A good pair of socks is necessary when wearing shoes. As we all know, socks are meant to absorb the sweat on our feet. Socks are also excellent in preventing nasty fungi and bacteria from settling on our shoes. A good pair of soccer socks has the same purpose as the regular ones, but it comes with a few extra features packed into it. Socks for soccer, especially ones that are of the highest quality, can help improve a player’s performance.

Like soccer cleats (such as for wide feet), there are different kinds of socks for soccer.

Whether you’re an amateur just trying to make your way up the ladder or a professional looking for the best out there, the kind you pick must make you be at your best. This means that you should only acquire socks that you’re most comfortable with and which work well with your shoes.

If you want to go through the entire buying guide then feel free to do so but if you are in a hurry you can pick best soccer socks from our selection chart below.


Best Soccer Socks: Our Top 8 Picks

As everyone may know, there are different kinds of soccer socks with various kinds of purposes, features, designs, and price points. Here are some of the top ones available on the market today.

Our Top Pick
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A pair of Trusox’s soccer socks is made up of 60% nylon material with 39% cotton and a small percentage of spandex. It provides ultimate stabilization and it is non-slip, so keeping your balance is not an issue.

This sock doesn’t just provide the best stabilization, but it also protects you from blisters. This means you can play for long periods of time without feeling any discomfort from your cleats. The only thing that may put doubts on people’s heads when getting this is its price.
However, Trusox is used by professional elites who most certainly know what they need to perform the way they do. If you want to enjoy the benefits that a pair of Trusox can provide regardless of its price, then it is definitely worth it.


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The Diadora Squadra is made up of spandex, polyester, and nylon materials which enhance the sock’s durability and makes the color last.

You can expect a pair to last for a fairly long time. It is a full-length sock which has arch and ankle cradles, which can give you more stability while on the field.

It has blister support as well, which can increase your playing time without you getting uncomfortable on the f


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These soccer socks are made up of nylon and spandex, which keeps them lightweight and snug on your feet.

They feature Adidas’ ClimaLite technology which absorbs moisture, while also having a ClimaCool mesh which promotes breathability and gives your feet a very cool and dry run.

With cushioned footbeds, these socks absorb shock seamlessly all the while preventing blisters and providing stability to your feet.

These are just some of the top ones available online and they are certainly well deserved. These socks may have different kinds of materials, designs, and features, but they surely made a mark on people’s favorites. They are the ones that players prefer buying, whether they’re for their kids who are trying out soccer, amateurs, or even professionals.


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Being made out of spandex and polyester, these socks are reliable on the field. They are equipped with ArmourDry technology, which absorbs the sweat from your skin.

A pair of these gives you impressive strategic cushioning and more shock absorption. It also has ArmourBlock technology, which keeps odors and bacteria from growing on your feet.

It is a solid choice for a soccer sock because it has blister protection.

It is very comfortable, lightweight, and it keeps your feet warm especially in cooler climates.

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Being made up of acrylic, polyester, and spandex, the SOF Sole Midfielder soccer socks are simply some of the best socks out there.

They provide superior moisture management, and they help prevent blistering so you can play for long periods at a time. A pair of SOF remains very soft and resists shrinkages even with continuous use.

It has a deep heel pocket which helps in keeping the socks in place, and its full cushion sole provides extra comfort. SOF Sole socks are most definitely filled with what you need to perform at your best with the technology packed into them.

They are perfect for midfielders.

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Nike Park IV socks are all made up of cotton, providing that comfortable and warm feel without becoming too thick. They are great for people with big calves as they mold into a leg with no problem at all. There are myriads of colors available since they are considered as basic socks. They are perfect especially if you are on a budget and would not want to spend a lot on socks.

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These socks are definitely for all levels of play.The Adidas Copa Zone II is made of nylon and lycra materials and it has a lightweight construction for a close fit. A pair of this gives you that excellent ball touch. Its ClimaLite technology keeps your feet dry thanks to its wicking yarns.

It has a cushioned footbed to add some more shock absorption. It also has added arch and ankle support for stabilization to make you perform at your best.

There are a lot of color schemes to choose from as well.

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If you’re a beginner or even an advanced player, Adidas Metro IV is definitely for you. It is a basic sock and it is made out of special fibers which feature a flat knit leg, making it feel lightweight. It is also very durable and it provides a close fit. It has a specially shaped compression on the ankles and arch, which provides comfort and support while playing.

You may need to try loads of socks before coming across a pair that you can label as “The Perfect One For you” and if you are not sure you can also check out our buying guide below. Looking for best soccer cleats? Checkout our Top Soccer Cleats Selection He

Soccer Socks Buying Guide


A pair of socks is considered as a vital part to a soccer player’s equipment. Socks serve a lot of purposes, and most of them focus mainly in protecting your feet and shoes, and keeping you at your best in the field.

Soccer socks protect you from any scratches when you play or train. They also prevent swelling and keep your feet warm, especially in cold weather. They prevent dirt from getting on your feet as well.

When choosing socks for soccer, you must consider a lot of aspects including the design. This is very easy, however, since there are loads of choices of designs available in the market and you can just pick the design and colors you want – it’s all up to you.

For professional soccer players, choosing the right ones means opting for those that have a more advanced technology. With the evolution of style, both the aesthetics and comfort of socks have evolved with it.

Designers have created and are continually developing different technologies to improve the performance of soccer players, all the while giving them a comfortable experience.

Most people have overlooked this aspect, but knowing what materials your socks are made of is just as important as the look, brand, or even the technology.

Starting out, you may be trying out different kinds of soccer socks to test out your compatibility. It is during times like these where you find problems like allergies, bad durability, and color fading. Once you’ve figured all of that out, you’ll know which specific materials to avoid when shopping for soccer socks.

Comfortability wise, cotton is the best choice. This material, however, gets very hot in the summer due to its lack of breathability.

Synthetic ones such as polyester, spandex, and nylon can give you great moisture management and a good fit. You may notice how these materials are blended most of the time by manufacturers, but one of them may outshine the rest. Keep in mind that the good socks are those that give your feet comfort, regardless of the present weather condition.

Different Kinds of Heights and Cuts

There are different kinds of cuts and heights when it comes to socks. Some may prefer them long and knee-high or short and at ankle length. Below are the most common cuts of soccer socks that you can find in your local stores.


You may see this widely used by professional players across the board. With its rolled up look, knee-high socks do not just provide comfort, but they also provide excellent protection. Professionals use this particular cut to avoid scraping and scratching whenever they slide or trip while playing an intense game.


Crew cut soccer socks only go past the shin guard. They are not the most effective if your goal is to prevent scraping. However, some people prefer them since they give more freedom and they allow a user to stand out.


Fashion cuts are mostly for in-house wear and not for actual playing. This type of cut gives out the impression of being a soccer sock, but it is not necessarily so.

Soccer Socks: Features to Look Out for


The foot bed is what makes a sock as comfortable as it can be. It helps with shock absorption and it improves a player’s performance as it allows player to play for long periods of time.


With all these breathable technologies around, it is no surprise that this feature is something that athletes always look out for. Not only does it keep your feet comfortable and dry as possible, but it also keeps your feet and shoes from smelling bad.


The best are ones that support a shin guard, which is why the preferred length would be just up to the calf to keep the socks from sliding down. However, it is also best to keep the length above the knee for that extra support, especially when sliding on and maneuvering around the field.


An athlete who knows what he or she is doing is aware of how important compression is. Compression is crucial for one’s stability and it avoids any constriction or discomfort when you play.


When playing soccer or any other sport, you will most definitely sweat. A feature that is in most soccer socks that are made from synthetic materials is fast or instant drying. This feature can eliminate odor and make the sock dry faster than usual. This also means that you can just wash and dry your socks easily, even over the sink.


Those toe seams that bundle up whenever you play are annoying. They can cause minor discomfort while playing, making you lose focus in the field.

Purchase a pair of socks that doesn’t come with seams to increase ball control on your toes and to avoid having bunched up seams.


Most athletes prefer to have their socks customized for them. A professionally customized pair of socks gives them the freedom to choose designs, materials brands, colors, and features. It is their personal preference that is targeted with a custom service.

While some may like it simple, there will certainly be people who want quirky-looking socks. This may be to complement their team uniform or their sense of creativity and style.

There are soccer players who want to hog attention and one way to get it is by having unique socks. People who want comfort can also add certain features on their socks to induce greater comfortability levels.

If you want to have more cushioning with your soccer socks, it is definitely possible. If you want breathability for a more comfortable and cool experience, you can add it in. If what you want is fast drying socks to avoid foul odors and bacteria, all you need to do is have a pair customized. Custom soccer socks are definitely worth looking into.

Soccer Sock Blistering Prevention And Sizes

Blistering is such a common thing when it comes to any sport or footwear. It is a popular complaint on the field and it is most definitely not an appealing thing to deal with. Blistering happens when you have the wrong mix of cleats and socks. Most times, this issue arises because of human error, especially when picking out a shoe size or sock size.

What you want is your socks to fit just perfectly to optimize your comfortability. The right pair of socks and cleats can let you can do more on the field and perform better.

Blisters are oftentimes out of your control. No matter what you do, you will get them eventually. If you are a child, they are just as bad. This is the exact reason why you should always be meticulous when choosing soccer socks for your kids. Make sure their shoes and socks fit perfectly to avoid unnecessary strain.

Buying socks that are too big will cause damage to both you and your socks. You will blister and your socks will wear out fast. The wrong size will only do you more harm than good. Look for a pair that suits you and fits you well. Even if you have all the technology and cushioning you want for your socks, you will still accumulate blisters if you choose to purchase the wrong size and wear them for actual playing.

Unlike normal or regular socks, soccer socks have grips, pockets, and certain features that are specifically placed in places where your feet must land. Getting the wrong size will not optimize the usage of these features. It is vital for you to fit your socks before buying. If you order a pair online, return it if it doesn’t fit you well. Your comfort is what you’re paying for, so get one that fits. Get your money’s worth and avoid getting painful and annoying blisters in the process.

Excellent Ways to Avoid Getting Blisters

When you are in a team, especially in school, chances are you and your teammates have been given the same exact socks to wear. Most of the time, these socks are uncomfortable to wear and they are not the best fit. Hence, the blisters on your feet. A neat trick to solve this is by taking a sock that actually fits. Talk to your coach about opting one of the right size. You may or may not get this from the team’s supplier. Optimize your sock game and support whatever needs supporting.

Washing Tips

One thing to look out for when shopping for socks is washability. Washing soccer socks or any sock, in general, is very tricky because there are chances where the materials will shrink. However, it is not the case for every sock.

It largely depends on what kind of material a particular sock is made of. The tip is to find out the manufacturer’s washing advice. Prevent using shrunken soccer socks or faded ones. Always wash your socks to avoid having stinky feet, which is, of course, simply embarrassing. Buy a few pairs and interchange them. Never use a pair of socks unless it has been washed.

The most amazing thing about this whole ordeal is that looking for soccer socks can now be done through your computer screen. However, you must always be mindful in making a purchase. Here are some things to consider when buying socks for soccer online.

  1. Good reputation– In general, it is something you must always look for in every online store. Only buy from an online vendor that you can trust, most especially with soccer socks.
  1. Sizing– Sizing has always been a problem with online shopping. With different kinds of brands come different sizes. It is very difficult to guess your size when buying online, always check sizing charts and read reviews about it to get your best guess on what size to pick.
  1. Return and Exchange– You know a store is reputable when they have this policy, and that includes online stores too. With problems such as sizing, stitching, and damage, a great return policy is the best way to determine if you should trust the vendor or website you are ordering from.

In soccer, your feet are the most important part limb-wise. Your feet are tasked in maintaining control and stability. This is why getting the perfect pair of socks that works for you is integral. Doing your research first is the best way to get the most of what you’re looking for. Always be wary of the materials, the features, the colors, and most importantly, the size of your socks.

Be careful when making your purchases online and always perform the proper measures to keep yourself from wasting your money for something avoidable.

When everything is done right, your performance will be at its best. It will give you a great confidence boost as well. Having a great sense of style may also be important look-wise, and it helps with your confidence on the field.

Luckily, soccer socks come in different color schemes which is good news to some. Soccer socks also come in different kinds of climate technology. So basically, as we keep evolving and demanding more things, innovators get out of their way and give us what we need. However, like most things in life, your preference will always top everything.

Make sure you pick what you’re most comfortable with, and what gives you more confidence no matter how much it may cost.

Knowledge is Power

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