The best foosball table? Really? Why? ‘Football’ is one of the most adored sports in the whole world. Both men and women like watching it and enjoy their time together as they cheer for their favorite teams either at the stadium or in front of the TV. From the time we were little kids we enjoyed playing a variety of sports, of which the favorite is football.

But sometimes we are not able to play football for real. Perhaps we are tired, untalented, or simply do not fancy kicking a ball around for an hour or so. In those cases, perhaps what would really do well is having a smaller, easier-to-play alternative at our fingertips: enter table football or foosball.

Foosball, as I am sure most of you know already, is football played on a little table which has figurines instead of players which are controlled by spinning the knobs on either side of the table. It is usually played by two or four people, and since its roots in 1937 Barcelona, it has become one of the most treasured activities in households, waiting rooms, and its most common setting: the pub.

One of the most important things when playing foosball is having a quality table. Although that may seem like a silly thing consider for such an apparently trivial game, it is something that is taken very seriously by foosball enthusiasts. This tiny sport has a large following and hosts competitions with amazing prizes. It may not be as popular is its real-life counterpart, football, but it is still worth playing properly.

To assist you in choosing just which foosball table is right for you, we have created a list, so if you have ever wished to grace yourself with this wonderful little hobby, read this list so you know for sure what is for you.

Top 10 Best Foosball Tables – Reviewed

1 – ESPN Foosball Table – Best Foosball Table For Brand Conscious

The first table we will talk about is this wonderful ESPN 59″ Foosball Table. It is a simple-to-assemble, durable foosball table which should provide a lot of fun for the family and mates. This table was constructed to take a lot of abuse and had been known to easily handle thousands of matches, so durability should not be a big concern when purchasing this table. It weighs some 92 lbs. and features an MDF construction with a PVC laminate finish which serves to strengthen the aforementioned durability. Speaking of durability, it has 5/8 inch chrome-plated metal rods which will guarantee that this table does not give out any time soon.

If you have ever been disappointed with the aesthetic aspect of any given foosball table, then you surely will not be with this one. It features hand-painted players in two team colors, having 26 players in total. It is best played in rooms which are larger than 8×6 feet in order to ensure the most comfort and least trouble while playing. With this table, you do not even have to separately keep score, as it features a traditional bead scoring system which allows you to easily keep track of who is winning.

Although this table is easy to assemble, it does take time, so be prepared to spend a bit of your patience if you do purchase this one. This table is also best left out of the reach of children who may damage it with improper handling. Teens and up, however, can comfortably use it. Definitely give this one a try.

2 – Best Choice Foosball Table – Best Foosball Table, Competition Sized 

The next table we will take a look at is actually part of a game room kit from Best Choice Products. Its size is 48″ which makes it smaller than our first entry on this list, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. This table can more easily fit into smaller rooms and is more appropriate for kids because of its size and sturdiness.

It was constructed with a medium-density fiberboard and chrome-finished steel rods. This makes the table very sturdy and allows it to maintain stability. If you are the type of person who likes to have the occasional sip during a game of foosball, especially on a hot summer day, then you will appreciate the two cup holders this table has (one on each side). The table has eight rows of players with four rows per team, which totals up to 22 players divided in half between the red and white teams.

If you have ever felt like the tables you have been playing on do not have enough grip, then you will love that this one has comfortable grips which allow you to better control the ball. This combined with the frictionless surface will make for games which are exciting and goals which are amazing.

One thing to keep in mind is that it is easy to misunderstand the instructions and assemble this table upside down, so it is recommended when assembling this table yourself to carefully follow the given guide. Once assembled, however, this table makes for one of the best and most fun foosball tables ever.

3 – Sport Squad FX40 – Best Mini Tabletop Foosball Table

So you have a desire to play foosball but do not have space or the money to buy a full-sized foosball table? Not to worry, since the folks at Sport Squad have got you covered. The FX40 40-inch Compact Mini Tabletop Foosball Table is an amazing little tool which helps you meet all of your table football needs while taking up much less space than a table of usual size.

The rods on this table are chrome-plated and very sturdy, which enables you to play fast and aggressive shots while not needing to worry about your grip because of the rubber-grooved handles. If you ever need to keep track of the score, there is a manual scorer included with an easy-to-use ball return feature on both sides. Since you will be setting this little table upon other surfaces, it is important to prevent scratching, and so this table features rubber pads on its feet which are non-marking. An Allen Wrench is even included to help you with assembly, along with two foosballs.

Of course, the main selling point of this table is its compact size, which makes it perfect for children. It is also incredibly easy to assemble, making it an amazing gift. Another thing which strikes a lot of people as unusual is the table’s sturdiness, although some have complained of it weakening over time. That, however, is more than permissible with such a price and size.

Definitely give this one a try—it is a steal for someone who wants to play foosball and not encumber a space at the same time.

4 – T&R sports

But what if you are a serious, hardcore, big-time foosball enthusiast? You cannot be expected to play on small, portable tables or ones that are designed to be part of a budget game room. In that case, you need this T&R sports 60″ Soccer Foosball Table. They do not call it a heavy duty for nothing. This thing comes packed with amazing features which would make any other foosball table crawl away in shame (if it could).

This is a luxury foosball table in the fullest sense of the word—from the high-quality wood that is used to manufacture it to the modern design which even features up to 4 cup holders for having a drink while playing. The rods are 15mm chromium solid steel, which ensures sturdiness and lightning-quick performance. This table also has steel ball bearing.

Of course, as with any table of this quality and size, the assembly may require a bit more work, but rest assured that it will be worth it when you and your friends share in one of the greatest games of foosball in your lives.

Among the swathe of luxury features this table has, the standouts are definitely the cup holders and the height-adjustable table feet which will make it so none of the players feel left out. This also means that your children can play with it one moment and the next you can easily set up a game with your friends.

If you would like to feel what it is like to play foosball on the higher end of tables, then you will make no mistake in giving this table a try.

5 – American Legend Foosball Table – Best Foosball Table With Abacus-Style Scoring and Internal Ball Return System

Next up, we have another fairly large foosball table but that still is smaller than the last one. It has been reported by customers to be excellent for use in vacation homes and also not too shabby for entertaining kids. This is because this table is built to last with a strong construction.

The scoring, unlike some previous tables we have mentioned, is in abacus style. This will obviously appeal more to some people than others, but a feature that everyone will be able to undoubtedly appreciate is the internal ball return system. This way you do not have to trouble yourself with retrieving the ball after a goal. The rods on this table are 1/2″ and hollow, which makes them lighter and makes playing with them easier (especially for children). They do have a chrome finish which makes them seem good quality. The table also features a crossbar support which gives it the aforementioned sturdiness it needs to have in order to satisfy the whole family for a long time.

All in all, people have reported this table to be relatively easy to assemble, even though the instructions could be clearer. Assembly should not take more than an hour. What is more, after the table is put together, you can rest assured that it will last you a good long time.

For the price, this table is almost a steal. Large, durable, and ideal for family fun, anybody who is a fan of foosball and wants an easy and cheap way to have great games should give it a try.

6 – EastPoint Sports Preston Foosball Table Soccer

Coming up next we have a table which will appeal to those who want more of a professional flavor in their foosball games. Although not that expensive, this table is sized according to official competition rules: 54×29.5 inches. This means that even if you are playing at home or outside, you can still feel like an actual foosball player.

The rods are made of steel and are hollow, which gives them strength while not making them too heavy. This allows your games to be faster and more aggressive, but still feel high-quality. The table also features over sized leg levelers which will keep the table stable and sturdy during those intense games with your friends. Beads keep track of the scoring so you do not have to worry about it yourself. It comes with two foosballs.

Generally, customers report being very satisfied with this table, especially for the price. A complaint which has been voiced numerous times is the smell that emanates from this product when it is opened, mostly akin to fresh paint, but this should not be an issue so long as you place it in a room which has a reasonable amount of ventilation or a garage (or even better, outside).

Unlike our last entry, this table does take a while to assemble, although the instructions are reasonably clear. It is recommended to have some help while assembling it and that should shorten the amount of time needed.

Once assembled, you will have a great foosball table for an amazing price; what more can you ask for?

7 – Giantex Foosball Table For Kids – Best Foosball Table For Kids

Finally, we get to a product which specifically says that it is for kids. Although most of the tables that we have listed too far can be used by kids without any serious problems, this one is a bit of a specialist when it comes to that, which is reflected in everything from its appearance and sturdiness to its height. Of course, that is not to say that adults cannot enjoy themselves at this table as well.

Because of its size, this table is perfect for indoor activities between children, family, and colleagues. It features MDF construction along with rods of strong steel with slide bearings which will allow for smooth rotation while playing, along with ball serve cups on either side of the table so that you have to go to less trouble. The table has crossbar support which makes it extra sturdy and, again, more suitable for kids. There are players, soccer field, and crowd graphics on some of these tables and a scoring device on either side.

This table is also remarkably easy to assemble. All parts come with the package and the only thing you need to make sure of is that all of the connections are nice and tightened before usage. Although this table is for children, it is not suitable for those younger than three years old. The overall dimensions of the table are 47.6’’ X 24’’ X 30.7’’(L X W X H).

With all of those features, it is easy to see why this would be a great table for indoor foosball fun.

8 – ZAAP Table

Moving on, we have a foosball table which is moderate in size and which is focused more on giving you a classic foosball experience than overwhelming you with flashy features. If you are someone who favors a minimalist design, then you will absolutely come to love this one.

Just like foosball the game itself, this table is a classic. It is a solid table with a sturdy construction which is more than able to handle the intense excitement of the game, so you do not need to hold back. The table features two teams of 11 players each which are organized into four rows on chrome rods which will last you quite a while. The score is easy to keep track of with bead score sliders, and you even get two balls included so you do not have to buy anything extra in order to start playing right away. Finally, a true selling point of this table is its minimalist design, with no screens or plugs, making it perfect for people who just want to play a classic game of table football.

If you are in the market for a table which is more streamlined than flashy, then you will find this one more than satisfactory.

9 – MD Sports Barrington

So now we have another table which oozes class. This large wooden home game room foosball table is a great addition to your family game room. The size means more serious games, but also games which are more fun and exciting. This table is for someone who really wants to squeeze all the juice out of this great game while not being encumbered by a billion extra features which ultimately boil down to fluff.

This table features a traditional bead scoring system which helps you keep track of the action. The grips have solid wood handles and the steel rods move the ball with ease and very sturdy enough to withstand long and active use. The chrome rods are outfitted with realistic hand-painted players, and the table features leg levelers which allow for easy assembly and leveling.

Easy to put together (although it takes a bit of time) and endlessly fun to play on, this table has been picked out by customers as being a great family table and a great choice for a gift to someone who has a game room which can fit a table of this size.  With aesthetics and functionality combined effortlessly, this one is must-have for serious foosball enthusiasts.

10 – EastPoint Sports 1-1-35731-DS – Best League Pro Foosball Table

To finish off this list we have a table which will not blow you away by any means, but which is still a decent foosball table on which your children can have fun. Its limited sturdiness and durability, however, make it rather unsuitable for serious, professional-level play, so this table is best left to the young and gentler.

The player rods are hollow and are made of steel which of course allows for faster play without much effort. You can keep track of the score using beads, and the table’s oversized leg levelers allow for having consistent rolls all throughout the game. It comes complete with two foosballs so that you do not have to purchase any extra equipment in order to start playing. Although this table is not meant for professional, hardcore play, it is sized according to official competition rules: 54IN L x 29.5IN W.

This is a great table for someone who is not looking for a pro-level foosball experience and instead just wants to have some fun kicking a foosball around. Ideal for children, this is a good table to consider if you have some.

So there you have it, our list of best foosball tables. We have looked at a variety of different foosball tables and discussed their features at a reasonable depth. You have no doubt seen that there are quite a few factors to consider in buying a foosball table. This should assist you in making a wise purchasing decision. It is important to remember that every table has its unique strength and weaknesses, and no single one will be for everyone. The key is to decide on what your priorities are and buy a table which matches them the most.

Whether you are looking for a professional-grade, competition-ready table or just a simple game room addition to have fun on, we hope you will find something that catches your eye on this list.


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