Time has come for you to buy your own skateboard trucks. It can be difficult to find a pair of trucks with every brand hounding you to get theirs so I have written a list of 13 best skateboard trucks that you can get today.

Top 3 Skateboard Trucks | My Picks

  • Thunder Trucks

  • Height: High
  • Bushings & Washers Included
  • Does not come with any hardware
  • Overall good brand and good quality trucks
  • Independent Trucks

  • Height: 55mm
  • Bushings & Washers Included
  • Does not come with any hardware
  • It's a great set of trucks for tricks and 8.0' boards.
  • Destructo D1 Superlite V Red

  • Height: Mid
  • Bushings & Washers Included
  • Does not come with any hardware
  • Good looking set of trucks for casual riders.

Top Skateboard Trucks Brands Reviews:

Independent Trucks (Indys)

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So it’s no secret who is the best. Regardless of the fact that some riders don’t favorize Indys, if you’re a real pro, it’s enough to say Indys and we will all know what kind of trucks you’ll get behind that name.

All the way back in 1978, the guy who goes by the name of Fausto Vitello, started Independent Trucks.

This company makes high performance trucks for all those lovely types of skateboards. This is one of my favorite producers of trucks.

They have excellent durability, strength, and they act wonderfully as you glide with your board. I highly recommend them.

Besides that, Independent Trucks sells cool pullover hoodies, sunglasses, backpacks, even flashlights, lighters, drinking flasks … so pretty much, they’re very cool.

Thunder Trucks

There’s not much to say about Thunder Trucks. Everybody knows the level of quality they provide.

Very cool, ultra light, ultra strong, titanium axles, powerfully forged baseplates, hollow kingpins (aircraft grade) are some of the features that you can get if you buy Thunder Trucks.

They are excellent trucks, which cover all widths for your board.

You will have a good time while you mount that curve.

Tensor Trucks

Tell me, does the name Rodney Mullen mean anything to you? Let me refresh your memory. The legendary skateboarder with some of the best ideas for tricks who turned them into reality, like the kickflip, heelflip, 360-flip, flatground ollie.

The guy who won 34 out 35 freestyle contests and won his first world skateboard championship at the young age of 14.

Well that’s the guy who’s engineering your Tensor trucks.

Tensor Trucks are excellent for well … everything. You can have a very good time doing your freestyle.

The company uses only the finest metals and its manufacturing process aims to create the best trucks that you can possibly have.

Whichever trucks you buy from them, you will have a guarantee for life. The best thing about Tensors is that it is almost impossible to strip the thread when you perform the landing primo.

Phantom Trucks

With a very cool Star Wars-like symbol, Phantom Trucks are very lightweight, very smooth, excellent for grinding and overall ride.

“Impact Dispersion System” is the invention of the Phantom Trucks creator.

It’s a 1.5mm rubber shock pad, which reduces board stress and keeps the hardware of your trucks neat and tight.

Venture Trucks

Officially, Venture Trucks are one of the three best trucks out there. They are excellent for grinding. A little trouble that you may have with these trucks is with the quick deterioration of the bushings.

Grinding, turning, and overall riding are truly amazing with Venture Trucks.

Royal Trucks

These trucks skate really well. Grinding is very good, turning is stable, and the pivot is excellent.

They’re very durable and lightweight. There are a lot of good comments from professionals about the Royals Trucks. Royals are very similar to Venture Trucks.

Krux Trucks

Krux is notable for making trucks that have a very low hanger and kingpin. They’re known to be very light. They have a signature hole in the middle of the hanger. Krux come with the best cushions and are recognizable for their vibrant colors, all crazy and stuff. Really light, really durable, and really cool-looking.

The bushings will feel broken in from day one, so you don’t actually know what they do to them and what is their creation process, but you won’t have to work your trucks. You’ll get that real pro feel right from the start.

Ace Trucks

If you want stability, lightweight, but yet have superior turning power, you might consider buying Ace trucks. Ace trucks are really light and stable no matter how loose you ride them. The downside with Ace is that the pivot cup is really bad. They’re not the smoothest when grinding, so there you have it.


For sure these trucks would be included in the Top 10, truly a masterpiece. But the thing is, wherever you find a description of skateboarding trucks, you will see Destructo Independent Ventures. I really wanted this list to be different so that you will give some other brands a chance.

The D1 and D2 models are recognizable for their very snappy response (different from their earlier models). They still turn in a very sharp way and work well with good bearings. Destructos are also known for amazingly hard bushings and I don’t know what you would need to do to them to break them. So you might want to consider replacing them with softer ones. They grind very smoothly. They have an excellent turning response, but their durability can be a problem. Personally, Destructo is one of my favorites.


Another one that should be in the Top 10, but I didn’t include them on purpose, for the same reason mentioned above. You can also find Silver on any other Top 10 list. Some of you, who really know their skateboards, will maybe even put Silver in the 1st place of a Top 10 list. Especially if you like light and strong trucks and enjoy skating. They have very low kingpins, which makes them excellent for grinding also.


And the next one in line, quality for professional skateboarder, for the lowest price you can possibly imagine. This is THE reason why I’m mentioning Bullets. They have superb turn, you don’t have to worry about the axle’s bend. And they have like everlasting kingpins. They’re made out of aluminum and ultra strong hangers.

Grind King Trucks

Donald Cassel founded Grind King Trucks in the 1990’s. The guy spent many years trying to solve various problems and imperfections with trucks. Finally, he invented GK-9. These are the best grinding trucks EVER.

They’re a bit weaker due to the aluminum hanger so you’re going to have to replace them often, but you will enjoy grinding with them.

A special feature with Grind King are the hex-head kingpins, but also this special feature is a special nuisance because you need special tools if you’re going to do any adjusting. But once again, these are the best if you like grinding.

Fury Trucks

If you care to have long-lasting, beautiful design and really powerful trucks, this will be your top choice. They’re bulkier than most other trucks, but lighter than Tensor. They have the best stability because of the larger pivot point in the hanger. The alloy is hard, which allows for very fast grinding.

Most of the Fury’s, especially Evo 2, are difficult to get loose, so it can be trouble for those who want the feeling of loose trucks. You might want the Fury’s for their durability, stability, and strong alloy, but you also might consider buying softer bushings. You will get a better response that way.

If you are going to buy Bullets because their price is very attractive, you will get the most out of grinding, skating, like with any other professional trucks. This is excellent for some inexperienced skateboard dude to get the feeling of fully pro trucks and not burn through too much money. When you’re done with your Bullets, try the Silver or the Indys.


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