Goalkeepers get entangled in very tricky situations during physical contact with other players, the ground, and the goalposts. In the quest of every goalkeeper to prevent a goal, there is always a constant risk of injury.

The most dependable hands belong to Player No. 1, and he deserves full protection by using the best goalkeeper gloves.

A goalkeeper risks his life and limb to prevent every goal from the opponent to make his team win a game. He needs to be quick as lightning, agile, and able to move fast in different directions.

He leaps to catch the ball during corner kicks, grabs the ball with his hands in mid-air, and oftentimes fall onto the ground lacking balance.

If he cannot grasp the ball, which is the only sure way to neutralize the opponent’s offense, a goalkeeper can deflect a ball using his hands, his feet, or any other part of his body.

My Top 3 Picks:

  • Adidas Predator Pro
  • Built For Comfort Wear
  • Mixed Materials Built
  • Perfect For Professionals and Serious Players
  • Price Range:
  • R- GK Fury Volt
  • Special Cut Design For Superior Control & Comfort
  • 3D Airmesh Design For Breathability
  • Good For Beginners & Intermediate Players
  • Price Range:
  • Blok-IT
  • Cheap and Comfortable Fit
  • Padding and Breathable Materials
  • Best for Beginners
  • Price Range:

The goalkeeper is an all-around athlete who plays the key role in the defense and for them here is our list.

10 Best Goalkeeper Gloves Reviewed:


Blok-IT has produced a line of the that are very popular in the market today, promoted by the tag “Goalie Gloves to Help You Make the Toughest Saves.”

This glove is secured by extra padding and fits comfortably to minimize the chance of hand injury. This was given 4 out of 5 rating among 144 customer reviews. It has added grip control for best ball handling. It is made of high-quality materials for improved performance, and its material is breathable to reduce hand sweating. A Velcro wrist support makes it comfortable yet tightly secure. Your hands will be optimally protected by its generous padding made of soft yet durable materials.

Sizes available are varied from Size 4 (Youth Extra Small) to Size 10 (Adult Extra Large) and in 5 colors –  green, orange, pink, red and black-white combination and priced at $29.79.

Brine – Best For Finger Protection

Brine is competing in the line with Brine King Match 3x product. Its marketing tag is hinged on its “Finger Save Protection Spines”.

It is also given a 4 out of 5 rating by 52 reviews, the goalkeeper glove is made up of 3-mm German Latex foam on its palm side and 2-mm foam on its back or dorsal side. It is packed with a “Backbone finger save system” to prevent finger injury by hyper-extension.

Its material is a breathable mesh glove body and finger gussets, with an EVA backhand embossed print. The thumb wrap allows an optimum zone for better ball contact. The dorsal side is laterally wrapped for improved shape and comfort of the glove. The wrist cuff is elastic to offer amazing support, also print embossed with an EVA backhand.

Brine’s goalkeeper gloves are most suitable for training and competition play across all ages, from Junior High School trainees to professional adult soccer, be it indoor or outdoor.

Sizes available range from Size 5 to Size 10 in four variant colors – Flame, Toxic Black, White-Silver-Gold, and Red. Price ranges from $29.99 to $49.99.

Kixsports KixGK Club – Best For Training

Kixsports entry to the lineup is the KixGK Club, tagged as an “All-purpose match and training gloves designed for performance, comfort, and safety.” The KixGK has been in the UK market is the past decade, known by the name 1GK. It is said to be worn by pros in European soccer and now made available in the United States.  It is rated 4.7 out of 5 by the 35 reviews made.

KixGK is not a cheap kind of gloves. It is a lightweight professional goalkeeper glove made available at an amateur level price.

Safety features include shock absorption, wrapped v-notch thumb, and a 2-point padded 360 degrees Velcro strap. It is a durable glove, made of built to last 4-mm latex layer and 3-mm of foam latex for excellent grip.

It can also withstand varied weather conditions without compromising breathability to make hands stay fresh. Its added grip control takes off from its finger roll design and latex grips made of high-quality materials.

Sizes available ranges from Size 5 to Size 12 in black and white combination color only.

Kronis Ignis Rolled Finger – Best In Latex

Ignis Rolled Finger gloves is a high-end lineup by Kronis in our list. It got an amazing perfect score of 5 out of 5 in the 10 reviews made.

This is a rolled finger cut 4-mm latex gloves with an extended palm, a full latex dorsal backhand. The stretchable strap seems perfect for wrist safety. Its V-Notch thumb guarantees flexibility, while the embossed back hand shows a mark of high-end quality from Kronis. Ignis gloves are available in Size 5 to Size 10 in Red-and-White combination color only.

Kronis Dargos Negative – Best For Safety And Comfort

Kronis also introduced Dargos Negative Cut as another line-up of best. Like the Ignis, this Black-Grey-Yellow combination colored goalkeeper gloves got a perfect 5 out of 5 in 8 customer reviews.

Designed for optimum safety and comfort, Dargos Negative Cut is made of 4-mm contact latex, duo ribbed latex material, where natural latex is found in the interior of the glove. It describes its design as “negative finger cut”. It also boasts of its stretchable strap which is a signature of Kronis. The full latex backhand is embossed with the brand name.

Reusch Soccer Pulse Prime G2 Ortho-Tec – Best For Grip Control

German gear-maker Reusch Soccer is a serious manufacturer of best in the market. Pulse Prime G2 Ortho-Tec comes in a yellow-green pair combination of colors. It also got 5 out of 5 perfect ratings in 5 customer reviews.

The ultra-soft foam outclassed its predecessors in terms of grip control in dry or wet conditions. It comes with a new foam that improves protection from abrasions. The cut is based on expanse ergonomic support that enables the goalkeeper to have his hand positioned better when catching the ball. Reuschs’ Ortho-Tec system allows a free-floating flexibility, unsurpassed customization of a goalkeeper’s glove. A pull loop system helps you effectively put the gloves on for better safety.

Sorry Juniors, this amazing goalkeeper gloves is made for an adult, available only from Size 8 to Size 12.

FC Barcelona Official Football Soccer Gift – Official

This glove is intended as a memento for soccer fans among the young boys and girls from the Football Club of Barcelona, Spain. It was found so good that it was also lined-up among the best gloves on the market today. It got an amazing 5 out of 5 in 4 customer reviews.

The sizes available are for boys of 5-10 years and youth 10-16 years. This claret and blue gloves are equipped with an adjustable Velcro wrist fastening. A full-color Football Club of Barcelona crest and text is printed on its glove. The price is not indicated in the ad.

Reusch Soccer Re-Load Supreme G2 Ortho-Tec – Best For Professional Plays

Reusch another entry in the line-up of goalkeeper gloves is another expensive gear tagged as Soccer Re-Load Supreme G2. Featuring the signature Ortho-Tec, this fancy gear priced at a whopping $190 is rated 5 out of 5 in 4 customer reviews.

Soccer Re-Load Supreme G2 comes in a Black-Orange color combination that features an ultra-soft foam to improve resistance from abrasions, a 3-D thumb crotch built between the thumb and the index finger to eliminate seams that bother the user. It is both outstanding in grip control under wet or dry conditions.

It features the same ergonomic support system found in most Reusch gloves, so the goalkeeper has a better hand position on the ball. The Ortho-Tec system guarantees unsurpassed experience in terms of flexibility. This glove is highly ready for customization.

A new revolutionary feature called Dura Drive Guard, a ceramic silicone patch to minimize wear and tear on the surface of the glove’s body makes the Soccer Re-Load Supreme G2 stand out above the rest.

KixGK Exo Removeable Fingersave – Best FingerSave Gloves

KixGK has maintained its reputation as a manufacturer of best without sacrificing affordability. Its high-end entry Exo is featured with a removable Fingersave (protection) system, an all-purpose training and match grade soccer goalkeeper gloves youth and adults.

The product still carries the banner “Designed for Performance, Comfort, and Safety.”

The beauty of this glove is a removable flexible finger spine for customized protection. It also competes as a lightweight glove at a very affordable price, which is why it was tagged as a Best Value buy out there in the market. It has lots of safety features including advanced shock absorption, hyper-extension control, wrapped V-notch thumb, and 360 degrees Velcro strap with 2-point padding. Its 4-mm Super Soft latex layer plus a 3-mm foam latex provides excellent grip and durability under all weather conditions. It is also made of breathable materials to keep hands fresh.

Nike Match Goalkeeper

Nike is a name in sports, and the Match is its entry in the line-up of best gloves available today. It comes in White-Gray and Orange color combination, but the sizes are designed for kids only (available from Size 3 to Size 8).  This goalkeeper gloves is outstanding for the young soccer wannabes. The Match Goalkeeper Gloves boasts of a guaranteed Authentic Nike Soccer Gear tag.


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