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A lot of players (or family members) don’t understand the difference between regular shoes and soccer shoes let alone indoor soccer shoes. Let me tell you that they are quite different and there is a special type to get when looking for best indoor soccer shoes.

Before coughing up cash to buy a pair that you are unsure of whether it is best for you or not, read the guide that we have compiled for you below.

After reading this article, you will be able to understand the different materials, styles, and makes of indoor shoes, making you more equipped in purchasing the best turf shoes for the performance and style that you desire.

My Top 3 Pick For Indoor Soccer Shoes:

  • Adidas Performance Men's X 15.4
  • Made For Rugged Professional Play
  • Synthetic
  • Synthetic sole
  • Price Range:
  • Adidas Performance Messi 15.3
  • Made for utmost precision so no shot is ever missed
  • Synthetic
  • Synthetic Sole
  • Price Range:
  • Adidas Performance Men's Ace 15.3
  • Best Priced For Quality
  • Synthetic
  • Rubber Sole
  • Price Range:

10 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes Reviewed:

Adidas Performance – Messi 15.3 Best Shoes For Dominating Indoors

If what you are after is to dominate the pitch, you can only achieve such if you have the right pair of shoes.This is where Adidas Performance’s Messi 15.3 comes in. Having a pair of the Messi 15.3 will give you utmost precision when making a score, striking, and passing. You won’t even have to worry about the grip.This shoe comes with a special outsole to provide complete traction and control, whenever the user is on the pitch. The shoe’s rubber outsole is extremely lightweight to promote easy movements.

The added stability is because of the shoe’s molded mid foot, heal piece, and X-ray upper. The non-marking outsole is the reason why the shoe can be used on a polished surface. For all-round comfort, Adidas equipped the shoe with a lightly padded tongue and collar. The Messi 15.3 is made with durable, synthetic materials, and it is super stylish, modern, and comfortable. The shoe, however, requires a week to break in.

Once that’s over, the shoe will become very comfortable. You can rely on the shoe for comfortability for the entire duration of its lifespan. The shoe will adopt and contour to a foot well. A pair is lightweight and the fit is excellent. It is suitable for both turf and indoors. For those that have wider feet, it’s advised that bigger sizes are purchased to guarantee the greatest fit possible.

Adidas Performance – Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoes

The Samba Classic of Adidas Performance is a classic shoe that’s amazing for indoor soccer wear. It features full-grain leather upper, and it is comfortable and soft enough that it’s suitable for multipurpose usage. Its low profile, rubber outsoles will provide you plenty of control regardless if you are a casual kicker or an elite professional. On the other hand, the gum rubber outsoles allow plenty of traction.

The textile lining and EVA insole provide maximum cushioning and lasting comfort. As for the outsole, it is non-marking giving you the necessary grip in order to separate yourself from your opponents. It also provides the required acceleration as you prepare yourself to score. The Samba Classic can be used on any polished surface because it is non-slip. This one is hailed among the best ones for indoor

soccer shoes, especially on the category of arch support. Adidas Performance is known to be durable, making it a good value for your money as it will surely last for years. A pair of Samba Classic rarely gets creasy when bent, and it is easy to clean. You can wear it with shorts, khaki or jeans, and you’ll still be able to look great and stylish. It fits true to its size and it’s ready to wear.

Adidas Performance, Samba Millennium Indoor Soccer Shoes

The Samba Millennium has a rubber gum sole and a real soft arena leather for comfort and support. The shoe is created for durability and it is made of materials that are of the highest quality. A pair of the Samba Millennium has an Adiprene insert, providing maximum shock absorption and added cushioning. With a full grain leather upper and synthetic lining, you are sure to have an unmatched comfort and a good fit. Its EVA midsole offers lightweight comfort and its sole is non-marking, making it a good pair to use on a polished surface. As for the construction, you will see clearly that it is high in quality which means you can use it indoors and outdoors.

The Adidas Performance line is exceptionally well made and durable. The Samba Millennium is one of the most popular as it also looks great even when paired with a pair of jeans. The shoe’s padding allows a good amount of comfort. The arch, on the other hand, provides excellent support. It has great traction as well, and it is definitely an outstanding shoe. It feels lightweight, which means it can deliver agility and speed when on the pitch. All Samba shoes fit well and their workmanship is admirable.

Adidas Originals, Samba MC Lifestyle

The Samba MC Lifestyle by Adidas features textile uppers and an extremely soft rubber outsole for comfort and breathability. It is a very good pair of shoes, and it is ideal for those who have wider feet because the front part is roomy. It also fits perfectly, and it is comfortable enough that you can use it with different outfits. Furthermore, it comes with an ortholite insole for additional arch support and comfort. Try getting a pair and you will find it to be spacious enough. It even allows you to place an additional insole if you prefer.

Outdoors and indoors are perfect for the Samba MC Lifestyle. If you are on the hunt for excellent flexibility and great comfort, you will definitely love this one. No break in period is required for the Adidas Originals, and the T-toe overlay made of suede ensures that you can move your feet inside the shoe without any friction or abrasion.

Adidas Performance, X 15.4 For Indoor Soccer

This pair of indoor soccer shoes made for men ensures that every skill and move on the field is executed perfectly by the user. Its synthetic leather upper offers durability and maximum support. Its snug molded fit allows the feet to remain warm and stable. A pair of X 15.4 comes with non-marking rubber outsoles, and its outsoles were designed in a way that they promote explosive speed. When looking at it up close, you will see that it was crafted carefully for an unmatched ground shredding traction and performance. It is perfect to use on a polished surface. Its colorful, lightweight skin makes sure that the user is on the spotlight.

Its refined outsole ensures superior ball control. If you want a better fit for your X 15.4, you might want to order one size up of your normal size. To shatter expectations, you have to be lightning fast and this shoe will help you achieve your goal. The X 15.4 comes with a thinner sole that helps in boosting a player’s performance when making power shots at the goal of the opposing team.

This is definitely an impressive pair of shoes. You can impress the audience with your game, and it is perfect when playing soccer indoors. It is even applicable for casual wear! The X 15.4 is breathable and comfortable, leaving you with fresh feet even after hours of playing.

PUMA Momentta, Vulcanized Sala – Best Durable Indoor Soccer Shoes

Upon first glance, people are unsure of what to think about this Puma shoe. Several days after you’ve bought a pair, you’ll realize how durable the shoes are that they can withstand kicks daily for years. Puma produced a line that’s perfect for indoor games and everyday footwear. Puma is an established brand and it maintains a good reputation in the industry.

The company is also known for making high quality shoes. A pair of the Vulcanized Sala features a breathable mesh and synthetic leather uppers. It is extremely comfortable and you can use it for outdoor strolls and soccer games. When you acquire a pair, you can wear it for longer periods of time because of the EVA midsole that’s cushioned. The cushioned midsole is also the reason why it has an incredible, comfortable fit.

Its forefoot pivot point allows quick rotation, and it is good enough for practice games. The Vulcanized Sala has a non-marking rubber sole. It is an indoor pair of shoes, but it is still great on various surfaces. To sum it all up, it is an excellent shoe and it’s perfectly suited for everyday wear and indoor soccer games.

Puma King IT – Most Sought After Shoes For Indoor Socccer

This shoe is among the most sought after futsal shoes available on the market today. A pair of the Puma King IT features all-black uppers with flipped tongues that are prominently displayed (a trademark of Puma).

The upper is made of 100% leather, but it still maintains a soft feel when kicking or moving a soccer ball. Although it is already great as it is, it is still best to break it in for at least a day or two. From there, you’ll be able to experience smooth sailing with your Puma King IT.

When you take a closer look, you’ll see that the Puma King exudes a high profile. The upper is somewhat stiff, but it can still be broken in down the road. At the heel, you will find that the sole is thicker. This was done intentionally by Puma so that the user absorbs shock better, especially when it is needed when practicing and playing on a hard indoor surface. Usually, an awkward landing on your heel is painful.

This is the reason why Puma slightly raised the heel. As for the sole, it is firm and durable. Its sole establishes a solid barrier from the player to the hard surface. It does so without sacrificing the player’s sense of touch. The Puma King IT is built in a way that it can withstand daily beating. It’s sturdy, offering a solid touch. You can control and maneuver the ball easily with this shoe, and you can do so while playing on a hard surface.

Adidas Performance, Ace 15.3 Indoor Soccer Shoe

For players who want to stand out on an indoor tournament, the Ace 15.3 is perfect. This indoor soccer shoe features a synthetic upper that’s combined with a beautiful two-color design. The design is undeniably stunning and it stands out. The Ace 15.3 has a lightweight molded synthetic upper and its tongue is thin.

Rest assured, it will go easy on your instep. A pair of this can be used on turf and indoors as well. You’ll find it to be handy especially when you want to sneak a little outdoor game. With this, you won’t have to buy a new pair of soccer shoes altogether. However, you have to remember that the Ace 15.3 is designed mostly for indoor usage. Its lightweight synthetic upper conforms to a foot’s shape. As for the outsole, it was made to allow better traction on a polished surface. Its perforated tongue ensures breathability.

The Ace 15.3 can be relied on if you want a pair of shoes that will give your performance on the field a boost. It is also great for players with wider sets of feet. Players would want to retain close contact with the ball and you can do so with this shoe. There will be no more embarrassing ball losses or slip ups if you have the Ace 15.3 on. You can get this shoe in several different bold patterns and colors. Choose the one that best suits your personal preference. All in all, it’s a good companion when playing indoor soccer.

Dream Pairs, Sport Flexible Athletic – Free Running

Dream Pairs has been crafted to provide better grip and control, regardless of the surface a player plays on. It is constructed with a supple upper that’s also lightweight. The shoe will ensure that the user moves around with ease. With the Dream Pairs, dodging opponents will be easier. The collar is padded and cushioned to allow extra support.

A fold-over tongue on the other side is present to keep laces secure and flat. This means you will have a striking surface that’s ultimately clean. The outsole of the Dream Pairs is firm and it comes with a good tread pattern, ensuring a great traction when chasing the soccer ball at full speed. If you are on the lookout for wider shoes, the Dream Pairs is excellent for you.

If your feet is somehow narrow, order half a size so a pair will fit perfectly to your feet. Moreover, the Dream Pairs has a premium, DP combination upper. Therefore, you are given maximum comfort and durability. Its rotational traction configuration allows your feet to be firmly planted and stable on the ground.

Puma, Universal II IT

Puma is a brand that’s leading in terms of producing fashionable and stylish sport shoes. A pair of the Universal II IT is a combination of comfort and longevity. It is done through the use of soft, abrasion resistant synthetic leather uppers. It also features Puma’s EverFit lacing system to provide the user a better fit once the laces are pulled tight.

When you adjust the laces, your feet becomes cradled by the boot to give you the feel of security in your midfoot area. Basically, it is more of a feature that enhances comfort but it will all depend on how tight you want the boot to be. As for the upper leather, it is super soft to give you a nice and natural feel of the soccer ball. In-game performance is the selling point of the Universal II IT because of its EverFit cage. Aside from the snug feeling and added comfort, the shoe also has quite an unusual appearance which will make you stand out in the crowd. If you want to attract attention, this is definitely the best soccer shoe on turf for you.

The heel area of the Universal II IT has been improved using a 3-D heel counter to provide a secure fit and extra protection when playing. This is an impressive shoe because of the FG outsole. Also, the Universal II IT can be used on natural turf. Its stud pattern, which is tri-conical, is infused to the big toe socket. This makes it easier for the wearer to make a pivot point.

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