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8 Best Squash Shoes in 2019! For The Perfect Game!

What’s the most important piece of equipment you will invest in when playing squash? Your shoes! They are your foundation to plant, pivot, push,...

When Buying Squash Shoes: What to Look for?

The features of a Squash shoe has a lot to do with the sport’s culture, as well as gym or club regulations for their...

Running Shoes Vs Squash Shoes Vs Volleyball Shoes Vs Indoor Court Shoes

I’m sure you’re thinking Squash Shoe vs Regular Shoe. Why can’t I wear my running shoes? Aside from the reasons mentioned earlier - dirt...

How Can Tennis Help You Become a Better Negotiator?

Usually, when people think about tennis, they look at a tremendously powerful cardiovascular exercise. How can it not? When you are hitting that tennis...

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