If you have ever played the game of disc golf you know that it is a nuanced sport that depends on strategy, technique, and focus. That said getting the right equipment also never hurts.

You can’t buy your way to success in disc golf but setting yourself up with the right gear is only going to help you. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy determine what equipment best suits your needs. That is where we come in.

Today we have before you a list of some of the top discs to consider. There is something here for every skill level so just sit back, relax, and enjoy your disc golf guide!

Best Discs For Beginners:

If you are just starting out in any sport you want every advantage possible to ensure that you start off on the right foot. Fortunately, disc golf features a relatively mild learning curve but every bit helps! Here are two disc sets that will provide you with everything you need to get started.

Innova Beginner’s Disc Golf Set

The Innova beginner set includes everything that you need to play the game of disc golf, all featured in an affordable and comprehensive package. Let’s take a look at some of the features to determine whether or not you want to make this your first disc golf set.

  • Bag: If you have ever actually played disc golf before you are probably well aware of the need for a bag, but if you are new to the game it might not occur to you. The bag makes it easy to carry around all of your discs so that all you have to focus on is your friends and your next shot.
  • Discs: This set also comes with all of the discs that you will need to get started. With the Innova beginner set, you will get a distance driver, a fairway driver, mid-range driver, and a putter. Also included in the set is a limited edition stars logo minidisk. All discs are appropriately marked so that you will have no problem telling which is which.
  • Dx Plastic: The discs in this set are cast in a plastic that is resistant to inclement weather conditions such as excessive moisture.

Driven Disc Golf

The Driven Disc set is available at a price point similar to that of the Innova set and is of an equally high-quality. Unfortunately, this set does not come with a bag, but there are a few extra discs thrown in to make it an enticing trade off. Let’s take a look.

  • Comprehensive: You are getting six discs, plus a free mini disc with this set which will give you a slightly more comprehensive set of option in comparison to the Innova set.
  • Easy Throw: The discs in this set are very literally designed with beginners in mind, and are weighted to make it easy for you to get good throws right from the start.
  • Guaranteed: And finally, if you don’t like this set you can send it back within thirty days for a full refund.

Best For Intermediate Players:

Innova – Champion Discs DX Destroyer Golf Disc

The Destroyer disc is a driving disc designed to maximize the performance of players who have been participating in the sport for a little while. It is a great addition to the bag of any intermediate player.

Let’s now look at the features.

  • Long: Length is much of what you are looking to get out of a driver disc, and that is exactly what the destroyer has to offer. It is known particularly for its long, graceful glides. If you are a power thrower to begin with, this disc is only going to further accentuate that aspect of your game.
  • Selection: There are a wide variety of weight options available from which you can choose to ensure that you are getting a disc that matches your exact specifications. The more optimized it is for your throw, the better results you can expect to get from it.
  • Reputation: If you haven’t figured it out yet, Innova is a pretty reputable brand in the world of disc golf. When you are an experienced player adding discs to your collection, you definitely want to make sure that they live up to a certain quality standard. Buying a brand like Innova ensures that you are getting quality discs made up of durable plastic that will last for a long time.

Best For Advanced Players:

Now that we have taken a look at a few disc sets that will help you get started in the game let’s now switch over to some equipment that advanced players can enjoy.

Driven Disc Set For Advanced Players

The Driven disc golf advanced players pack is a four-disc set that is designed to make the most of the hard-earned talents of more experienced players. Let’s now take a look at the features to determine whether or not this is the set that you want to help take your game to the next level.

  • Selection: This set can be used either independently or to provide additional discs to existing sets. Either way, with this package you will be getting a putter, as well as three high-grade driver discs designed to keep you competitive on the course.
  • Faster: What really distinguishes this set from the beginner discs that we looked at earlier is the speed you will be able to get from your throws. If you are looking for some high-velocity discs, look no further than this set.
  • Guaranteed: Like the last set that we looked at if you end up being unhappy with your purchase you will be able to return it for your money back within thirty days.

Kestrel Disc Set With Bag

This next set offers advanced quality at a price that you would have a really hard time beating. While it would probably work well for players of any level, the quality will most likely be particularly appreciated by those with a little bit of experience. Let’s take a look.

  • Bag: If you have been playing for a while there is a good chance that you already own a bag. That said, having an extra on hand is always a good thing especially if you want to bring a friend a long who isn’t quite as well equipped as you are.
  • Distance: This set is composed of a special flexi plastic blend that will help push your shots to greater distances than ever before for longer drives and tighter approach shots.
  • Affordable: Finally, the Ketrel set is available at a price point that is lower than anything else we have looked at on this list to this point. If you want quality at a bargain this is a great way to get it.

What the Pros are Doing:

Of course, just because the professionals are doing it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is right for you. That said if you are a good player that is trying to take their game to the next level upgrading your equipment might just be enough to help get you there. Here are a couple sets that you might find in the hands of a professional.

DGA Disc Set – Pro 3 Pack

If you have been reading this list in its entirety you will probably have noticed that these discs don’t have the same fun designs featured on some of the other models that we looked at. They take something of a plane jane approach. What they lack in decal, however, they more than make up for in quality. Let’s take a look.

  • Professional: This three pack features discs that you could easily expect to find in the hands of a professional. It comes with a putter disc, an approach disc, and a driver—all pieces of equipment’s that will make for excellent installments in any set.
  • Durable: The DGA set is also made to last. The plastic featured in these discs is a premium professional quality blend that will help to ensure that your discs are able to withstand frequent use and enjoy a long-life span.
  • Grip: Finally, they are also designed to be gripped easily regardless of circumstance. Whether you are playing in the rain, sleet, or shine you can be confident in the fact that your grip will not be compromised by the weather conditions.

Latitude 64 Opto Line Ballista Distance Driver Golf Disc:

This next disc represents something of a departure from the previous entries that we have looked at in that it is a single. No, this disc will not take the place of an entire set but it is a good driving disc that you may very well find in the hands of some of the best professionals in the world.

Let’s take a closer look to determine whether or not it is something you would like to add to your set.

  • Durable: This disc is a little bit pricier than some of the others that we have looked at so you definitely want it to last. The materials are designed to produce a long-life span so you can play your heart out comfortable in the fact that the new addition to your bag is there to stay for a while.
  • Long: The Latitude is another high velocity disc. In fact, this is probably one of the best driving discs that you will be able to find, especially for the price. If you are interested in adding precious feet to your drives without changing your technique investing in a disc like this one is a good way to do it.
  • Accurate: You don’t want to have to choose between distance and accuracy and this disc doesn’t make you. It is specially weighted to go both long and straight—qualities sure to maximize your competitiveness out on the course.

Best Overall Discs And Midrange:

Now that we have covered some sets and discs that are good for beginners, pros, and advanced players, let’s take a quick look at a couple of discs that, given their value as well as their quality, are just overall great buying options for anyone looking to pick up some new equipment.

Discraft Buzzz Elite Z Golf Disc

Discraft makes good stuff in general, and this disc is certainly no exception. The Buzzz is a  midrange model that is an appropriate selection for users of any skill level. It also happens to be one of the top selling disc golf discs of all time. Let’s find out if it is right for you.

  • Accurate: When it comes to mid-range discs what you are really looking for is accuracy. You want to be able to really dial in on your target and be confident in the fact that you will be able to consistently hit it with ease. Such confidence is exactly what the Buzzzz has to offer.
  • Versatile: The Buzzz is also optimized to perform in all circumstance. Regardless of the weather, you can count on consistently desirable results.
  • For Everyone: One of the reasons this disc made it onto the overall best list is because it can be picked up by anyone and used to the desired effect. There is something special about a disc that can be used with equal ease by newcomers and veterans alike.

Axiom Neutron Theory Midrange

The Neutron Theory has become something of a classic, and for good reason. This midrange driver can boast a top-notch performance, and it also happens to look really cool. Of course, you shouldn’t let the design sell you on it.

Let’s let the features do the talking, shall we?

  • Predictable: As is true with any sport, what you want from disc golf when you get to the course is consistency. That is exactly what this model can provide you with. The Neutron Theory enjoys a flat release with gradual turn that will result in a consistent shot pattern that you can count on to stay competitive.
  • Affordable: No, it isn’t quite as affordable as some of the four to six pack deals that we looked at earlier on this list but in the world of high-grade single discs, you are getting this model at something of a steal.
  • Straight: Most people who own this disc find it to be their go to piece of equipment when they really need to nail a straight throw. Of course, you understand the value of consistency, and the Nuetron Theory is able to deliver it.

Best Role Specific Discs

We’ve looked at a few singled discs, and a couple of sets but it is now time to look at some of disc golf’s best offerings when it comes to specific shots and playing styles.


Gateway Wizard Supersoft (SS) Disc Golf Putter

The Gateway Wizard disc is one of the most popular putters on the market at this point in time and for good reason. It excels both in terms of performance and (at least as far as I am concerned) appearance. Let’s examine it.

  • Versatile: Though traditionally used as a putter, this disc will also serve you very well off the tee for shorter range shots, giving you a great disc to go to when you need to be precise.
  • Accurate: There is, of course, a reason this disc performs well wherever you decide to throw it from. The Wizard is able to hold a perfect line for best possible results from any position.
  • Great in the Wind: The windy day is in many ways the bane of the disc golfer’s existence. Conditions can really change the path of your shots in a significant capacity. The Wizard is able to perform through windy conditions well so that your game can thrive regardless of the weather.

Distance Driver:

Legacy Discs Limited Edition Bottom Stamp Icon Outlaw Distance Driver Golf Disc

I’m sure it is no surprise to you that most people are very interested in the distance driver. They want a disc that will effortlessly add extra feet to their throws, both because it is beneficial to the overall game, and because let’s face it, a long throw is something of a point of pride.

The Outlaw is a much-desired distance driver that many disc golf enthusiasts have used to find great success. Let’s see if you will be joining them, shall we?

  • Speed: Speed does not necessarily correlate with distance in the world of disc golf, but it certainly can be a beneficial factor in determining how many feet you will get out of your throws. The Outlaw is a high-velocity disc that should help boost your distance.
  • Accurate: While this is a high-speed disc, it actually is not Legacy’s fastest moving product. They took a little bit of speed off in order to increase the accuracy. In other words, you are still getting plenty of feet from your throws without sacrificing any crucial control.
  • Durable: It seems that distance driver discs, in particular, are always the most prone to taking a beating. If you want yours to last you need to invest in a model that is built to be durable, which the Outlaw certainly is.

Best For Sidearm Players:

It definitely helps to have a disc that is fit precisely for your playing style. If you throw sidearm you technically should be fine to use any disc on the market but there are very obvious advantages to using a piece of equipment designed to fit your throw. Let’s now take a look at the best disc on the market for sidearm throwers.

Innova Ape:

To be clear it would be a fine idea for any player that takes their game seriously to pick up an Innova Ape, but those that throw sidearm will find that it is particularly able to handle any degree of torque with ease.

The Innova Ape is a high-quality disc from a trusted brand that should fit nicely into any bag. One last time, let’s take a look at the features.

  • Play Through the Wind: We have already talked about the importance of being able to play through the wind, and indeed I think that the value is fairly self-apparent. Like some of the other high caliber discs that we have looked at on this list, the Innova Ape is optimized to hold its line in even the windiest of conditions.
  • The Strong Player: The Ape is specifically designed to accommodate the strength of distance throwers. In fact, it isn’t recommended for players that throw less than three hundred feet.

It is optimized to be as accurate as possible for those that throw at high speed so that you don’t have to sacrifice distance for accuracy.

  • The Tough Shots: This is a great disc to keep in the bag if you play a lot of courses with difficult layouts. Doglegs, for example, are no match for the true line of the Innova Ape. When you are facing some of the game’s more high-pressure shots, it is good to have a disc in the bag that is up for the challenge.


As you can see, there are loads of options out there. There is no single best discs, but rather a great collection of discs that are good for performing specific feats. No matter what your experience or enthusiasm level for the game there are discs out there that are suited to your exact needs. Shop around until you find the ones you like, and then slowly work towards building a collection.

Disc golf is a great game all the time, but it certainly helps when you have the right equipment.


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