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Adidas, of course, is a globally-renowned sports gear manufacturer. That said, they have also established their brand as a major player in the hiking niche. Since we are here on the lookout for suitable disc golf shoes, these are definitely worth your time.

With the control that you’ll be getting from its low-to-ground design, this shoe is a great choice for any disc golfer.

The Adidas Terrex Swift R GTX is made of a durable material combo (mesh and synthetic); its Traxion rubber outsole provides excellent grip and traction on various surfaces. Importantly, this also applies to wet conditions. Speaking of those, bear in mind another factor. Namely, lined with Adidas’ Gore-Tex Extended Comfort waterproof membrane, this shoe is water-resistant.

As for the midsole, it is lightweight, too, made of EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate). Since EVA is basically compressed foam, the midsole here provides durable cushioning. It also features an adiPRENE insert which offers additional shock absorption.

Weighing in at about one pound, 13 ounces, the Terrex Swift R GTX certainly ranks among lighter models. This makes it more than suitable for disc golfing, given all the different kinds of ground that you’ll be covering.

It also features a speed lacing system, and a molded sockliner aimed to provide a better fit and increase comfort.

In conclusion, as its lightweight features might be too light for long-distance hiking, this shoe is a great solution for disc golf. That way, you’ll get the comfort that you need, along with the support and stability of a hiking shoe.

And, on a side note, when disc golfer Paul McBeth partnered up with Adidas during the 2016 season, this model was his footwear of choice.


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Unlike the previous one, this is a “proper” golf shoe, like its name suggests. Again, as with our first Adidas model, this one is indeed lightweight. But that does not prevent it from being stable and supportive. Also, by virtue of its design, it offers increased grip for a disc golfer, on any surface.

The main materials are leather and synthetic. The shoe comes with a synthetic upper, with Adidas’ trademark ClimaProof technology, for more comfort without compromising your performance. Being waterproof, we have found this shoe to easily outperform many of its competitors, especially in wet conditions.

The TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) outsole comes with the 9-sleat (spike) Thintech system. It features the Adidas Swing Plane Traction and new CenTraXion cleat technology which will add an incredible amount of extra grit. More features include a TPU saddle and the external heel counter creating the so-called 360 Wrap technology. With that level of stability, the road will be clear for you to increase your performance. You should experience a fast improvement.

Moreover, the Tour360 X BOA features an EVA midsole with deep grooves for added cushioning and flexibility. It also comes with the BOA closure system which is designed to enable you with fine adjustment and, hence, a customized fit. Plus, you will not have to bother with tying your shoes.

With that and the FitFoam insole, this shoe is both comfortable and provides excellent traction, stability, and protection. Once again, Adidas has managed to accomplish this with a lightweight and flexible model, which is indeed impressive.


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Now let us diversify our list a little bit. With that in mind, we bring you a model which aims at the very market of disc golf shoes.

Right off the bat, the quality of the materials and the assembly of the shoe were very impressive. Especially considering the fact that the Latitude 64°T-Link is lighter than what its rugged and stable appearance might suggest.

As for water protection, the manufacturer has used the Hydroguard system. It is said to be basically the same as Gore-Tex, and provides triple-waterproof protection. It consists of water-guard lining and waterproof additions on both the inside and outside of the shoe’s upper.

The outsole is molded in one piece, very sturdy and suitable for various surfaces, with anti-slip features. No matter if you’re planning on playing on gravel, grass, concrete, or even mud, this shoe is up for it. The base of the outsole boasts a carved design which makes for added grip. Also, the insoles are made of Phylon EVA and add more comfort and shock absorption. Combined, these features provide flexibility and thus increase your disc golfing performance. Let’s say you are playing a shot that demands a very long run-up. The key is to have enough confidence in your footwear so that you don’t even think about it and just focus on your shot. With the Latitude 64°T-Link, that’s exactly what you will be getting.

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The “disc” in our next shoe’s name actually does not refer to disc golf. It describes Puma’s own lacing system. Namely, this shoe comes as an evolution of Puma’s TitanTour and TitanTour Ignite models, with the disc technology. Keep in mind that this lacing system does not only mean that you won’t need to deal with laces. They have designed this system in order to tighten the shoe across your whole foot, not only at the bottom or top.

That way, you get a micro-adjusting dial that gives you a customized fit. As we all know, with disc golfing that can be a major plus. Concentrating more on your shots rather than adjusting your shoes can make you a more committed player and indeed improve your overall game.

The TitanTour Ignite Disc Golf shoe is made of leather and synthetic. It is sturdy but lightweight. Thus, it will give you flexibility with your swing and adjust to your foot, rather than the other way around.

It also features the responsive Ignite Foam midsole, which brings more comfort, stability, and energy absorption. Also, the PWRframe technology used by Puma gives you more stability and traction in your shots. It is rather thin but encases the midsole for added support and durability.

The outsole comes with flex grooves which will help you achieve traction and maintain your natural movement while playing and walking across the course.

Finally, the TitanTour Ignite Disc Golf is waterproof and also features the Outlast-powered PWRCOOL system which regulates temperature by means of storing, releasing and absorbing heat.

All in all, with its multitude of features and practical additions, this is another shoe very recommendable to all disc golfers out there.

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Much like the first Adidas model on our list, this lightweight shoe is ideal for a variety of purposes. When designing it, the manufacturer aimed mainly at the market of hiking enthusiast. Still, depending on your disc golfing habits, and especially if you play on rougher terrains, this may very well be your ideal shoe.

This shoe by Adidas offers very rugged and stable construction, ideal for long hours in the field, in all kinds of weather conditions. With all that, they have managed to keep its weight at around 12 ounces. The main material is textile, and it offers an upper (mesh and synthetic) that is abrasion-resistant. Most importantly perhaps, the Terrex AX2R GTX is waterproof, with Gore-Tex lining.

The shoe’s midsole is lightweight for maximum comfort, with EVA cushioning. ADIPRENE support is added underneath the heel and acts as a shock absorber and protects the foot. It also features the TRAXION outsole. It will make sure you get the best grip and traction on all surfaces and in all directions. Finally, the Terrex AX2R GTX has a molded sockliner added for maximum comfort and a better fit of the shoe.

Examine your playing style and habits closely. If a durable, rugged, yet lightweight and breathable shoe is what you need, this one comes with high marks and recommendations.

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Judging by its name, this shoe is mainly directed at the hikers’ market. However, there’s more to it than that. Namely, KEEN is the Disc Golf Pro Tour’s official footwear partner. This means that the name of this brand stands for a lightweight experience easy on your feet, along with great support and protection.

As we have described previously, its features can certainly make it a likely candidate for all your disc golfing needs. This particularly applies to rough terrains and weather conditions, where you will get all the extra stability to benefit your game.

This model is also waterproof, thanks to the trademarked Keen.Dry breathable membrane. It is designed so as to release vapor, in order not to let water penetrate your shoe.

Furthermore, it is equipped with good cushioning. This comes courtesy of its removable, metatomical dual-density EVA footbed and the polyurethane midsole. The outsole is made of solid rubber and provides much-needed traction and grip, even in the dampest of conditions. Moreover, this model comes with a toe guard for additional protection.

If you are making your choice mainly based on weather conditions, we suggest to seriously consider the KEEN WP model, given its outstanding rain performance. Also, you may be looking for a shoe that will not only be dedicated to disc golf. Perhaps one that you’ll also use for camping, hiking or everyday wear and tear. In that case, too, you might want to check this model out.

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Last but certainly not least, we bring you another model by Adidas. It is a recent addition to their catalog and their flagship model when it comes to golf shoes. The Tour360 2.0 features a classic look and fine upgrades in comparison with their previous models, based on golfers’ feedback and needs. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that it is the model of choice for some of the biggest stars in traditional golf.

The main materials used are leather (upper), textile (lining) and synthetic (outsole). The upper comes with the addition of the Climaproof technology as protection from any kind of weather.

Perhaps the most recognizable and important feature of this model is its all-around wrap system. Namely, the new 360Wrap technology is designed to reinforce and support your foot. When making demanding shots, you want a shoe that gives you the ability to pivot without much effort and strain. The 10-cleat Puremotion TPU outsole featuring CenTraxion will provide even more grip and stability to your game.

As for cushioning and comfort in the midsole, the Adidas Boost foam technology makes for an enjoyable and light feel, from your heel to the forefoot. It is designed to return energy with every step and – from what we’ve seen and tried – it does a really good job.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a comfortable, flexible and stylish shoe with lots of support, this might be the right choice.

Unlike its traditional counterpart, disc golf is often played in a more rugged and uneven terrain. For that reason, it requires all the extra stability you can get. A key way of achieving this is to have proper footwear. If you are a keen disc golfer, you’re bound to have had those unpleasant first experiences and a learning curve.

Namely, hitting the disc golf course while wearing your regular or running shoes. Sure, they may provide a sense of comfort at first. However, after a few hours in the field, the comfort will fade and your game will be limited. And Thus Your Need For Best Disc Golf Shoes.

Factors To Consider With Disc Golf Shoes:

Since disc golf can be pretty rough on your footwear, you might want to consider getting a pair designated just for this activity. Especially given the specific movements that disc golf requires.

Heavy rotation, toe-dragging, planting – these are not really meant for your regular shoes. And not to mention the fact that they will wear out rather quickly in the process.

Of course, comfort is a big factor when buying shoes for any sporting activity. But the trick is to find the right footwear for you, a shoe that will combine comfort with stability and durability.

Other factors you might want to consider when buying your new disc golf shoes include specific ways in which a disc golf shoe is built. They include water resistance, materials and lining used, weight, midsole and outsole technology, grip, and anti-slip features, among others. We advise you to take a good look at your game and playing habits.

How is the weather and what is the terrain like, on average? What other circumstances in which you play do you need to consider? Considering all these factors will greatly help you decide which shoes to pick.

The Bottom Line

With the models included in our list, we have aimed to cover all bases. That means helping you to get equipped with the right footwear depending on your disc golfing needs and routine. We do hope that you have found our selection useful. Ultimately, we always advise you to look at all the options and then decide based on your playing style.

That is why we bring you our list of best disc golf shoes that we have reviewed below. Here are seven different options for you, each very much worthwhile to check out.

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