Michael Phelps is an amazing swimmer. That sentence is quite an understatement because we are talking about the person who won the most Olympic gold medals in history. It is hard enough winning any kind of Olympic medal. Can you imagine racking up dozens of Olympic gold medals? That is the level Michael Phelps operates from. That is how much of a swimming legend he is.

However, behind the legend, there is a tremendous amount of sweat, effort, sacrifice and planning. Make no mistake about it. Michael Phelpsf swimming career, as amazing as it is, is manufactured. That is right. He made himself into a swimming legend. He was not born a natural. He was not created to be a swimming legend from birth. Instead, he chose to become one. If he can do it, you can do it too. I know that sounds like a big claim, but I am confident in making that claim because Michael Phelps is on the record as to the system that he used to become such an amazing athlete.

Remember, if he could use this system, there is really nothing stopping you from utilizing this system in your life. Now, this does not mean that you have to head for the closest public pool and have at it. No, I am not necessarily recommending that. What I am saying is that his system can help you reach higher levels of performance in whatever you do. We are not just talking about sports here. We are not merely talking about shooting hoops, playing soccer or being a better hockey player.

Instead, using his system can also make you a star performer at work. You can get promoted repeatedly until you become vice president or even an executive with a corner office. This technique can also help you meet more members of the opposite sex if you do not have a special someone in your life. If you are struggling with any kind of problem or setback, using Michael Phelpsf system, which was originally developed for swimming can help you become a much more powerful and effective person.

Make no mistake about it. This system can work for you. What is the name of this system? How does it work? What is involved? Well, this system is called the mental movie system.

How the Mental Movie System Works

Michael Phelps, in an interview, said that when he gets ready for a competition, what he does is he pretends that he is putting a DVD disc into a DVD player and in his mind, he is seeing himself getting into the water and swimming through the water under many different conditions. He would then do all the moves needed in that mental movie until he achieved victory.

Put simply, he could imagine mentally how it is like to win a gold medal from beginning to end. This may seem like he is just daydreaming. This might seem like he is fantasizing, but this system is actually very powerful because let us face it; whenever you are doing anything in your waking hours, it is too easy to get distracted.

For example, your boss said that you are up for a promotion, and you are still being considered. This means that you need to step your game up. This means that you need to perform at a much higher level consistently so you can get that promotion that can translate to thousands of extra dollars every month. Sounds awesome, right?

Well, if you are like most people, it is too easy for your wires to get crossed and to get distracted with all the other things going on in your life. As desirable as those extra thousands of dollars in promotion money may be, it is not real enough to you. It is too easy for your next date to take more priority than putting in amazing work at your place of employment. It is quite simple for a health problem to become top of mind for you instead of the potential payoff of the promotion.

What happens? Well, you probably already know. As awesome as the offer may be, or as awesome as the possibility may seem, you come up short. Instead of getting promoted, maybe you just got a 5% raise. In other words, you end up settling for a mediocre outcome.

The Mental Movie System to the Rescue

If you want to produce the best results consistently, you need to use the mental movie system. Put simply, you just imagine the ideal process in which to do the thing that you want to do. For example, you are trying to meet more women at a local singles’ bar, you can choose to do things the way you normally do which is basically to fumble around and hope that by some random chance, you say the right things at the opportune time that produces the appropriate reactions.

Well, you probably already know the chances of that happening. You are simply too nervous, and in many cases, you just blow it. With the mental movie system, you become emotionally at ease with whatever it is you are doing.

Let us face it. Going to a singles bar can be quite intimidating because there are many good-looking women there that look like they are going to eat you for lunch. They look at you. They are very intimidating. It stings to be rejected by them. These goddesses are so hot that you feel intimidated just to talk to them.

With the mental movie method, you assume that you go in there with utmost confidence. You say ghelloh to people; you hit it off right; you develop a rapport; everybody gets comfortable; and you get the number. In other words, you get the outcome that you are looking for, and it all plays out in your head.

So, how does this lead to victory in reality? Very simple. It produces unstoppable confidence. If you were to make yourself feel that your actions are going to produce a certain range of results, and you have already seen this in your head, it gets harder to become intimidated. It gets more difficult to feel that you are a fish out of water, and you are out of your league because this woman is, of course, a supermodel.

Instead, you become very confident, and when you are assured, you tend to do the appropriate things at the opportune time that produce the right results. Better yet, when you are composed, you exude this confidence. You project it so the other people feel more comfortable around you. This creates an upward spiral and it leads to greater and greater results because you are no longer feeling that you are an ugly dork that is about to blow it.

Life Throws a lot of Curved Balls that can throw you off your Game

Let us face it. Life can throw a lot of curve balls that can throw you off your game. This happens quite a bit. The good news is that using the mental movie system you can anticipate these problems. You can anticipate what could go wrong. You can bet that when Michael Phelps goes through the mental movie system in preparation for a competition, he is going to throw in some obstacles. He is going to imagine that he got hit by another competitor. He is going to imagine that there was a problem with a starting gun. Whatever the case may be, he tries to mix up and adapt accordingly.

Make no mistake about it. A little anticipation goes a long way because when you anticipate the curve balls you know life will throw your way, it is highly likely that you would get out of the way or perform in such a way that you come out ahead. The bottom line here is that you get a tremendous emotional surge of confidence that can lead you to claim the prize repeatedly. It does not matter whether that prize is a tall, statuesque blond woman or several dozen thousands of dollars in promotions in races, or sporting a claim. What matters is you claim the prize. Everybody has a prize. The question is are you willing to claim yours?

Knowledge is Power

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