Are you looking to buy a pair of shin guards but you are not sure which ones to get or if you are making the right choice? Well you can checkout our list of best shin guards but also read below for 5 things you should know when buying them.

Make sure you get the right size

Shin guards have different kinds of sizes to cater to various leg sizes. It is very important to get the right size in order to get the optimal performance you want. Your shin guards must fit you perfectly and not compress your leg too much. They should also provide protection in all the right places such as your shin and your ankles. Shin guards that are wrong size can be very troublesome during games when they can interfere with your gameplay or worse slip out.

The material matters

Every shin guard is composed of different kinds of materials that do different things. Most are made up of fiberglass, rubber foam, plastic, and polyurethane which can help in making the shin guards comfortable and durable in the long run. Plastic is, by far, the cheapest material for shin guards. It may work, but it is more prone to breaking easily hence sacrificing your safety. Fiberglass is more stiff and sturdy, which makes it more resistant to impact, unlike rubber foam which is just lightweight. Soccer shin guards with polyurethane material, however, are the strongest which means they will offer more protection. If you choose polyurethane-made shin guards, expect a more expensive price tag.

How it attaches

You can attach a shin guard to your leg in different ways. The most common ones are velcro and slip-on. With velcro shin guards, velcro strips are used to wrap them around your leg. They have the advantage of fitting perfectly and they can be easily taken off without removing any other gear like your cleats. However, some people may prefer the slip-on variant since some are sensitive to velcro, particularly small children. The slip-on basically loops up over your foot up to your leg. It can be harder to remove since you have to take your shoes off first.

Always wash your shin guards

As you use your shin guards, sweat and bacteria will most definitely build up whenever you use them, making them nasty over time. This occurrence could lead to diseases and they are all caused by not washing. When buying guards for you, always check if they are machine washable or hand washable so you can wash them and still not cause any damage on the materials they are made of. As much as possible, alternate washing and using shin guards to decrease the possibility of an infection.


Scour online marketplaces and check for reviews on the shin guards to get an idea of what to expect and what to avoid. There are loads of forums that discuss these products which is amazing since it will be easier for you to determine whether a particular equipment is something that you should consider buying or not. This also proves the credibility of the seller since reviews from previous customers will show if the seller gives out authentic products. If you consider buying the shin guards online, it is best to check customer reviews before purchasing to avoid any mishaps and wrong sizing.

Knowledge is Power

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