A skateboard backpack is a necessary accessory for skaters. It keeps your valuables safe and secured, this is why you do not want to buy just any random backpack. You should be looking for one designed specifically for skaters, as these backpacks are designed to keep your valuables undamaged from the vigorous activities performed during skating.

I have tested a few skateboard backpacks to help you make a decision. So whether you are looking for value, practicality, style or a combination of all, you have come to the right article.

After trying and testing, here are quick reviews of all the skateboard backpacks listed. In this review, I would describe the product based on its most obvious features. I would then highlight what makes each product so good, i.e its best qualities  and also highlight aspects that aren’t very beneficial or features that could be improved upon.

Crazy K&A Professional Skateboard Backpack

This skateboard carrying pack was designed with professional skaters in mind as it cuts out what might be deemed as unnecessary features like graphics. It is very basic and fuss free and it does exactly what “it says on the can” and is best suited for standard skateboards.

It also comes with an adjustable strap and mash. You can adjust its length according to your taste and put the cap on the mash.

Unlike most carry bags, this one comes with extra room for a helmet or small personal items. In addition, it also features a durable and thick 600D nylon material .

The best qualities of this bag are:

  • It is made of water resistant material, it would protect your skateboard from rain or dampness.
  • It is large enough to hold a skateboard helmet, so you do not have to compromise on your safety. You can also add a few small personal items.
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry about.

Things that need improvement:

To achieve its lightweight, this bag was made with light nylon material. This might not be the best quality material to use for a skateboard bag.

This bag can be improved by using a stronger material, but doing this might make it heavier.

Element Unisex Mohave Premium Backpack

This backpack ticks almost every important factor listed in the “what to look for” section, including the all important zipper closure, small pockets at the front and side for small valuables and a tricot pouch for storing your sunglasses.
It is made of great quality 600 D-type polyester and it has one main compartment.

The bag is designed so the skateboard is stored at the front and secured with straps. It has self-fabric pullers, an adjustable sternum system and a tree logo brand applique woven into the bag. There is a padded sleeve that can hold a 13” to 15” laptop. The bag has a capacity of 30 litres.

What makes this backpack so good ?

  • -There is plenty of storage space for both large and small items. Valuable items like laptops, phones and wallets are transported in one bag and stored securely, while useful items like tissues and gum can also be reached with ease.
  • -Zipper system keeps everything in the bag, you are less likely to lose things.
  • -It is very practical and has a multi purpose. You can take it anywhere, put in your lunch box, spare equipment, extra clothing to keep you warm on cold days, you can practically live from the bag.
  • -Heavy duty material stops it from breaking or damaging quickly.

Features to improve on

This is an awesome product and if you are going to buy it, you should add an extra strap to secure the bag to your body at hip or waist level as this bag only has one strap secured at the sternum. For better comfort , you need two straps on your backpack.

Eastsport Multi Compartment Skater Backpack

The Eastsport skater backpack is very similar to the Elements brand mentioned above. It is made of similar polyester material, consists of a roomy main compartment and other small compartments that makes it easier to store and find your smaller items. It also has a built -in laptop pocket in the interior of the pack.

There are 2 straps provided to carry the skateboards and these straps are secured by velcro. This backpack also features a cushioned back panel and padded shoulder straps

What makes this backpack so good?

  • -Its cushioned back panel and padded shoulder straps will provide extra support and comfort, even handier on days when you have overloaded your backpack.
  • -There are 2 side pockets made out of mesh designed for storing water bottles and other drinks, so you can enjoy a drink on the go.
  • -Outstanding polyester fabric for a long lasting backpack.

Room for improvement:

-The side mesh pockets aren’t the best when skating, you should only put water bottles there and even then, make sure it is not an expensive or cherished one as it can be easily tossed out while you carry out your moves.

-Velcro straps aren’t very secure when comparing fastening methods. The velcro straps designed for securing your board to this backpack can come off easily, so, if you choose to buy this backpack, you might want to add some extra straps  to keep your board in place.

Everest Grip Tape Skateboard Backpack

Made of high quality 600D polyester and a professionally woven seam.Dual zippered front pockets, padded shoulder straps and back panel.The straps designed to hold the skateboard are fastened using velcro and they are made for big skateboards, up to 30 inches wide.

The backpack has a capacity of 19 litres.


What is great about this backpack?

  • -It is highly durable, lasts really long as it is made of high quality, heavy duty polyester material.

Features to improve:

-Maybe the designers could add smaller pockets for water bottles and other basic items.

-The velcro straps need to be improved  as the straps can’t really hold a skateboard.

Dakine Explorer Laptop/Skater Backpack

A fairly large backpack designed for school students, perfect for fitting a 13 to 15 inch laptop, MP3 player, sunglasses, and books. It is covered with a thin, rubber lining which really keeps the water out, making it waterproof .It has a buckle on the straps instead of velcro as seen in many other backpacks and has side mesh pockets for water bottles on each side of the pack.


Its best features:

  • -Water resistant feature keeps your valuables safe and dry
  • -made out of tough fabric built to withstand harsh conditions
  • -Buckle straps would hold your skateboard in place
  • -Lots of useful compartments

Features to improve on :

-It is made of a very tough, waterproof material and this means less air gets around, causing a sweaty back for it’s user. This pack needs a more breathable back panel

Vans Off The Wall Jetter Carry All Skate Backpack

Padded laptop compartment inside with Mesh zip close pocket on side.

Ergonomically-designed shoulder straps for comfort, moisture-wicking fabric and padded back panel ventilation.

Two zip close pockets on front and side zip close pockets.


It’s best qualities

  • -A large sized backpack with so much room for all your gear, you could go camping or weekend trip with this single backpack.
  • -Sturdy, wouldn’t cave in from excess load.

What can be improved :

This bag was designed for a real backpacker, you need to pack it full otherwise the straps feel a little loose

Burton Kilo Backpack

Made out of 100% polyester material. It has a large main compartment with a capacity of 27 litres and internal organization, key clip, and velcro secured slip pocket

It comes with four external zippered accessory pockets, a padded laptop compartment and a fleece lined tablet sleeve.


Its best features include

  • -Its webbing feature is by far the best way way to secure your skateboard
  • -A cush ergonomic shoulder straps with adjustable sternum strap for comfort
    -Its laptop and tablet compartment provides great protection for your devices as they are padded and lined with fleece.
  • -Handy water compartments.

Room for improvement

-The backpack could be bigger, as it is not big enough for those who make weekend skating trips .


Nike Embarca Backpack

This bag was designed for students, with a lot of consideration for book, laptop and gear space as well as ability to take some rough handling.

Its polyester shell has synthetic leather overlays to keep everything intact.

It has a large compartment that opens completely and comfortable shoulder straps.

Its good features:

  • -It was designed to keep breakables like laptops safe
  • -The large compartment opens completely so you can find things quickly when you need them  -The shoulder straps won’t hurt your shoulders.

Features to improve:

-Considering this bag is for students, this product is pricey, as expected with a brand like Nike.

Incase CL55371 Paul Rodriquez Skate Pack Lite Backpack

This lightweight unisex backpack is one of the best in the market, the makers took a lot into consideration including making it out of durable polyester and a reinforced panel to resist abrasion from grip tape. There is a single main storage compartment with a laptop sleeve to fit up to 15″ MacBook Pro and there is an iPhone pocket too.


What’s good about this backpack?

  • -The padded laptop sleeve and fur lined phone pocket should protect your devices, if your bag ever fell or if you ever crashed while skating.
  • -Very few backpacks are reinforced against the scratches from a grip tape, this one has that feature.

Features to improve:

The velcro strapping feature for skateboards isn’t ideal or recommended. Buckles or snaps would protect and secure your skateboards far better than velcro.

Tera Portable Rope Tighten Skateboard Shoulder Backpack

This carry bag is designed especially to protect your skateboard as the skateboard goes into the bag rather than attached to the outer. It is made of the high quality nylon fabric and therefore lightweight. It is secured by pulling and tightening it’s ropes and can be easily folded to be tucked away when not in using

Its good features:
-The high quality nylon material used makes the bag lightweight without compromising on strength and durability
-Waterproof and scratch proof features would ensure a longer lasting skateboard

Features to improve on:

– I am not a huge fan of using a rope as a method of securing the bag, a zipper would be a lot better

How to select right skateboard backpack:

There are 2 main styles, when it comes to skateboard backpacks. You can have them in a skateboard carrier style, these come shaped like a skateboard and your skateboard goes into the bag, or you can have them in a generic backpack style to strap your skateboard to the outer part of the backpack.

Both are useful and what style you choose depends on what your needs are as a skater and your taste. Whatever your preference, here are important features to look out for:


Size matters a lot in this case.  Although individual needs vary, most skaters will often need a large size to carry a lot of accessories, most of these are safety equipment like helmets and knee guards and spares. Along with your decks and boards.

Some skaters would need an extra large bag for weekend skating trips while other skaters need to carry video and recording equipment as well, especially when they are bloggers.

So, at the very least, the right size skateboard backpack should be large enough to fit in the very basic safety gear: knee pads, helmets, elbow pads etc. Then, if you have to record your skating activities, recording equipments would determine if you should be considering an even larger bag.

Body Straps:

Not all skateboard backpacks have body straps, some have only one strap. A good backpack should have 2 body straps: one at the waist or hip and another at the sternum or breastbone.

This is because when your bag is fully loaded, it is going to feel heavy against you. If your backpack has only one strap, the bottom of the backpack starts to swing and move from side to side because it is unbalanced, creating a lot of discomfort and insecurity.

If your backpack has two straps, this will help distribute the weight more evenly and provide a more secure and comfortable feel.


As mentioned before, some bags are designed just to be a skateboard carrier, with room for not much else, the advantage of this style of backpack is, when your skateboard is not being used, it protects it from external elements like rain, snow and extreme sunlight. It is also great for skaters who prefer to travel light but as safety is key to skating, you should buy bags that can be used to carry more than just a skateboard as we already covered in “Size”.

Extra compartments and pockets: for smaller items that need extra security, like mobile phones and wallets.


Since your backpack is likely to be filled with lots of skateboard accessories, you don’t want to start off with an already heavy backpack. The lighter the better.

Wide enough for your skateboard: Before buying a backpack, check that it can accommodate the width of your skateboard.

If you are likely to change skateboards often, then check that the backpack will fit a skateboard as wide as 10inches.

Constructed of water resistant materials: skaters can get caught out in the rain often, a skateboard carrier should protect your skateboard and a backpack should protect your valuables, but only if they are made of water-resistant materials, otherwise there is no point to having them. You might as well leave those valuables out in the rain to get soaked.

Redundant straps:

To secure the board to the backpack so that if one strap wears off, you do not lose your skateboard


The backside of your preferred backpack should be reinforced against the rough effects of the grip tape to avoid wearing the fabric of the bag out. Reinforcement, like rubber should be applied to the whole backside, not just the top and bottom as seen in some backpacks.


All compartments on the exterior of the backpack should be secured using zips, not buttons or velcro. Zip closures are just more secure than buttons or velcro, things get tossed around when you are skating: buttons and velcros will not be able to withstand all the tossing around and you would end up losing things from your backpack.

Knowledge is Power

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