Have you ever wondered what the most important part of a skateboard is? If you think the answer is anything but the wheels, then you are wrong.

The wheels of your skateboard determine your speed, your balance, ease of navigation, noise levels and how much control you have over your skateboard. If your set is sub par, then your whole skateboarding vibe is going to be sub par as well this why you have to pick the best skateboard wheels.

Simply, your tire choice plays a big part in how well you skate. Even the most talented skateboarders can be negatively affected by the wrong type of wheels.

Sometimes you might need more than one set for your skateboarding needs, this is because these wheels come in 3 size ranges, the size a you choose depends on what type of skating activity they have in mind and what kind of skills or talents they possess..

Different surfaces also comes to play in the choice of wheels as different surfaces call for different types.

Most skaters do like to find out what suits them best by a lot of trial and error, they buy a few sets and see how well it works for them.

This is a great method when you have a big budget but if you don’t with the help of this article, you can go ahead and save your money on trial and error tactics. I will show the best wheels trending in the market as far as the year 2018 is concerned and help you decide which wheels are best suited to your skating needs or which ones will go well with your deck.

10 Trending Skateboard Wheels in 2017 (Compared)

PictureProduct NameBrandDiametre (mm)Best used for
Classic Series High PerformanceSpitfire50-60Technical Tricks, Street Skating, Transition and Vert skating
C-CutMini-Logo Skateboards53Technical tricks,Street Skating and Transition
BlankBlank50 -56Technical Tricks, Street Skating, Vert Skating and Transitioning
Rough RidersBones Wheels56mmTransitioning and Vert skating
Tiger BoardTiger Board Wheels59Cruising and Transportation
Ugin Classic, the Wolf SeriesUgin52 x 30Technical Tricks, Beginners and skill practicing
Wonnv LED Light-up Wonnv60 x 45Cruising and transportation
Everland65 x 51Cruising and Transportation
Bones V4 STF Street Tech FormulaBones Wheels52Technical tricks and Street Skating
G-BonesPowell-Peralta64Power sliding, Street Skating, Cruising and Transportation

Before the review, there are a couple of terms to get used to. These terms are used to describe the 2 type of numbers found printed on every skateboard wheel:

Durometer And Diameter


Durometers and Diameters go way deeper in details but for a new skateboarder or even an experienced one a lot of it is pointless. In the end what feels good to you when riding is what matters. A lot of your preference should depend on what kind off riding do you prefer.

Are you a cruiser? Trickster? You want to trick it out on ramps? Or you want to just cruise around with your friends? or are you instead looking for longboard wheels?

Keep in mind that most while can do all of those things it is better to get specialized wheels so you can really maximize there capabilities, this why you should read all this before picking the right set for you.

In no particular order, these are the best and most trending wheels in the skateboarding communities. 

5 Best Skateboard Wheels Reviewed:

We have reviewed them so you can easily figure out the which wheels you should buy or get for somebody else. If you are still confused feel free to reach us or leave a comment below and we will try to help you out.

Spitfire Classic Series High Performance:

These wheels from Spitfire has a great grip. It’s durometer is set at 99, which isn’t too bad.

It is somewhere in the middle, it is soft enough not to be excessively noisy, but still hard enough for tricks if you are a beginner.

Spitfire manufactures the classic series in various sizes from 50mm to 60mm so you can get the 50mm for tricks and also be able to cruise around on the larger sizes.

  • It is very useful when you are new to skateboarding.
  • It is not too hard so it isn’t very noisy.
  • It is not too soft to stop a skater from doing cool tricks.
  • Being on the softer side also means it has a good grip, especially on slippery or slick floors.
  • It looks good and feels good.
  • Loyal Americans interested in supporting home businesses might be happy to find that Spitfire skateboarding wheels are made in the USA.
  • It is sold as a set of 4 wheels, so you can get a set at a go for future use (if not needed immediately) and replace them as needed.
  • The classic series have pretty cool graphics that are very attractive at first. This might even be the winning factor and decision maker for many skaters, but it has been discovered that the graphics on this wheels are likely to wear off too quickly
  • If you are a professional skater, you might find the urethane too soft, this wheel might not feel hard enough for great tricks.
  • Probably as a result of the 99 durometer, this would not be suitable for hardcore skaters. As the wheels do not last very long, they wear out quickly and need replacement quickly.
  • Available in just one color option, this does not give much room for choice.
  • It is sold as a set of 4 wheels , if you only need to replace one wheel, you still have to buy 4.

It can be summarized that the Spitfire Classic series wheels are great for most activities, from technical tricks to cruising, but only if you are a beginner not yet pounding the pavement heavily.

Stick these on your skateboard decks with awesome grip tape and you will have an awesome board to play on.

It is always advised to start with softer wheels at first, until skateboarding skills are improved, then move on to harder ones. This isn’t best suited for hardcore or heavy  skating activities .

Mini-Logo Skateboards C-Cut :

If you are on a low budget and not looking to spend much but want a great quality set, this is a good choice for you.

Mini-logo is part of the Powell company. Powell mainly makes professional grade skateboard wheels, one of which we would be doing a review later on (the Peralta G Bones).

However, probably as part of a marketing strategy, Powell created Mini-Logo as a medium to still create professional grade wheels for their not-so-wealthy customers. The Mini-logo are without the fancy look and graphic designs that gives the average Powell its premium price.

In other words, the Mini-logo products are regular professional grade products, but without the professional grade cool graphics, designs and price. The customers get a great product with a very low price.

The trade off is that Mini-logo wheels don’t have some of the super tech design that others have.

The Mini-Logo C-Cut is best suited for for transition skaters. This brand glides perfectly and provides a quality product at a relatively low price.

The wheels features a high rebound formula and a high performance urethane that is supposed to help it last longer and provide optimum effects during skateboarding activities.

It is also available as A-Cut wheels for street skating, for best results choose wheel sizes ranging from 50 through 54mm.

With a 53mm size and a durometer of 101A, a harder durometer rating will have less friction and drag making them ideal for trick/technical skating and also they are brutal on your skateboard trucks and bearings.

The company has existed in the skate industry for 35 years. Mini-Logo guarantees great performance and value with their lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects, giving customers some ease of mind.

  • It is available in a variety of colours, this is great for skaters who need that option , perhaps for the sake of personalisation or to stand out, it is always a good move to give your customers a variety of options.
  • It is very affordable, when comparing to other brands like Spitfire or Bones, customers will be getting a whole lot for a few bucks, including a lifetime warranty.
  • Comes as a set of 4 wheels
  • On most durometer charts, a 101a would be considered hard for skateboard wheels, this is good news for heavy skaters or excess skateboarding activities.
  • This particular model is manufactured and sold without bearings.
  • It is not very appropriate for beginners or learners.
  • Some skaters might prefer the cool graphics associated with the premium set, where Mini-logo boards are generally just a solid color.

Bones STF Street Tech Formula Skateboard V4 Wheels

Bones have come up with different sets for different skating activities, there is the SPF for park skating, the DTF for ditch boarding, and the pair currently being reviewed , the STF for street skating.

All of Bones wheels, including the STF are flat-spotting resistant. Flat-spotting happens when you slide often on your skateboard, ruining the wheels by flattening the wheels

While most brands use a 84a to 104a rating to explain the hardness or softness of their wheels, there are other brands like Bones who use the ‘b scale’ rating which is 20 points higher than the regular scale.

This means 84b (Bones ) = 104a (Regular brands). They are as hard as they come. This is why they do not flat-spot and last long, making them a popular choice for skaters.

  • It is highly rated in the skateboarding community. It is always the “go to” wheel. The brand has a very good reputation for making great skateboard wheels, the STF is definitely one of them.
  • They never get worn down or get flat spots, you can use them for as many tricks as possible, go power sliding , you can use them for the most technical tricks. They last a lifetime.
  • They provide a high level of precision when skating, you get the smooth glide more associated with the use of a longboard without sacrificing any control during your slides and skating maneuvers.
  • They feel sturdy because they are a bit wider than typical wheels. The contact patch is bigger, giving it a more balanced feel and preventing the wheels and the board from bouncing around, this way the skater can maintain their momentum.
  • ”Feeling like skating on rocks”. Not everyone enjoys the really hard urethane wheels (the high durometer rating). Some people may prefer the softer end of the spectrum which absorbs more impact and gives you the feeling of a smoother ride and also tend to be less noisy.
  • Larger sized individuals might prefer the wider wheels, but smaller sized skaters find them a bit too wide for their needs. Also, some tricks or skating maneuvers may not be executed as well as they could be on a narrower wheel.

Powell-Peralta G-Bones 97A (Black, 64mm)by Powell-Peralta

Powell company, already mentioned in a previous review for Mini-Logo, makes premium professional grade wheels.

Powell brands are one of the greats you would find around, they are also premium priced and one of the more expensive ones you would find in the market.

A 97a urethane formula or durometer rating should normally be on the softer side, usually feels draggy, but with the high quality you expect from a legendary brand like Powell Peralta, these wheels are fast.

They do not feel too soft and they do not underperform. They roll smoothly on the pavement and provide amazing grip, gliding smoothly over pebbles.

If you want slide wheels that doubles as park wheels, these are great.

  • It has some cool skeleton graphics on them, signifying the G-Bones product name, great for those skaters who care very much about the arts and graphics or the image or reputation  it presents to others.
  • It is a great combination of a mid range durometer wheel and large diameter, providing the soft and grippy feel. It is one of the most popular ‘grippy’ wheels, great for slick floors and often favoured by newer skaters who wish to concentrate on learning skills without worrying about slipping.
  • It is made from a hard wearing urethane, giving it its durability that makes it perfect for slides without worrying about flat spots or the wheels wearing out too quickly and needing a replacement too soon.
  • It is made by a brand that can be trusted, so even though the product is priced relatively high, you know you are getting wheels that are worthy of its price and you would end up saving money by replacing less often than you would with a cheaper brand.
  • Its chunky, soft wheels glides smoothly on pavement, handling random pebbles, sticks and rough spots remarkably well.
  • They are perfect for street skating and park skating.
  • The larger wheels provide great balance.
  • They are fast.
  • They are great wheels to start out with, perfect for starters.
  • Although its price is more on the high end, it is not so bad, considering you would be getting a set of 4 wheels, which makes it more reasonable.
  • Being a little too slow when going downhill.
  • A 64 mm wheel is a fast wheel naturally, but a higher durometer wheel gives even more speed, so perhaps the wheels could have been improved if they were higher than just 97a.
  • A hybrid wheel tends to be softer and as a result can also be used for outdoor skating. Many new skaters find that a hybrid gives them the grip they need whilst learning new skills.
  • A premium product, it is more on the pricey side, when comparing to its competitors.

Wonnv LED Light-up with ABEC-7 Bearings – Smoother Quieter Ride – 60x45mm:

Wonnv LED Light-up Skateboard Wheels, as the name implies , glow with LED lights, they light up. So this might not be for everyone. It is more popular among younger skateboarders who are attracted to the lights and flashy gimmicks.

It is also praised by safety enthusiasts and activists because the LED lights make it easier to be seen at night.

Considering the type of technology that goes into this set, this is a reasonably priced wheel, in fact it is a bargain.

The wheels are lit up using magnetic induction and do not require batteries. The interior of the wheel has been equipped with magnetic parts, which is fixed by two bearings. The core of the wheel then spins around these magnetic parts.

Basically, the whole unit works like a dynamo that generates the energy used by the LEDs.

More Installation than usual is needed, as you might assume with these type of wheels. Your order will arrive with installation instructions which you have to follow carefully to make sure your wheels do light up, as something as simple as not tightening the bolts enough would prevent the LED lighting up.

  • It is inclusive of bearings. Many sets are sold without bearings, it can be challenging finding bearings separately, but the Wonnv skateboard wheels are sold with ABEC-7 high performance and durability bearings
  • 78A polyurethane formula means it is great for cruising around and bombing hills at high speeds. They absorb a lot of shock from the road creating a super smooth ride.
  • The LED lights are really bright, great for being seen in the dark.
  • They are very affordable.
  • Its 78s durometer rating means the wheels are too soft and are generally not ideal for street or transition skating, as they have less grip and will cause them to stick to obstacles rather than grind or slide across them.
  • A low durometer rating also mean that these wheels are less responsive to your movements, which makes tricks and flips more difficult.


Most wheels are usually made of polyurethane but what specifies their effectiveness are the many different sizes they come in.

You should choose an appropriate size depending on what type of skating activity you intend to carry out.

Just remember these few key points :

  • The lower the ‘mm’ number the slower and more stable the wheel
  • Larger wheel diameters are in the 60–85 mm range,  they roll at a faster speed and move more easily over smaller cracks in the road and are better for cruising or transportation.
  • Average sized ones are in the 54 -59mm range and they are better for beginners.
  • Small wheel diameters are in the 48 – 53mm range and are better for flip tricks.

If you are either a beginner or you are simply unsure of your needs or skills, stick to a “middle ground” size between 52 – 56mm, this way your wheels aren’t too big or too small. Stick to this size until you have a better grasp or idea of your needs, a lot of things in life need getting used to and skateboard wheels are one of them.

Beginners should also stick to softer wheels and then increase the hardness as they get better. Once you form your style you’ll develop a preference on what wheel size works best for your type of riding

Adam has been a college coach for 10 years and is also a certified physician. Experience in sports equipment to help new enthusiasts to pick the right products for the money.


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