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Balls for Different Skill Levels

This is a decision that your coach or manager get to decide for you if you are part of a team. Your own ball is one thing that you have control on. However, when it comes to what the team should play with, it is the manager’s job to pick which ball is the best, and what is appropriate for the team for training. Coaches usually stick to training match balls as they give the illusion of actual match balls.

For high school teams, regular match balls are used since all they need to do is train rigorously. Also, these kinds of balls are durable for extended usage. For those in an actual team that goes out to compete, premium match balls are the way to go when the match starts.

FIFA Approvals

FIFA has approval requirements to test every manufacturer and their products. A product must pass these tests in order to be qualified as a match ball or be approved as the best ball in the market nonetheless.

These are FIFA’s six-point testing that a ball must perfectly pass to be FIFA-approved:

  • Circumference – the ball’s circumference must always be consistent to ensure predictable ball movement.
  • Roundness – the ball must have an even seam. Otherwise, it could change the ball’s overall shape.
  • Rebound – this tests the ball’s bounciness and if it bounces consistently.
  • Weight – there are various weight categories and a ball should belong to one.
  • Water Absorption – the testing squeezes and turns the ball into a tank full of water countless of times to check if the ball absorbs water. If it does, it is not ideal to use since it adds to the ball’s initial weight.
  • Pressure – the ball must maintain most of its pressure for at least 72 hours without losing much of it.

Precautions on Purchasing Online

Most people nowadays shop online, and that includes sports equipment like soccer balls. Always shop from brands, online shops, and sellers that you can trust to give you quality goods with little to no defect possible. This rule applies to soccer balls because there are so many rip offs out there that you can never be sure on whether you are getting the quality and performance that you actually paid for.

Make sure that the items are tried and tested by many individuals, and make sure that they have a high rating to ensure their quality. Just to avoid issues in the future, keep in mind that you should check whether a store has a proper return and exchange policy or not. Avoid misconceptions and always check the reviews about the features some balls claim to have before purchasing a product. Doing so will cause you less stress when you encounter problems that will need time and effort to resolve.

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