It might be easy for new player to have the impression that they are tougher then the force of the ball when kicked towards them but it is not so, if you know someone who doesn’t want to wear gloves then share this with them.

Also if you are confused about the best ones to get, checkout our list of best goalkeeper gloves that you can get.

Protective gears provide wrist and finger protection.

Wearing of gloves provide wrist and finger protection, and at the same time, it protects the skin of the hands from abrasions and cuts. The integrity of the hands is essential to our everyday functions. Hands are affected by disorders commonly caused by traumatic injury that is most common in playing soccer. A mastery of the hand’s anatomy and functionality are necessary in understanding the importance of using a protective equipment to prevent hand injuries, especially among athletes.

Goalkeeper gloves ensure shock absorption to prevent injuries upon impact.

Come to think of it. There are 27 bones that constitute the skeleton of our wrists and hands. These are classified into three groups: the carpals, metacarpals, and phalanges. Such intricate mechanism can only be protected by well-designed gloves. Padding helps absorb shocks that could break these delicate set of bones, which is why the gloves are cushioned with generous amounts of high-quality pads.

In a goalkeeping play, the nails are very prone to injury due to the impact of the ball on the hands. Modern glove designers worked on improved cuts to make the finger compartment protect the nails and the fingers in general.

Goalkeeper gloves protect the wearer’s hands’ delicate nerves.

If what we want is just protection, we should be wearing gloves made of iron plates! But that is not technically possible because nerves move the hands. Encasing the hand with a metal cover would immobilize it, making it useless. Because hand nerves are delicate, the right gloves must be made of soft, elastic yet durable materials.

Goalkeeper gloves are engineered to provide a first line of defense from bruises and cuts when playing.

The skin of the hand’s dorsum is different from that of the palm. This kind of skin is highly vulnerable to bruises, cuts and other avulsion injuries. The palm’s skin is unique, possessing properties designed for special uses. It is thick but smooth and no hair grows from it. It is not as flexible as the skin in the dorsum.

General purpose gloves are only intended to protect the hand’s skin. Later, gloves were designed based on specific uses, mostly industrial and sports.

The best gloves are designed to be durable and able to bring comfort to the wearer for a long time.

Wearing of gloves must allow the hands to relax. High-end glove makers spent research on the most appropriate material that could balance durability and comfort.

So, that makes the magical human hand and how it works. It is so vital to human survival as much as it is for a soccer goalkeeper. Your team’s management should not hesitate to invest to protect the hands of Player No. 1.

Knowledge is Power

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