Soccer is a fun and engaging way to exercise and spend time with friends and loved ones. Finding the right soccer ball can be a daunting task, but luckily there are so many choices catered to skill and age level to make the process easier. So what are some of the best soccer balls available?

Now if you are confused you about what to get? Right underneath the selection you will find a detailed buying guide to learn more here.

12 Best Soccer Balls Reviewed

1. Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball

Just as the name suggests, the Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball sports the most recognizable style across the globe. The standard black and white color scheme is sleek and simple. In addition, the panel graphics have silver accents.

A synthetic leather covering delivers the pristine quality that is soft, yet durable. As such, it is preferred among soccer players due to it not being too hard on the head and feet. The rubber bladder makes inflating and deflating a cinch while creating a bubble that keeps the ball’s shape consistent.

Sizes 3, 4 and 5 offer different ball dimensions to service everyone from beginner to advanced. Wilson is a mainstay on the soccer field, and the ball itself is one all purists can appreciate. The machine sewn stitching highlights the bright and shiny patches that make the ball easy to see on the green.

The Wilson Traditional is also one of the few brands that ships the balls already inflated, so right out of the box, they are ready to play with.

2. Adidas Performance Starlancer V Soccer Ball Review

The ball lends itself perfectly to beginners or soccer enthusiasts who want to hone their craft. Additionally, with both a bright pink and dark green color scheme, it is a terrific outdoor accessory for boys or girls alike. With an emphasis on solid construction, the Starlancer is a logical fit for anyone wanting to start a quick pickup game or practice skills like passing and scoring. At just over 8 inches tall, it is adept at being thrown in travel bags and taking up minimal space.

Besides just its sleek exterior, the Adidas Starlancer is crafted with longevity in mind by the nylon being wound internally and assembled through machine stitching to provide it with an extra level of strength. The exterior is made of TPU material, which is ideal for resisting cuts and scrapes. The bladder which holds the air is Butyl, which works wonders in keeping the shape of the ball perfect at all times.

3. DrippleUp Smart Soccer Ball – Perfect For Personal Training

The DribbleUp Smart Soccer Ball maintains hand-stitched game quality due to its remarkably strong structure and panel materials. It will not wear out and is one of the most carefully made soccer accessories on the market.

The DribbleUp is the ball of the future, with an accompanying training app that brings your soccer training to the highest level. Virtual cones and live audio deliver feedback on the user’s performance, and you even have the ability to have your skills tracked by being graded just as a coach on the field would.

The app works by scanning the ball and then placing your phone on an included stand to serve as your guide. In real time you can discover how well you are playing or calibrate your talents based on the direction you are receiving. Particularly important to athletes, the DribbleUp gives you the opportunity to see how fast your kicks are moving.

Perfect for outdoor and even indoor use, the DribbleUp only needs about six square feet of space to adequately play with in accordance with the app. The ball is a wise choice for anyone that is desiring to become a complete player.

4. Adidas Performance MLS Glider Soccer Ball

With a myriad of styles to choose from, the Adidas Performance Glider Soccer Ball is part of the MLS collection that displays club, community, and country with pride.

The wound carcass within the ball is long lasting and the craftsmanship done by machine creates a ball that will take a beating without ever compromising its shape retention. The Butyl bladder where the air is stored keeps balls inflated for extended periods of time before minor maintenance is required.

The fact that the MLS Glider balls come in a variety of sizes is advantageous for consumers, as they can acquire the one that is most suitable for their child’s age group. Additionally, the soccer ball itself is multi-surface, meaning it can handle even the roughest of field conditions.

The incorporation of the MLS logo on each ball, in conjunction with its sound structure, can make any soccer fanatic play and feel like a pro.

5. Adidas Performance X Glider II Soccer Ball

Between shock pink, white and blue, the Adidas Glider II soccer ball offers colors that stand out on and off the field.

The internal nylon wound carcass makes certain the ball is a perfect sphere at all times so that its shape can glide smoothly on any surface. The machine stitching is extensive and delivers unrivaled quality in its structure. The butyl bladder guarantees that no air will escape no matter how often the ball is used. TPU material on the outside is advantageous because it resists scuffing and exterior damage.

With 3 sizes available, there is an appropriate ball for every age group, including number 5, which has the official dimensions. Because there are numerous sizes to choose from, the Glider II is a recommended choice for practicing drills for beginners new to the game and perhaps needing to start with a smaller ball. With its long-lasting material, performance is guaranteed with a ball built for
the long haul.

6. Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball

Differing from competing balls that utilize plastic, the deluxe cushioned cover of the Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball is made of synthetic leather. This soft, durable material is exponentially easier on the shins and foreheads of players used to batting the ball around regularly. The leather is forgiving in its impact, allowing passes and shooting to be crisper off of the athlete’s foot.

Black, white and silver encompass the outer layer of the ball, which encases a butyl bladder system that is notorious for retaining air for the maximum amount of time. The stitching is tight and precise, guaranteeing the ball will never lose its structure, and the shape will not be altered by the environment it is being used in.

Worthwhile to all ages, the Mikasa Serious soccer ball ups the level of your game with its design and leather components. After inflating, any player can begin to improve their skills dramatically.

7. Adidas Performance Messi Soccer Ball

With some of the unique color designs in their 11 different balls, the Adidas Performance Messi has a style for every athlete.

Lionel Messi’s name attached, the soccer balls combine performance with the highest level of quality. The injection molded TPU creates a perfect circle, and the butyl bladder ensures that air escape is a non issue. The machine stitching covers the nylon wound carcass that is integral to maintaining its longevity.

Sizes 1 and 3 are ideal for players under 8 years old, while 4 is a great starter ball until working up to playing with the official size 5. The Messi set of balls are particularly worthwhile for not only his fans but collectors of the sport. In addition, the ball goes along perfectly with Messi’s other soccer gear to complete the whole set.

The Adidas Performance soccer ball is one of the most cleverly crafted, fun sports accessories to play with, and is made with quality Messi himself can appreciate.

8. American Challenge Brasilia Soccer Ball

With 32 machine stitched panels, the American Challenge Brasilia comes together to create a soccer ball that has a beautiful, shiny outer casing. 4 color choices include Lemon, Lime, Orange, and Raspberry. The design on each ball is elegant without being distracting, and its surface is resistant to scrapes and scratches that ruin the aesthetic appeal.

Differing from other bladders, the American Challenge Brasilia has a hybrid SR, which can safely hold air for 2 to 4 weeks. The soccer ball arrives deflated to minimize shipping costs, as air adds mass and
makes the ball heavier.

The Brasilia prides itself on being youth friendly, specifically for kids learning the sport or wanting to practice with a soft and inviting soccer ball that is not intimidating. Additionally, the balls are the ideal size for gym and duffle bags, or just for tossing in the back of the SUV in a hurry.

Since 1973 American Challenge has distributed soccer balls to enthusiasts, delivering quality with a name you can trust.

9. Adidas Performance Confederations Cup Glider Soccer Ball

Updated to 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup collection, this Adidas soccer ball comes in 6 color schemes guaranteed to satisfy purists of the sport across the world. The Cup graphic on the side of the ball replicates the logo flawlessly to add an official touch.

Machine stitched paneling and the nylon wound carcass helps to mold the shape that is inflated to a perfect circle due to its butyl bladder, which maintains its structure at all times. Using an abrasion resistant TPU exterior, the ball retains its style no matter where it is being played with. The synthetic panels are strong yet comfortable on the side of feet making it a terrific ball to practice skill-building.

With multiple sizes, youths and adults alike can enjoy the soccer balls as well as transport them easily in vehicles and gym bags. Whether for playing or as a collector’s item, the Adidas Performance Confederations Cup Glider soccer ball is classy and tough, and a logical choice for athletes aspiring to greatness.

10. NIKE Pitch Training Soccer Ball

Adorned by the classic swoosh, the NIKE Pitch Training Soccer Ball combines the most recognizable logo in sports with the most popular sport in the world. 7 colors both light and dark make the ball fitting for both boys and girls. Additionally, it is suitable for every age group and is ready for travel at a moment’s notice.

12 panels are joined by precise stitching to deliver impact diffusion consistently. Utilizing fewer panels than most competing soccer balls allow the Pitch Training ball to keep its shape longer when inflated. The rubber bladder retains the air easily and does not need maintenance for months if properly taken care of.

Because the paneling provides no gripping, the Pitch Training ball is tremendous for learning possession skills and trick shots, as it glides seamlessly off the shoe for added control. Once the ball takes flight from a kick it is simple to see why it is one of the most coveted soccer accessories NIKE provides.

11. Champion Sports Extreme Series Composite Soccer Ball

The Champion Extreme is perfect for the inclement weather and less than ideal playing conditions, as it can withstand water and debris with ease. The butyl bladder keeps the ball inflated even in cold temperatures, and maintenance on this soccer accessory is slim to none. Simply put, it is a ball that can be used year round.

Cost efficient and slick, the Champion Sports Extreme Series Composite Soccer Ball has a composite that is a soft touch and forgiving on the foot after every kick. The TPU cover wards off scratches and damage while simultaneously never having its power compromised. Patented machine stitching handles the integrity of the panels, which are shiny and smooth.

This soccer ball slants to being a little more youth oriented, with children under the age of 8 being the proper fit. Nine colors diversify a wide range of choices that can be transported effortlessly either inflated or deflated. The one year unconditional guarantee protects buyers from any possible manufacturing defect on the ball.

12. NIKE Strike Soccer Ball

The contours and grooves on the NIKE Strike Soccer Ball give it a unique surface that is textured and designed for ball handling. 6 color patterns and 3 different sizes make it a ‘jack of all trades’ ball that can entertain any age group. The power graphic adorning the side with the signature swoosh makes tracking the ball a breeze no matter how fast it is moving.

The flight of the ball is accurate to the type of kick that put it into motion because of the 12 panels pieced together flawlessly. The Aerowtrac grooves allow the ball to soar through the air swiftly. The interior bladder is restricted to produce a healthy sphere full of air. The shape is retained even through heavy use and harsh playing conditions.

The NIKE Strike Soccer Ball is a game changer because of its exclusive outer casing that generates pinnacle performance out of the player who uses it.

So basically…

With a multitude of options available to soccer fans, finding the best soccer ball is as easy as ever, especially if you know what features you desire and what environment you plan to play in.

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Soccer Ball: Buying Guide

Now if you want to learn more about the world of soccer balls like different types and etc then this is the section for you.

Different Types Of Soccer Ball

You can’t select the best ball for your purpose without knowing the different types that are out there.

There are various types of soccer balls and each serves a different purpose. Below are the most common ones that professionals and amateurs use.

[su_tabs vertical=”yes”]

[su_tab title=”Premium Match Ball“] These balls are FIFA approved. A premium match ball has the highest rating a soccer ball could ever achieve. This type of ball has passed rigorous testing to measure its performance, air retention, shape, flight, and water absorption. It is often used during pro matches.[/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”Match Ball“]Still match worthy balls that use the same materials as the premium balls but carry a different build. They are used at high school and college matches, and are NCAA and NHFS approved.[/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”Training Soccer Ball“]These balls are built to be extremely durable since they are used for hardcore training and practice. They can be used in different field types.[/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”Turf Ball“]Turf balls are durable. They are made to withstand all turf and artificial grass conditions.[/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”Indoor Soccer Ball“]These balls have slightly less rebound, making them perfect for indoor games or playing against walls. These balls have durable covers to play on turf and the same covers help them rebound off hard walls.[/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”Futsal-specific Soccer Ball“]They are made specifically for futsal play. They are about the same size as size 5 soccer balls, and they have a low-bounce feature which gives each player better control of the ball during fast play.[/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”Beach and Street Soccer Balls“]They have a softer out-casing, which means they are perfect for bare-footed plays or games. They give greater comfort as well. These balls are very water-resistant to withstand demands of beach and street play.[/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”Mini Skill Balls“]These soccer balls are used for training and practicing your footwork. Great for if you just want to spend your time practicing out cool tricks.[/su_tab]


Now let’s talk a bit about what is it that they are made of and sizes and it’s importance. Soccer is the best way to learn physics as you learn to control a ball’s movement, all the while studying the force you need to exert to get to that optimal point. Specially for a professional player or someone who is on the path to it. They must know ins and out while they learn to control it.

So the first thing whether you are buying one or just learning about, is to know what it is build of.

What is the Ball For Soccer Made of?

Soccer balls come in different variants and choosing one that is right will depend on how you prefer your ball and how you would like to use it. Soccer balls are built of different materials mostly made out of common rubber, polyurethane, nylon or polyvinyl chloride. While polyvinyl chloride balls can get really durable, they may not be as soft and touch responsive as polyurethane blend balls.

The common rubber balls and the nylon balls last the longest, all the while being the cheapest. They may lack the ball touch feel unlike the former variants, but they are perfect for training and practice.

Different Sizes Of The Ball

Soccer balls also have various sizes that you can choose from, and what is best for you will depend on how old you currently are. Soccer balls come in different constructions in the inner bladder and the lining, which can contribute to their responsiveness on the field. Panels on a soccer ball are also important since they can influence a ball’s flight characteristics, and the control a player will have on the field. Like any other sporting equipment, picking the right soccer ball, if you are very meticulous, is something that will need some key points to consider.

Soccer ball sizes are mostly based on the age of a player. Most ball manufacturers have different sizes available, so that they can cater to various ages of athletes. Like all things, the smaller the size number is, the smaller the ball is as well.

Soccer balls that are marked a size 3 are mostly used by beginners that are under the age of 8. A size 3 soccer ball has a circumference of 23 inches and it weighs 12-ounces.

Balls that are marked a size 4 are balls designed for kids at the ages of 8 to 12, and they weigh about the same as the smaller balls but are larger in circumference.

Size 5 balls are the balls most players use from ages 13 and onwards. Size 5 is the standard size for all competitions all over the world. It weighs at about 15 ounces and has a circumference of 28 inches.

Soccer Ball Construction

The inner lining and the bladder are some of the key components of a soccer ball’s construction. These components are the factors that give control to the shape and the feel of a soccer ball. The usual match soccer ball has four layers of a blended polyester and cotton material in its lining, while mid-range ones have two cotton and polyester layers.

The cheaper balls only have two polyester layers on their lining. Soccer ball bladders can be made from two different kinds of materials. They can either be latex or butyl. A soccer ball bladder is a component of a soccer ball and it is tasked in containing the air that is within the ball. It also contributes to its shape and the ball’s receptiveness on the field.

Latex bladders are one of the best materials when it comes to ball construction. However, with latex bladders, air won’t last as long as butyl bladders and will need more attention for proper inflation. Butyl-blend bladders hold in the air much better, but they are harder and less receptive in play. Mid-priced balls will usually have a mix of butyl and rubber.

Panels And Covers

Soccer balls have several panels that influence their flight characteristics and the amount of control a player can have while playing. International soccer competitions use a 32-panel ball. Major leagues use an 18-panel ball and indoor leagues use a 6-panel ball. High-end soccer balls have hand-stitched panels with a synthetic thread. A low-cost one for practice and training will usually have its panels glued together.

Soccer ball covers are meant to protect the construction of a ball, and make it more durable and long lasting. Manufacturers use two types of materials, mainly polyurethane (PU) or polyvinyl carbonate (PVC). PVC is the cheaper and much affordable variant, but it is more durable than PU. It has scuff-resistance, which makes it perfect for training soccer balls. PU is used for match balls, since it is softer than a PVC soccer ball and tends to respond better to contact.

Different Uses When Playing Professional, Practice And Alone

This is a decision that your coach or manager get to decide for you if you are part of a team. Your own ball is one thing that you have control on. However, when it comes to what the team should play with, it is the manager’s job to pick which ball is the best, and what is appropriate for the team for training. Coaches usually stick to training match balls as they give the illusion of actual match balls.

For high school teams, regular match balls are used since all they need to do is train rigorously. Also, these kinds of balls are durable for extended usage. For those in an actual team that goes out to compete, premium match balls are the way to go when the match starts.

How Does FIFA Test A Soccer Ball?

FIFA has approval requirements to test every manufacturer and their products. A product must pass these tests in order to be qualified as a match ball or be approved as the best ball in the market nonetheless.

These are FIFA’s six-point testing that a ball must perfectly pass to be FIFA-approved:

  • Circumference – the ball’s circumference must always be consistent to ensure predictable ball movement.
  • Roundness – the ball must have an even seam. Otherwise, it could change the ball’s overall shape.
  • Rebound – this tests the ball’s bounciness and if it bounces consistently.
  • Weight – there are various weight categories and a ball should belong to one.
  • Water Absorption – the testing squeezes and turns the ball into a tank full of water countless of times to check if the ball absorbs water. If it does, it is not ideal to use since it adds to the ball’s initial weight.
  • Pressure – the ball must maintain most of its pressure for at least 72 hours without losing much of it.

Now that you know all about the ins and out let’s talk a bit about taking care of your soccer ball.

Caring And Maintaining A Soccer Ball

Soccer balls also need maintenance in order to extend their lifespan. Avoid putting unnecessary pressure into them like standing or sitting on the actual ball. Doing so can damage a soccer ball’s pressure system, making it change its shape and structure. Don’t kick the ball against hard, rocky or rough surfaces as this could puncture it easily. This may also cause you to get a new replacement ball.

Furthermore, cleaning the ball is a very important task that you must do on a regular basis. It could help you avoid water absorption issues, and it will help make it last longer. Clean a soccer ball with some mild soap and lukewarm water to maintain its performance. Don’t use harsh cleaning agents as this might damage the ball’s construction material. Storing the ball in low temperatures is ideal to avoid warping or water retention.

Alright, Now you know exactly everything there is to know about the world of soccer balls and you can go out there and get the absolute best one for you.

Knowledge is Power

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