shoes aside from the competition is definitely the price, taking into account that basketball shoes can seldom have astronomical prices. Starting at $60 for a pair, you’ll agree that they’re a bargain too.

3. Under Armour Jet

We’re finishing off our recommendations list with a recent release from Under Armour, the Jet Basketball Shoes Edition. They are made from a mix of textile, synthetic, leather, and rubber in order to provide you with optimal support on all areas of your feet. And when we say all, we really mean all! With improved cushioning around the ankles, they will not only give your support in this area as well, but will also feel comfortable while wearing them. They weigh 12.02 oz but feel quite light once worn on the court. With their updated herringbone traction pattern, they prevent slipping on both indoor and outdoor courts and don’t have traction issues in regards dust, like many others do. This traction system allows any sudden movements and stopping to be performed with ease.
This model is one of the rare ones that have extra leather on the toe cap in order to avoid possible injuries and to improve their durability as well. The Die-cut EVA sockliner will help provide your underfoot with optimal support and comfort.
If you end up going for this model, you will have five colors to choose from – black with a black sole, black with a white sole, and white, grey and blue – all three with a white sole. Also, lots of buyers say that they are the perfect choice for people with flat feet and that they feel comfortable even if you wear them all day. However, keep in mind that, due to their hard material, they might need a break-in period.

4. Under Armour’s ClutchFit

Under Armour’s ClutchFit Drive 3 edition definitely stepped up the game after the update of the ClutchFit technology, which now allows an even better experience on the court. It provides the necessary breathability, support and stretchiness of the material, allowing them to adjust to your wide feet as you play. Their bear-trap lacing system allows them to easily connect to the tongue for a tight fit, which can improve your performance on the court greatly. There’s no more need to worry about the laces untying during the game. The Achilles pillow provides, along with the additional padding, the optimal comfort of the heel. But their greatest asset is surely the full-length Micro G sock liner, which allows complete movement of the ankles while providing them with full support. Another asset Under Armour offered us within this design is the herringbone traction pattern, an update designed to reduce slipping as much as possible. Keep in mind that these basketball shoes are not really designed to be used on indoor courts because they may collect dust resulting in having to clean them often. Overall, they are comfortable and provide you with full support, with their only downside being the aforementioned issue with dust.

5. NIKE Lebron XIV Basketball Shoes

NIKE Lebron XIV shoes are widely popular, but do they live up to the expectations? Well, we’ll let you decide on your own once we provide you with some essential details on the materials, price, some of the features, and the overall value for money. The materials used are mostly mesh and foam overlays, whereas some colorways can include leather details. The softness of the material allows flexibility and freedom of movement. The shoe can seems quite heavy when weighed (about 14.09 oz), but feels light when put on. Lots of buyers also claim that they don’t really need any break-in periods, which means you can show off your moves on the court as soon as you get them, while serving some looks as well! The outsole rubber is safe to use both on outdoor and indoor courts and will not tear as easily as some of their counterparts. Their soles are made from high-quality rubber and they stick to the floor with no problem whatsoever. What the majority of buyers had to say about this model is that their best feature is the great impact protection, which basketball shoes tend to lack. When wearing them, your weight will be evenly distributed, and the strap will provide even more support. Another feature that sets them aside from the competition is definitely the fact that in almost every single review you will come across, you will read about how they fit wide feet better than any other basketball shoes on the market, which may not come as too much of a surprise taking into account the price (which not all of the buyers might find affordable), but at least you’ll know you’re investing your money into a valuable, long-lasting product.

6. Tesh Trigger Basketball Shoe

In terms of the price, we’ve come to a complete opposite of the aforementioned Lebron XIV’s. If you’re buying on a budget, Tesh Trigger basketball shoes might be your cup of tea. What you’ll get at a price of $35 is a pair of high tops with uppers made out of faux leather, a lacing system designed to ensure a snug fit and with padded tongue and collar. They also come in three color variations – black, white and blue. Their Kinetic Lift midsole technology is designed especially for jumps, in order to help with an explosive launch and a soft landing. You’ll find that most reviews say that their ventilation system is really stepping up the game for their competitors. But apart from the great, and somewhat futuristic, aesthetic and the midsole technology, what got Tesh Trigger into this list in the first place is definitely their ‘Natural Biomechanical Fit’, or simply put – the extra space providing width in the toe box, designed keeping in mind their customers with wide feet who have troubles with finding great basketball shoes on a budget. Their cushioning system is made up from three layers – explosive layer with T foam, the cushion layer with T foam, and the third layer being ghost foam. These three layers create a kinetic lift system which will help maximize your motion on the court. Keep in mind that these shoes were designed mostly for indoor use, as some of the buyers comment on how dust can have a negative effect on the traction, due to the sole’s pattern. Overall, and taking into account the fact that Tesh is quite new to the market as well, we’ll agree that they managed to make low-cost basketball shoes without lacking in quality and support whatsoever.

7. ANTA Klay Thompson KT3 Playoffs

First of the two ANTA’s products we have lined up in the list are actually the first low tops we’ve mentioned as well. Being the successor to their high top counterparts, the KT2’s, they have the similar setup but with some improvements. One of the things that remained the same is that ANTA’s focus is definitely still on impact protection of heels. They are using a dual density foam setups – meaning two different types of foam pads, for the forefoot and for the heel. These basketball shoes are completely decoupled, which means that the forefoot and the heel are two different components combined by the TPU mid foot chassis plate as well as the outsole. An improvement in this model is that is features knitted uppers and allows more ventilation in the forefoot, resulting in breathability and feeling of lightness when worn. The toe area is knitted in as well, with special focus on ventilation of toes. Their material is both durable and comfortable, and allows a better fitting experience as well as keeping the needed support. They allow perfect lockdown and security. Speaking of the support system, this is where the KT3’s shine. Whether you are a spot-up shooter or a mobile player, these shoes will have you covered both with the support they provide and with their quality. Aside from all these great features of the new KT3’s, another thing to keep in mind is their affordability. Their price starts at $79, which comes as a surprise taking into account their quality and overall performance on the court. No wonder that some of the bloggers even started referring to them as to ‘Mr. Reliable’.

8. ANTA Light

Coming in after the KT3’s, ANTA’s Light low top basketball shoes can be used both on the court and on the training court as well. Just like the KT3’s, they have knitted uppers and soft mesh that allows feet to breathe. As you’ll find most reviews say, even though their price starts at $40, the mesh is high-quality and has an expensive feel to it. The cushioning is probably not the best there is because the cushions are quite stiff, but this can actually be great if you’re playing guard. But whatever ANTA Light’s may lack in cushioning (though this is just a question of personal preference), they sure do make up for it in the traction department. The foot mapped herringbone traction pattern works outstandingly both on outdoor and indoor courts and the hard rubber soles can massively help improve the overall performance, alongside with their comfortable insoles. Another feature worth mentioning is that they have an almost sock-like fit and feel quite light. People with narrow feet should definitely go half a size down, but that’s not really our concern here, right? They really do fit true to size and allow a lot of toe space. What’s more, they are so light lots of people buy it just for everyday use. They are also considered one of the best shoes to wear to gym because of their lightness and breathability. Now, this is one of their features that may come off as a bit of a concern for some players who like to ‘feel some weight’ on their feet when they play, but overall there’s not much to complain about, especially when you take into account their ridiculously low price and the great material they’re made from.

9. Adidas Men’s Cf Ignition

Having already mentioned the Cloudfoam Ilation Edition’s great features, we come back to finish off our recommendations list with another great release from Adidas. Their cushioning system is the same as in Ilation’s, using the Cloudfoam cushions to allow feet to breathe with maximum comfort, while not losing in the fitting department. With their lace-up closure, they offer ultimate ankle and arch support you’ll need on the court.
Another great feature that ensures stability is the synthetic heel overlay. Most of the reviews you’ll come across will be focused on how comfortable they are, due to their padded collar and tongue, and high-quality insoles.
Their aesthetic is commonly called street-tech style, so they’re not designed to look like they are made exclusively for the court. The style could be perceived as 2 in 1, because you can use them both in gym and on the basketball court. They are durable and don’t tear easily, which is another great asset to keep in mind when buying basketball shoes. They also have extra toe space, so they are a good choice for those long practices. You can get your Adidas Ignition basketball shoes in six colors – white, black, red, blue, navy, and grey; all of them with a mesh overlay that allows optimal breathability for your feet. Due to the variety of colors, and to limited choices in women’s basketball shoes department, lots of women are getting this model too. Their price can vary from $50 to $135, depending on sizes and colors. Overall, they’re a great choice if you are looking for a pair of shoes that are comfortable, not too expensive, have extra toe space, and will improve your performance both on the court and in the gym.

10. LI-NING YU Shuai

Offered in two color variations, LI-NING Professional Basketball Shoes are definitely one of the most eye-pleasing basketball shoes you’ll come across. They’re not only aesthetically pleasing, but offer a full ankle and heel support to improve your performance on the court. Using whole-woven technology, these shoes are as breathable and comfortable as they get. The NI-NING cloud-type cushioning technology helps improve performance and reduces any externals impacts. The synchro-adjust system helps the stability control of the heel, supports stability of the forefoot and the mechanotransduction of the mid-foot, resulting in optimal service for the athlete. They are made from high-quality materials, allowing your feet to breathe and be comfortable on the court. Note that CJ McCollum actually played in these shoes, meaning that LI-NING is definitely giving their competitors on the market a run for their money. [su_box title=”Related:” box_color=”#07b3ad” title_color=”#ffffff”] If you are looking for Brand Cleats, Checkout our lists here –
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And there you have it, ten great models of basketball shoes for wide feet to choose from! They all have their upsides and downsides, be it the price or the cushioning system, but one thing that they definitely have in common is that you won’t have to squeeze your feet in them and feel uncomfortable on the court, like you would in majority of regular basketball shoes. They are all designed keeping their customers with wide feet in mind, and will surely help better your overall performance while playing.

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