Soccer cleats, can make the difference between performing extraordinary or poorly. While we can’t all play like Messi or Ronaldo, we can still try to reach their level. And on the road to success, you need all the help you can get. That’s why you need to have the most best soccer cleats on your feet.

Although some players wear colorful soccer cleats as a fashion statement, that shouldn’t distract from their capability to improve one’s performance. And these shoes aren’t only meant for soccer either, they can also be seen in sports like lacrosse, American football, and a number of other field sports.

Top 3 Picks:

  • NIKE Hypervenom Phatal II

  • Most commonly bought and loved pair!
  • Synthetic Frame
  • Rubber sole
  • Price Range:
  • Adidas Ace 16.1 Primeknit
  • Primeknit ensures perfect fitting!
  • Synthetic Frame
  • Special Sole Design
  • Price Range:
  • Adidas Performance Ace 17.2 Primemesh
  • Good pair to start off with!
  • Synthetic & Textile
  • Rubber Sole
  • Price Range:

What To Look For In Soccer Cleats?

So who to pick? You should look for ones that feel lightweight on your feet and have very strong studs. Firm studs will enable you to run across the field without risking serious ankle injuries.

When you’re watching a game, you see that the best players on the field look comfortable every single moment. Therefore, if you want your performance to stay at a high level, you need to find the cleats that suit your needs and feel comfortable on your feet at all times.

In order to help you have a top performance every time you hit the field, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best soccer cleats in 2019.

31 Best Soccer Cleats – Descending Price

Soccer Cleats Above $500

01. Adidas X 17+ PURESPEED Firm Ground Soccer Cleats

We will start our list with a model not many talk about, the X17+ Purespeed. While they don’t catch the attention of casual fans, pros are definitely noticing them. It is the shoe of choice for many a professional player. And for a good reason. These shoes have one purpose, and that is speed. They are lightweight and reliable. However, for cleats that exist to help you go fast, they are surprisingly comfortable. There was no real breaking in period and the laces hidden beneath the upper layer help hold your foot firmly.

The sprint frame-boasting outsole and the stud configuration will let you change directions on a dime. Just make sure to get the correct size when you do so, to protect your ankles. We would also like to mention the durability they boast. After dozens of training sessions and a lot of very rough days, they still don’t have a single scuffle on them. Definitely, an investment worth making if you are serious about soccer.

Soccer Cleats Under $350

02. Adidas Performance Men’s Copa Mundial Soccer Shoe

Copa Mundial is probably one of the most popular soccer shoe models out there. In fact, many claim it is the single best model you can get. And, for a shoe that came out four decades ago, this is definitely an achievement worth mentioning. They are still one of the biggest sellers in the world of cleats and for a good reason.

The shoes feature EVA insoles that provide comfort and are very light, synthetic lining to increase comfort even further and the upper part made out of rich leather that makes them incredibly comfortable and efficient. These shoes have been setting standards for the entire industry for decades. Even when brand new, the Copa Mundial shoe will feel like you have been breaking it in for years. They are not as high-tech as some other models out there, but they make up for it in sheer quality. Nothing can really replace the kangaroo leather feel you get with these. And they still remain mostly the same for decades due to the perfection and the simplicity of their design.

These shoes will not turn a lot of heads, but they will always, simply, work for you. You can ask any soccer player about them, and they are almost guaranteed to praise them.

Soccer Cleats Under $300

03. Nike Men’s Magista Obra

The last spot on our list is reserved for an older model well worth your time. As soon as Magista Obra was released, it managed to grasp the attention of soccer shoe fans all across the world. We’ve simply never seen such an imaginative shoe – it’s specifically designed to secure your foot providing a sock-like fit.

The knit upper and the mid-cut collar make the entire fit move in-sync with your foot. This was something that a number of top players requested, and Nike delivered. In addition to the unique look, the overall weight is only 7.2 OZ, which leaves the shoes in the lightweight category and adds more value to the overall package. And if you never wore them before, we can’t even explain how comfortable these shoes are to wear. If you want to know how the top players feel wearing the best, you’ll just have to buy a pair of Magista Obra and see for yourself.

When it comes to ball control, the texture design plays a large role, one that benefits central-styled players and playmakers that like to get on the ball. We have to say that this shoe won’t suit all player types – they don’t really suit strikers and wing players, because the Flyknit material may take away the natural style of those who look to go by defenders with the ball just off their step.

04. Adidas Ace 17+ Purecontrol FG Cleat Men’s Soccer Cleats

When it comes to the best cleats Adidas can offer, we cannot skip the ACE 17+ Purecontrol. This laceless, knitted boot definitely gives the feeling of the embodiment of the cleat revolution. The collar sits a bit higher than with previous models, and it complements the design perfectly.

The sleeve lining inside of the shoe will keep your feet in place instead of the laces. And, if you are a striker, this will instantly become your favorite cleats model. The striking surface is cleaner than anything else you might find on the market. And getting a powerful shot off with these is incredibly gratifying.

05. Nike Mercurial Superfly V CR7 Men’s Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat

The release of Superfly V was one of the biggest news in the world of soccer when they came out. And this total-speed shoe definitely deserves it. The Flyknit upper and the anatomical soleplate help improve the performance greatly. After all, when Cristiano Ronaldo starts using a certain shoe, you can be certain it is a good choice.

The goal Nike designers had in mind while making this shoe was simple: Make the fastest pair of cleats ever. And the combination of high-tech materials and designs helped them do just that. So, if you want to be the player running across the field and receiving long passes out of the air, you will probably want to choose this shoe as your weapon of choice for the field.

06. Adidas Adizero 5-Star 7.0

This Adidas model is a little more expensive than rest of the shoes on our list but the shoe is packed with enough tech to put a space station to shame, so it’s safe to say that Adizero is well worth the investment. The upper is made of Primeknit – a mix of synthetic and textile in one material – and the technology guarantees flexibility, durability, and most importantly, breathability.

Speaking of comfort, the shoe has a pre-molded sock along its length, which will give you a lot of comfort while you’re playing or practicing. This is one of the rare shoes still manufactured in the United States, which promises high quality. In addition, if you’re a US citizen, you’ll be supporting the local workers and manufacturers by buying this particular cleat. But that’s not the main reason why you should own the Adidas Adizero.

The inside linings are soaked with EVA-linings for lightweight cushioning. This prevents your shoe from becoming a bacteria habitat. Basically, if you own a pair of Adizeros, you’ll never have to worry about athlete’s foot ever again. The color of the shoe is a mix of black and grey, with a little bit of yellow added in to break up the monotony and give it a more exciting look.

So who is this shoe for? Well, if you want a flexible and a firm shoe bounded into one, you’re definitely going to love the Adizero.

Even if you’re not a huge Adidas fan, this model might change your mind. The odor-protection linings are fantastic for athletes of any kind. No matter how much you try, some shoes simply end up smelling. This, however, will never occur with the Adizero. Just try them on, and you’ll see that they smell fresh even after a long game.

07. Nike Men’s Mercurial Superfly

This shoe right here has some serious specs and a makeup that is about as advanced as we’ve ever seen in a soccer cleat. Seeing how the Mercurial Superfly is the shoe of choice for Ronaldo, it’s not surprising that we’re all expecting to see them in this list, if not the best when we open the box. But from the look of things, it seems like the shoe has met all the expectations.

All materials used in the making of Mercurial Superfly interlock to create the efficient package possibly. The collar secures your foot to your ankle; the upper is made of a lightweight Flyknit material that allows you to run faster, and the horizontal-style ribs running across the shoe will give you additional definition on the ball. As the design team explains, they were planning to merger design with science to create the “fastest shoe in soccer.”

The shoes might be tight when you first put them on – it takes some effort to squeeze your foot in – but this just creates a secure fit from the collar through the whole foot. The material the shoe is made of works with the shape of your foot to fine-tune its true mold. That’s why the Mercurial Superfly is one of the most comfortable shoes released in the last few years.

08. Adidas Men’s Soccer X 16+ Purechaos Firm Ground Cleats

Do you want to be the player that is making game-changing moves? Well, the X16+ Purechaos are here for you. Adidas took the opportunity to improve the X15 during Euro 2016. And they definitely did. They took what was an already competitive model and gave it multiple improvements. The new, NSG upper in combination with a TechFit ankle collar gives the players an incredible experience.

However, it will take a run or two to have the shoes finally fit your feet well. The first run in them tends to be challenging. You don’t get to loosen these shoes, you will have to break them in slowly. But, once you do, they will be the best pair you’ve got. However, the performance with a ball is what you should look for. This cleats definitely make dribbling a lot easier with their non-stop grip technology.

09. NIKE Mercurial Veloce III DF FG Cleats

One thing that Nike could always do better than others was making comfortable shoes. The 3d Speedrib texture of the synthetic upper is there to offer additional control. And it does so flawlessly. Another detail we have to mention is the fact that the material is slightly thicker around the strike zone. While it’s something very easy to overlook, it is very noticeable when you have a free kick. The material actually provides that bit of extra power behind each serious shot. And the cleats will take the brunt of the force for your foot too.

We should also mention the anatomical plate the Mercurial cleats feature. The plate follows the shape of your foot, and it works like a spine for your shoe. It takes a little getting used to, but it is definitely worth it. However, they didn’t just stop with that innovation. They used computer analysis to improve the Veloce and make it the ideal shoe for speed players.

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10. Nike Men’s Mercurial Vapor XI FG Soccer Cleat

Do you want to wear the shoes just like those Cristiano Ronaldo chose for himself? Well, in that case, the Vapor XI might be the best choice for you. When Nike was designing this shoe, they used Cristiano Ronaldo as their main inspiration. And it makes sense, he is one of the greatest soccer players in the world.

As soon as you put the Vapor XI cleats on, you will notice how good they are. The supreme feeling of Nikeskin will keep you as close to the ball as possible. You will also love how the entire upper is just a single piece of material. This makes the shoe incredibly comfortable and really responsive. It also features the All Condition Control Ball Technology. This will give you perfect control even during heavy rain or muddy games.

And we want to notice that this shoe is one of the lightest models we have ever seen. In fact, when you measure them with the box they come in, they still don’t have more than 2 pounds. And if you expect to spend a lot of time running on the field, you know how important that is. The horizontal ridges of the upper allow for perfect control and cushioning while striking. The parts between the ridges are very thin, which lets you control the ball, while the ridges themselves grip on to it and protect your foot during seriously powerful shots.

11. NIKE Men’s Mercurial Vapor XI FG Soccer Cleats

Are you on the lookout for lightweight shoes that will provide incredible control during any weather? Well, the Vapor 11 model might be the one you are searching for. The upper is made out of Teijin microfiber, which makes it lighter than almost any other shoe ever. It also features the Speedrib texture to help you with ball control.

The combination of synthetic, leather, and mesh will provide comfort even during the first wear. Not to mention that Nike is already famous for using computer modeling to improve their cleats. And it is something you will be able to tell immediately.

As soon as you put them on you will notice that they are made for attackers. The Vapor XI will let you move naturally and go through sharp cuts easily. The Vapor XI firm ground is definitely a model you should check out.

12. Adidas Predator 18.2

The Predator 18.2 is another great product to come out of the Adidas factories in the last few years and it definitely ranks among the best  out there. When a company gets brave enough to name a shoe “Predator”, it usually means they believe in it. A lot. And this shoe did not disappoint.

It carries the perfect balance that allows you to exert power and control, while at the same time being comfortable and well designed. A lot of people thought that this shoe would be just a reprint of the old Predator model. However, it is a lot more. You will love this laceless shoe. The ControlSkin of the predator 18.2 firm ground shoe is incredibly soft and supportive. And the sock fit collar really brings these to life when you put them on. They definitely look better on your feet than in the box.The upper is made of a synthetic leather that provides a comfy and a secure feel when handling the ball. With this shoe, you’ll feel more comfortable on your feel and consequently, you’ll be able to maximize your dribbling abilities.

Adidas’ trademark “Predator” technology is active in five different zones, which allow players to keep control of the soccer ball in almost any circumstance, with a great touch for shooting at the goals. But the upper isn’t the only good aspect of this shoe. The “Traxion” technology used for the outsole will also give you a good grip on the ball and make your feet feel cozy on the firm ground.

The TUP-injected layers in the outsole are specifically designed to stabilize your movement, so you’ll be able to perform even the most complicated moves and dribbles with ease. You have a stretchy collar that expands to your foot and ensures a firm, supportive fit. While you may need to get some extra pair of socks – since the material is so lightweight and thin – the shoe works great in all weather conditions.

When it comes to design, this is a perfect shoe for players who like more vibrant, lively colors. The white core is stylishly complemented by the sea coral color of the collar.

And we simply love how secure this shoe can make you feel. You will feel like you can run faster than ever before as soon as you step on a grassy field in these. However, the emphasis was not on powerful kicks with these shoes. Instead, they are here to provide more control than other shoes. You can actually feel the ridges absorb the impact of the ball and assist you in stopping it dead. Not to mention that any shot feels like it is a lot more precise than with other shoes.

This flashy shoe right here is perfect for lightweight, quick movement and it comes with a pretty affordable price tag. If you decide to go with the Adidas Predator 18.2, you’ll definitely get a bang for your buck.

13. Adidas Men’s Ace 16.1 Primeknit Firm Ground Soccer Cleats

If you are an Adidas fan that is not yet ready to give up on laces, you should definitely check this model out. The three-striped beast strikes again, and it brings us the Primeknit model. The Purecontrol definitely did steal the media thunder from this model, but the Primeknit definitely deserves its place in the sun.

And, when it comes to comfort, nothing really beats this model. You will have to take a couple of sessions to break them in. But, once you do, you will get to feel the happiness of using this shoe. And, when it comes to performance, you can immediately feel that the purpose of the Primeknit is control. You will love using these on any firm ground terrain you find.

14. Nike Men’s Tiempo Legend VII

Now, let’s get back to Nike. The Tiempo Legend VII may be lightweight, but make no mistake, the shoe is pretty strong and can endure a lot. This is not the only shoe that falls into the “light-but-enduring” category, so what makes it so special you might ask yourself. Well, it’s made of kangaroo leather, which gives it a lot of flexibility and even more longevity. That’s the main reason why we’ve put the Tiempo Legend on our list.

While the upper is made of leather, the sole is made of polyurethane, a rather bendable material that gives the player the freedom to make quick, strategic moves when needed. For that reason, the Tiempo is well suited for both offensive and defensive player alike. The Flyknit-constructed heel also allows the foot to breathe a little, so you won’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable in these shoes even after a few hours of practice.

The shoe has a small collar that cups your ankle and gives it the right support. The interior of the shoe is also covered with premium leather that provides a cushioned touch. Instead of regular laces, the shoe has the Flywire system that will lock down your foot and prevent ankle sprains and other injuries. The style wasn’t really the main concern of shoe’s designers, however, the color combination is a sleek combination of blue, light green, and black.

If you’re not from the US but you still want to order a pair, we should warn you that Tiempo’s sizes are given according to American measurements. Therefore, you should make sure to check what your actual foot size is before you make an order. And don’t worry, you’ll be covered by Nike’s guarantee in case your order arrives with any faults. But chances are, everything will go smoothly.

Soccer Cleats Under $200

15. Nike Mercurial Vapor X

The release of Vapor X was essentially eclipsed by the release of another model on our list – the Mercurial Superfly – but due to their quality and good word-of-mouth, they’ve managed to become yet another best-seller for Nike. For the tenth installment, the Shoos wanted to create something a bit different. This has less to do with the visual appearance and materials and more to do with small modifications that make this shoe a little more comfortable and efficient.

When it comes to color and design, the Vapor Xs rank among the best on the market. You instantly notice the lack of tongue that adds a fresh new dynamic. Combine that with the lightly-textured upper, and you get one of the best looking shoes in the last few years. But the design is not the only positive aspect of the Vapor X – the shoe is also extremely comfortable.

You’ll be able to break them in in just an hour or so. The shoe’s soleplate has a fantastic bend through the forefront, and the upper is moldable from basically the first wear. Also, the textured outer coating will give you an additional level of grip. Whether you’re shooting along the strike zone or simply controlling the ball along your instep, the texture has the same feel throughout. This a big benefit for forwards that like to defenders head-on.

16. Nike Mercurial Vapor XI NJR

After moving from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain, Neymar got a brand new signature shoe – the Vapor XI. Of course, this is one of the soccer cleats for all the Neymar fans out there, because they actually contain a short timeline of his career. As a matter of fact, we’ll go as far as saying that these are some of the most detailed shoes you’ll find today.

The designers went into great detail in commemorating Neymar’s special moments in time. For instance, five starts on the side highlight his success with Brazil’s national team. The dotted figures on the shoe mimic maps of Brazil and Barcelona respectively. However, the neat design isn’t the only thing the Vapor XI has going for it, after all, the series is known for its quality.

And when it comes to performance, the cleat delivers everything you expect from a Vapor mode.

The upper part is made of Teijin microfiber, with Nike’s Speed Ribs on both sides. These ribs provide an additional cushion on the ball as you’re dribbling at full speed. The shoe was basically built for players that want lightweight cleats with solid traction that allow them to accelerate and decelerate quickly, without losing the control of the ball.

17. NIKE Men’s Hypervenom Phantom III FG Soccer Cleat

When Nike was announcing the Hypervenom Phantom III, they made a promise that it will be the next step in the evolution of attackers. And the shoe did not disappoint. It is the first time we got a low-cut Flyknit shoe, and we love it. In fact, having the FlyKnit without a collar can easily be called one of the biggest innovations Nike introduced.

The Phantom III cleats feature foam pods placed in the strike zone which will help dampen the impact you feel. Not to mention that they will redirect the energy back to the ball, making the kick that much more powerful. So, if you want to score goals with powerful kicks, check this shoe out.

18. Nike Men’s Hypervenom Phatal II

Do you consider yourself to be an agile player who controls the flow of the game? Well, this just might be the cleat for you. The Phatal II firm ground cleat features the sock-like fit with the Dynamic Fit Collar. This means that your foot will have the support of ultra light cables that stretch down from the collar. This also increases the responsiveness of the shoe, which in turn, helps you with those tricky shots.

It has a glass nylon soleplate, which includes a split-toe design that’s almost unnoticeable. Even though the shoe is a little bit stiff out of the box, you’ll hardly notice the stiffness only after a few hours on the soccer field.

Speaking of security, this model features Nike’s famed Flywire system, which gives the shoe a tighter grip on the foot. This prevents your shoe from slipping during a game. The most noticeable difference between the first-gen and second-gen model is the material used on the upper. The material is actually even thinner than the one found the Phatal I. So with Phatal II, you can expect a bit more comfort and closer touch on the soccer ball.

The microfiber upper boasts a texture that will help your ball control even further. In fact, most other shoes simply can’t compete with it. The first touch is incredible, and dribbling is easier than ever. We also love the inside of the shoe. The sock lining will help cushion your feet against the pressure coming from the studs. And the fact they have the anatomical shape and basically fit like a glove makes them even better.

However, the tech in these does a lot more than just make them comfortable. The flex grooves near the forefront of the shoe make it a lot easier to pivot during running and the materials offer a lot of support. What really came as a surprise, however, is how these shoes are great for every single position. And, if you have experience playing more than one position, you know how rare that is.

If you’re trying to find a shoe with a quality DF collar for a low price, this is possibly the cheapest option. The collar won’t overheat your foot during the hot summer months, however, it will keep your foot warm during the winter. There are some subtle design changes, and the shoe works well during the colder months, however, it’s still pretty similar to the first-gen model. Our recommendation is to go out there and try both models for yourself before you make a decision.

Whether you prefer to play in the defense or trying to score offensive goals, Phatal II can take you there.

19. Nike Men’s Mercurial Victory IV Cleats

Nike’s Victory line has been a staple cleat for players on a budget, for as long as they’ve been around. Just visit your local club’s practice, and you’ll probably see more than one young player wearing them. Possibly the biggest selling point of Mercurial Victory IV is the colors and attractive visual cues taken from the Vapor IX.

When Nike chose to design this new shoe, they looked for inspiration in one of the most popular cleats they have – The Vapor IX. And the visual cues are all there. You will definitely love how you look while running in these. The synthetic leather will provide a soft and supple feel. And the dimples on the finish will help with ball control. And we really enjoy the stud arrangement on these shoes.

Right out of the box, you’ll notice that the colorway on these cleats is fresh and that it looks durable. The Victory IV is great for all weather conditions – it won’t even feel slippery in the rain. The upper texture will give you more grip and allow you to control the ball easier. They weight around 8.4 OZ, which is pretty good compared to other shoes in the same price range.

When it comes to the technology on these cleats, there is not a lot to talk about. However, the tech they do feature is definitely useful. The dimples do help control the ball, and they don’t become slippery during rain. You can definitely feel the grip while playing. They also fit very nicely and stay true to your size.

The texture may keep your feet a bit warm, but it more than makes up for it with ball control it provides. While the shoes are true to size, due to the quality of the upper, we recommend you go up half a size. They also don’t require too much time to break in and start feeling perfectly comfortable. In fact, you’ll be able to wear them to a practice or a game after a day or two.

When you speak of performance, these shoes had a pleasant surprise for us. We didn’t expect all that much, but the control these shoes offer is great. The upper is really unforgiving and holds on to the ball as you play.

20. Nike Mercurial Vapor IX

Back when the ninth installment of the Mercurial Vapor was first announced, the Internet went into a frenzy. Now, when the hype is over, we can still see that these shoes definitely lived up to the hype. The most noticeable difference between the VIII and IX is the dimpled synthetic upper, which has a golf-ball-like feel to it. On the VIII, we were treated to a suede finish that, although cool-looking, scuffed very easily.

Now, the Mercurial line is a bit more expensive than others on the list. No one wants to spend big buck on a new shoe and end up feeling disappointed. Luckily, the company has taken these cleats in the right direction and produced a winning package. The upper will give you a soft, almost elastic touch. It may have a slightly padded feel to it, however, it doesn’t take away from the natural feel players want while dribbling.

At 6.6 OZ it’s one of the lightest Vapor models to date so it will feel perfectly on your foot. The Vapor IX is true to size, but it will also give you some additional room for your feet to breathe on the sides. So if sizing has proven the downfall in your relationship with this particular line of cleats, the ninth entry might be worth considering.

Soccer Cleats Under $150

21. Nike Men’s Hypervenom Phatal

If you’re used to wearing top-tier models, you’ll definitely be surprised with the second-tier Hypervenom Phatal. It has the soleplate and the shape of the top-tier Phantom, and when you put it on your feet, it certainly feels like one of the best out there. Basically, the shoe has the look and feel you’d expect from a far more expensive model.

The biggest difference between Phatal and Phantom is the upper part of the shoe. Phatal has an extremely-thin, dual-layer synthetic material top. It’s one of the thinnest uppers that Nike manufactures. And this material provides that lightweight feel that allows you to run at full speed with no problems. The material feels good when you touch the ball, although it feels a bit unnatural against your foot. That’s the biggest complaint people have, however, there are some benefits that make for it.

What’s more, the thin material lets you feel every bit of the soccer ball when striking and the smooth finish gives you just enough grip. The Hypervenom Phatal has an off-centered lacing system that allows you to secure it without any discomfort. All in all, if you’re looking for a responsive striking experience, you’ll definitely be happy with Hypervenom Phatal.

22. Nike Men’s HypervenomX Proximo

Originally launched three years ago, the HypervenomX is the indoor court version of the Phantom II. It has basically the same features as the Phantom II, including the NikeSkin upper, Dynamic-Fit collar, and Flywire technology. However, this shoe right here has a flexible rubber sole.

This detail makes these shoes possibly the best soccer shoes for indoor use. The X in the shoe’s name is actually a nod to the number of players in a five-a-side indoor soccer match.

The collar featured on these shoes can also be seen on MagistaX and MercurialX silos. It was designed to lock your foot into the shoe for additional quickness and precise ball control. As we mentioned above, the upper is made of NikeSkin technology in an effort to provide you a snug fit for ultimate ball touch.  Also, the shoe has midfoot Flyknit cables that further lock down your foot and provide your ankle with the agility it needs.

The shoe uses a full-length Phylon midsole for lightweight support and cushioning. Another detail that might interest you is the off-centered lacing system that gives you a huge striking surface. You can find the HypervenomX in two versions – the Finale one and the Pro one that uses the low-cut design and comes at a more affordable price.

23. Nike Men’s Magista Orden

Most people weren’t really interested in a third-tier shoe before Nike released the Magista Orden. Just by looking at it, you’ll see that it closely resembles the Tiempo Legacy and evoPOWER 2s, the cream of the crop when it comes to second-tier cleats. It features the NikeSkin technology seen on high-level cleats and the top-quality Kanga-Lite leather upper.

Released just a few years ago, the shoe has already managed to become a favorite among mid-tier soccer players. It weighs around 8 OZ, which is rather incredible, considering that unlike other models in the series, the Orden’s upper is made entirely out of Thermo Polyurethane. With its shape and weight, it’s perfect an all-around playmaker at club level.

The textured finish around the foot will enhance your ball-control ability, while the TPU outsole – along with the conical stud pattern – will add stability and durability underfoot. The Magista Orden may a bit more expensive than the comparable Trequartista shoe, however, it’s still a perfect choice for your average Sunday league player.

24. Adidas Performance Men’s Ace 17.2

As we said before, Adidas is making major leaps with their lower-tier cleats. In the past, this field was dominated by Nike, and while they still have the grip on the market, Adidas is quickly closing in. With the recent release of Ace 17.2, Adidas has shown that they are paying more and more attention to their more affordable cleats.

These will allow you to deliver powerful performance during practice or during games. They are designed with extremely soft, close-fitting uppers that offer stability. The specially designed outsoles allow you to move explosively on natural and artificial surfaces, while the Aquatech collar bands provide great ankle support with a sock-like compression fit. In short, if you’re looking for something secure and cost-effective at the same time, this is one of the best soccer shoes for you.

The lacing system allows for you to have one of the better fits on the market. The texture on the forefoot will give you full control of the ball, plus, the area where the tongue is provides a perfect fit. Although this is certainly not the best shoe on the market, it will still give you the level of comfort and touch you’re looking for.

25. Adidas Men’s Ace 17.2 Firm Ground Cleats Soccer Shoe

These firm grounds shoes are perfect for anyone who wants to control the game and score from incredible angles. The shoe itself features a wide last which works with a central lacing system. This combination ensures that the Adidas Ace 17.2 will provide a good fit no matter how wide your foot is. And this also means that your strike zone will be wider. In turn, this will make it a lot easier for you to score from awkward positions.

The upper part uses different materials to achieve a good fit. The forefoot is made out of PrimeMesh, while the rest of the upper part is made out of neoprene. PrimeMesh is there to reduce the wear in time to zero. Meaning that this shoe will remain precise a very long time. Not to mention that the upper is really comfortable. The PrimeCut collar of the upper part will make you feel like these cleats are just another pair of socks on your feet. That is how comfortable they are.

And, lastly, the Total Control configuration of the studs will improve your stability while running. And not only that, it will also give you the traction necessary to explode to a sprint from a standing start.

26. Adidas Performance Men’s X 16.2

Right out of the gate, we have to talk about the look of these cleats. On the first view, they certainly look different than others on our list. This is due to the “Techfit” collar that protrudes from the top of the shoe. This lining makes the shoe fit almost like a pair of socks. Furthermore, the collar reduces the movement of the shoe when you’re running, thus, allowing you to use more energy during a match.

The upper is made of a special synthetic material called “Primemesh” that is designed to give players a better feel for the ball. Of course, this means you’ll have more ball-control when you’re running the field. The Primemesh covers the entire surface of the X 16.2, however, it’s more prominent in the front section that it is in the rear and on the sides.

In an effort to give players even more control of the ball, the designers covered the lace holes. This increases your foot’s strike zone when you’re kicking the ball with the front part of the foot. The rubber sole provides enough traction to feel completely comfortable while you’re playing. Plus, the sole is great for playing on both soft, artificial grass surfaces and real grass ones as well.

27. Nike Men’s Magista Orden

Most people weren’t really interested in a third-tier shoe before Nike released the Magista Orden. Just by looking at it, you’ll see that it closely resembles the Tiempo Legacy and evoPOWER 2s, the cream of the crop when it comes to second-tier cleats. It features the NikeSkin technology seen on high-level cleats and the top-quality Kanga-Lite leather upper.

Released just a few years ago, the shoe has already managed to become a favorite among mid-tier soccer players. It weighs around 8 OZ, which is rather incredible, considering that unlike other models in the series, the Orden’s upper is made entirely out of Thermo Polyurethane. With its shape and weight, it’s perfect an all-around playmaker at club level.

The textured finish around the foot will enhance your ball-control ability, while the TPU outsole – along with the conical stud pattern – will add stability and durability underfoot. The Magista Orden may a bit more expensive than the comparable Trequartista shoe, however, it’s still a perfect choice for your average Sunday league player.

28. Adidas Performance Men’s X 15.2 Soccer Cleats

If you need something more economical, picking the mid-tier Adidas X 15.2 is a good way to go. The shoes look similar to the top of the line X 15.2 model. As a matter of fact, you need to take a deep look at the shoes to differentiate the two. But there is even better news – performance-wise, they also feel close to their top-tier cousin.

What’s more, they’ve received a ton of praise from players who usually wear only the top of the line cleats.

The X 15.2 is lined with extremely soft material that simply oozes comfort. You can wear these cleats even without socks, and you’ll still feel completely ready for a 90-minute soccer match. We’re not actually saying you should wear them without socks, we’re simply trying to illustrate how soft the material inside the shoe is.

Some people may have been critical of Adidas in the past few years when it comes to performance, however, this model will probably change a lot of people’s minds. The company has seemingly taken a new direction, with a focus on revolutionizing the cleats market. This model in particular, features a nice mix of top-shelf materials, which will give you some much-needed comfort for a relatively low price.

29. Adidas Performance Men’s Ace 16.3 PrimeMesh Budget Soccer Cleats

The Ace 16.3 version might be a bit cheaper than the X 16.2 one, but that doesn’t mean it’s inferior. It uses the same material as the X 16.2 and provides the same level of comfort and helps you avoid blisters and burns when you run. The upper molds create a flat top that makes it easier to kick some shooters you wouldn’t be able with an arched top.

It has a synthetic interior, which locks down your foot and prevents the feet from sliding around during a game. Your foot will be locked down inside the Ace 16.3, and you’ll be able to play safely from start to finish. The FG Chaos stud configuration allows you to have a good grip on the surface and accelerate faster, whether it’s artificial or not.

This is a serious shoe for serious players. However, if you’re looking for something colorful, the Ace 16.3 has got your back. It comes in two distinctive color combinations that allow players to express themselves as they play the game. Last but not least, most people rank the Ace 16.3 among the top soccer cleats out there due to their agility and lightness that allow quick responses and full sprinting abilities.

Soccer Cleats  Under $100

30. Adidas Performance Men’s X 16.3 FG Soccer Shoe

If you really want to pop out on the field, this pair of shoes might be the perfect pick for you. The design is great, and the colors you can choose are incredible. However, it is not all about the design. The synthetic materials will last you for a while with no real wear and tear. The plastic studs align perfectly for firm ground terrains and will help you get traction on natural grass. This is one of the best cleats for players who like to dominate the field.

They also feature techfit compression technology. This means that they will always fit you perfectly. They feature the adjustable rubber that will follow the shape of your foot. Explosive speed and running are what these shoes are meant to help you with. Any midfield offensive player will be more than glad to take them out for a spin. The bright colors are also great for parents who want to keep track of their kids on the field.

31. Nike Men’s Mercurial Veloce II FG Soccer Cleat

If you love the soleplate and the stud pattern of the Vapor X, but see room for improvement, you might love the Veloce II. The soleplate is actually made out of compressed nylon which makes it a lot thinner and more flexible. And, in turn, that makes the shoe feel a lot more natural than any other. The microfiber upper is very thin and comfortable, essentially feeling like a second skin.

The fact that the upper is ultra-thin makes it a perfect cleat for a player who enjoys chipping and curling the ball. So, if you are a fan of Mercurials, this model is definitely a good choice.

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And with that, our little guide is finally over. We’ve looked at some of the absolute best on the market, we’ve talked about some of the things you should pay special attention to, and discussed the needs of players in different positions. We hope we managed to point you in the right direction and helped you narrow your choice down. In the end, we hope you’ve enjoyed the article, and if you want to add something or ask any questions, make sure to leave a comment in the section below.

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