Longboarding can seem tough enough for a beginner without having to search the entirety of the internet for the best longboard. Even if you are just planning to gift one to a family member or friends, it is important that you give the best longboard for a beginner that rides smooth, carves well and is value for money.

Which is why this list is all about helping you select the best beginner longboard quickly and with the clarity of why it is a good buy.

Before you dig deep into the article selecting the right option for you, you must ask if you are in the right place.

Longboard or Skateboard?

You will be surprised by how often folks are confused between the two. Longboards are larger in nature and are meant for cruising and travel. Which is why they are also called cruisers. Tricks and ollies cannot be performed on longboards, at least not easily. Instead, Longboards are great for commutes, cruising and carving through cities. The wheels are extra large to face the brunt of rough roads.

Whereas skateboards are smaller and they are the most traditional type of boards. Which is why often somebody who is not aware of the difference can buy the wrong one. If you are looking to do tricks, ollies, and something to ride in a bowl than a skateboard is what you have to get.

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Now that you are in the right place and are sure to get a longboard, let’s jump into the list.

8 Best Beginner Longboards Reviewed

1. Hamboards Huntington Hop – Handcrafted Longboard

Hamboards Hamington Hop, Surfboard inspired longboard which was also featured on Shark Tank. When I say surfboard know that I am not wrong, this board was meant to give the feeling of surfing when riding this longboard. The swift and easy turns with smooth wheels that ensure a long and bump-free ride through the streets.

The premium design, premium parts, and quality overall… What could be the drawback you ask? The price. The price is pretty steep for something you might not be sure about BUT if you are SURE about your plan to go from a beginner longboarder to a professional one then this is the absolute quality board that you have to get. Let’s dig deep.


Huntington Hop is a huge board with 3’9″ long and 10.58″ wide. That gives you ample amount of space to balance yourself when starting off. The deck is also well balanced and does not require any grip tape, which helps when you are riding barefoot. The material feels nice when you are standing on it and provides good grip when pushing forward or sliding. The deck is maple but painted with laminated birch which also helps with heat transfer throughout the board and UV protection against the colors. The deck is built to last for a long time.

Wheels & Trucks

The trucks are custom made 150mm reverse kingpins, specially designed to provide the smooth carving. The wheels are inbuilt as well with the specs of 62mm size and 80a softness. The size of the wheels is perfect for the board as it captures the speed while the 80a softness absorbs the bumps on your journey.


It’s a great board if you have the budget for it. It is built to last by a reputed company and if you are looking for something long-term, quality and smooth carving then this is the longboard to go get.

2. Magneto Longboards

Now let’s say you want something a bit cheaper, more conventional and still retain the quality of the more expensive longboard. Then Magneto Longboard is what you should take a look at.

This downhill board is perfect if you are looking to grab speed while maintaining the balance well.


The Magneto Longboard is made of Bamboo, but on amazon page, you can also select between other materials such as bamboo + Fiberglass or just Fiberglass blackboard as well. The specs are same on all of them except for deck material.

The deck is 46″ x 9″ with dual kicktails. There is also a smooth arched camber with shallow concave. While the curves are extremely tiny it does affect the flexibility.

Trucks & Wheel

The trucks are paris inspired high angle with 70mm wheels. The board also comes with ABEC 11 bearings that are tuned correctly for a smooth ride.


The board is great for anyone looking for a freeride longboard to use on a daily basis. While it won’t be great downhill, it won’t be worst. The bamboo version can also handle quite a bit of load whereas the fiberglass version will break. So you can get a fiberglass version for a kid or teen but you will have to get bamboo for a heavy adult.

3. Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed – Best Cheap Longboard For A Beginner

If you are a beginner or looking to buy for a beginner without breaking the bank then Ten Toes Zed is the best choice this year. It’s reasonably affordable while being good enough quality to last for sometime before you need an upgrade.

Bamboo Deck

The 44-inch bamboo deck is made in USA California. The board is artisan finished and you can feel that quality in the smoothness of the deck and design. The deck is also pretty stiff which is a good thing for a beginner as it provides a stable and known environment when starting out. You don’t want a longboard flexing when you are just starting out.


The 7-inch aluminum trucks are non-branded but they function well for a longboard for a beginner. They provide amazing carves and good maneuverability for cruising. The trucks are tightened up pretty good and if needed be will need to be loosened. Sometimes the stock board will produce a squeaking sound, in which case bushings will need to be waxed or changed. In most cases, you will have to get new ones.

Wheels & Bearings

The 51mm wheels with rock finish for design and 85A contact patch are great for riding on pavements. Which is an ideal place for beginners. The wheels are also non-branded like trucks. Despite that, they roll over smoothly very well and maintain their quality for a decent amount of time.

The wheels are powered by ABEC 7 bearings that seem to wear out rather quickly or create issues by not spinning quickly enough. You might have to replace or lubricate the bearings over time.


The Zed is the best longboard for beginners at this price. It does compensate with cheap parts but provides a quality stylish deck on which you can always replace the parts in future as you progress along. Over time you can keep the deck and basically replace all the parts as per your requirements.

4. The Quest Super Cruiser

The Quest Super Cruiser comes in various colors and designs that are also inclusive of wheels. It’s a good refresh if you are tired of seeing designs with only one color wheels. Now you have choices. Quest super cruiser is a perfect middle ground for wanting something good that rides smoothly and is priced in mid-range.

Maple And Bamboo Deck

The Quest features a 7 ply super flex deck made of bamboo and maple. The deck is beautifully designed and really set it apart in this price range. The artisan work is definitely noticeable and even more so when in hand than in pictures. The deck does have a slight camber to offset some weight but for a beginner, it’s nothing to be concerned about. The deck is pretty stiff, which for a beginner is a good thing.


This longboard comes with 7″ trucks and is pretty good for tight turns. Although they are set up quite higher than the regular longboards which might make some new riders feel a bit wobbly on top. In that scenario, it is better to practice as the higher ground clearance means better turns and fewer scratches on the bottom.  The bushings provided are a bit loose out of the box but they can be easily tightened at home.

Wheels & Bearings

While the official spec on the wheels is 51mm to 80a they are mid-range for an experienced rider but for a beginner, they are perfect all-rounder wheels ready to ride in all early instances. They do manage to provide good traction because of there contact patch and the provided wheels wells underneath the deck ensure almost no wheel bite. The bearings perform well right out of the box and while they are ABEC 7, in the context of the board they spin well enough.


It is a really good longboard to get started on, the height, the kicktail and the wheels along with a well-designed deck provide a really good beginner skateboard at a value price.

5. Atom Drop-Through 41 Inch

While Atom drop through at first glance might seem like a serious professional downhill longboard, it was actually designed for beginners. It comes in various sizes along with different colors and with its slight camber profile with a concave and flexibility it becomes a complete longboard for a beginner.


The deck is made of 7 ply maple wood with slight camber which provides decent flex for downhill. The board decently flexes and while it won’t be able to handle serious downhill rides, smaller & easier downhill should be no problem. The drop through design with 7 ply deck makes it much easier to push around on commute and is great for a beginner as it eases the stress of learning early on. There is a slight concave but it is barely noticeable and should mostly be considered a flat deck.

Trucks & Bushings

It comes with 245mm RKP trucks well suited to support the downhill rides and the daily commutes. They are also easy to tighten and loosen depending on your experience. The bushings work as well and shouldn’t provide any problems early on.


The wheels are 70mm with a 78a durometer that grips well on the road and doesn’t feel as though they would slip on from underneath. They are also long-lasting and wear and tear slowly.


Atom Drop Through is a fun board made for beginners to get started with a longboard that is fast, smooth and griped on the surface.

6. Sanview Bamboo Drop Through Longboard

If you are looking to buy a dropthough longboard for a kid, you can check out 38.5″ Sanview longboard. Deck made from bamboo is lightweight enough for kids to enjoy on but sturdy enough that it doesn’t break easily.


The deck is 7 ply mixed maple + 1 ply bamboo. It does have a slight camber and concave and flexes decently while still maintaining sturdiness.


It comes with 7″aluminum casted trucks that are colored to match the design of the board. The bushings are very good and provide a good balance to trucks for a nice smooth ride.


The Sanview comes with ABEC 9 steel bearings with nylon ball cages and comes pre oiled. The bearings spin fast and smooth and require no adjustments out of the box.


Sanview is the perfect drop through longboard before beginners at the right cheap price to get started on. It is good enough to learn on, experiment on and even use as a regular board. Even though you might have to change some parts but the sturdiness and flex of the board is long lasting.

7. RIMABLE Pintail Longboard 41 Inch

Rimable has established itself in the longboard and skateboard market over the years and continues to attract more fans because of it’s durable and cheap boards. The basic design may not be the selling point, but good quality parts and sturdy build does provide value for the money.

Pintail Board

The deck is 41″ long and 9.5″ inch wide, providing a good amount of space to balance on. It is also 9 ply to support more weight than the other boards and still remain sturdy. The deck is 4.25″ inches above the ground in height, similar to normal skateboards so it is easier to learn and start carving on.


Rimable Pintail Longboard comes with 7inch 180 aluminum non-branded trucks. The trucks are very basic in nature and will need replacement down the line but out of the box, the trucks work well enough for a beginner to start carving and gain some speed. Similarly with bushings.

Wheels & Bearings

The 51mm Polyurethane wheels are the second plus point after the deck. The wheels ride smooth and grip well at high speed. ABEC 11 bearings are provided and like with trucks they are too non-branded. Only the bearings spin well and will last you for quite a bit of time.


At first glance, the board might not seem much but with multiple color options, cheap price and quality parts, it is a perfect choice for a beginner to start learning on and replace accordingly.

8. Loaded Boards Dervish Sama – The Monster Longboard To Get

Loaded Boards brand is well known among professional skaters for its beautiful design and amazing quality parts. The boards are beautiful to hold and feel while simultaneously easily manage to go high speed while still maintaining grip and easy balance. All of this is not cheap though, a lot of time goes into making each loaded board and the price reflects that.


The Loaded Dervish Sama deck is designed for carvers, freeriders, and urban commuters. Everything about the deck is professionally molded to make it an awesome experience when riding. The deck has large wheel cutouts for deeper carves and easier movement when taking tight turns. The nose tail and kicktail provide a slight placement for dancing and movement. The deck also has a cambered profile with a concave which provides a comfortable balance as you carve.

The deck is made of Bamboo and Fiberglass to provide a balance of sturdiness but good flex.

The boards functionality is inspired by the smooth carving of snowboarding. A experience they want to provide riders of this board.


The 180mm paris trucks not only work very well out of the box, the matte black finish for the design feels smooth to touch and beautiful to look at.


It’s the only board on the list that comes with Orangatan wheels. Which if you don’t know are one of the highest quality of wheels in the market. The board comes with two-wheel choices for your optimal needs. 75mm, 80a and 75mm, 83a. The wheels are also powered by Loaded Jehu V2 bearings.


Overall it is one of the finest boards on the list, quality wise and aesthetics wise. Unfortunately, it is also the most expensive one. Which is why it is so far down. If you have the money to buy any longboard, I would go with this one. It will last you for a long time and won’t need any upgrades as well.

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Longboards For Beginners: Buying Guide

Now that you are sure that you want to get a longboard, let’s look into some of the specs and parts that are important in a longboard that you should be aware of when purchasing.

Budget When Buying Longboard For A Beginner?

Now with any purchases, our first instinct is to go for the cheaper option when compared to the more expensive one. Considering they both look and function the same right? The other company must be greedy to charge more right?

Well, it’s not really the case. A good longboard that is being used on a daily basis goes through quite a bit of rough usage. Which of course takes the toll on its wheels, deck, trucks etc.

Over time, as you are riding down at a high speed they can break throwing you off the board which might just lead to serious injuries.

Now the more expensive ones take care of this by utilizing top of the line parts. Companies like sector 9 and Plan B among many produce there own wheels and parts in-house. They quality test it, market test it and field test it. Which is why buying something from these brands can be a bit on the higher end but it is also much more long-lasting.

What about those cheap longboards that you find online or in store?

Well, essentially they are assemblers. They buy a deck from one place, wheels from another and same with other parts. Then they assemble it and sell it under there own brand name. Now because they are getting parts like trucks and bearings from a different seller, quality can falter and so can the entire purpose of the board.

Essentially two things happen with cheap longboards. After trying out longboarding you fall in love with the sport and realize you need to splurge a lot more money to get better wheels, trucks, and bearings. Or the cheap board ruins the sport for you and you just abandon the idea of longboarding altogether.

Buying cheap longboards is totally not a bad idea if you know what you are getting. If you are planning to use it for short term or just until you learn to ride then, by all means, they are a good enough option to get started on. As long as you know that eventually, you will have to get a better board.

Deck Material For Beginner Longboards

When it comes to deck material there is a whole variety of materials that I can talk about. There is wood, bamboo, nylon, Plexiglas, fiberglass, foam, and other artificial materials. Basically, any material that can withstand your weight and is light enough to ride can be turned into a deck.

I even saw one with glass as a deck, although it was only for show and as a collector board still. It existed.

For a beginner longboard, the best option is maple wood. Preferably 7 ply or 9 ply maple wood. It is the most mass produced decks so you get a lot of variety in designs and also they are cheap. Essentially it is a good idea to start off with maple boards and then to start looking into more niche deck materials such as fiberglass or nylon.

Maple wood does have one drawback, it does not flex. Flex is the feeling of the board responding to your feet as swish through at high speeds. The energy of your feet responding to the energy of the board. Maple wood is quite rigid in that and thus does not provide a lot of feedback. Again it is great for a beginner since they won’t be riding at high speed at first anyway.

If you do want some flex and are looking for something that is long term, then the option is Bamboo. Bamboo decks take a bit of time to break out like shoes but once they do, it is just smooth sailing from there onward.

Now, of course, you are also looking for stiffness, you don’t want to be riding around on your commute with your board responding or bouncing unpredictably. Which is why most go for Maple wood Or Bamboo with high ply count.

Downhill Or Cruising/Carving, What’s better for a beginner?

Now that you know about the deck, the question comes to which type of longboard are you looking to get?

The answer? How do you plan to ride.

Cruising/Carving Longboard – Are you a complete beginner just starting to get started? Go with these boards. They are much more stable, safe and in control. They are also meant for cruisers those who just want to ride around the area and enjoy. Even if you are planning to do commutes then go for these as they are much more smoother on roads.

Downhill – Are you a bit more experienced or sure that you want to ride your longboards at high speed downhill in the future? Then this is the board to get. The drop thru design of the deck where it has much larger space for it’s larger wheels helps it grab onto speed while maintaining balance and traction on the road. Essential when you are going super fast down the hill.

What about wheel/trucks/bearings? Do they matter for a beginner?

If you are starting off and are worried about things like wheels, bearings, and trucks then let me tell you, it’s a waste of time. At least at the start. You can always replace these parts as you advance according to your need and preference.

Initially, you just need to know that wheels are measured in millimeter and durometer (A) is the measure of softness or toughness of the wheel. Now if you are buying a well-built board for its purpose then you will get a good set of wheels with it.

Same goes for bearings and trucks. As long as you are getting a good board to get started with, these are not the things you should worry about.

Getting Started

As you progress in this sport, you will start to adapt to your requirements and needs over time. It is not something that you should be worried about right now. Just pick a quality board from our list and get started.

Knowledge is Power

Click on the other great guides below.  Up Your Game!