Running Shoes Vs Squash Shoes Vs Volleyball Shoes Vs Indoor Court Shoes

I’m sure you’re thinking Squash Shoe vs Regular Shoe. Why can’t I wear my running shoes? Aside from the reasons mentioned earlier – dirt and grime – each athletic shoe has a different purpose.

The tread, cushion, and type of rubber on the sole all attribute to the shoe’s strengths and abilities (also its limitations).

Squash shoes, known as Volleyball Shoes or Indoor Court Shoes, are designed to be worn for a game in a limited space, on an indoor court, and moving quickly in every direction. You want a protective, durable, and supportive shoe for Squash.

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Let’s compare a Squash shoe to another type of shoe, for instance, a running shoe.

Running Shoe VS Squash Shoes

Running Shoe:

That shoe is designed for a uni-directional movement over long distances. Because most of the impact will be in the heel, running shoes tend to have bulkier and thicker heels (extra cushion for that impact).

They also tend to have more of a mesh-designed top for ventilation and being lightweight.

Squash Shoes:

Squash shoes tend to have more protection for the entire foot, specifically for the toes and outer foot.

Running shoes also tend to have reflective strips throughout the shoe, which is not needed for playing indoors. You don’t want to blind your opponent if your shoe catches the light just right…or do you?!

Clearly, this shoe is NOT designed for the same movement that Squash will demand. Be sure to outfit yourself appropriately.

Each shoe is carefully constructed with a specific function in mind. You wouldn’t by ski boots to go hiking in, would you? If you’re able to, when you’re at the store, pick up a running shoe and a Squash shoe and compare them side by side.

You should immediately see a difference between the shoes.

Adam has been a college coach for 10 years and is also a certified physician. Experience in sports equipment to help new enthusiasts to pick the right products for the money.


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